5-Way Deal means 6-figure payouts as coach6999 comes from behind to capture Sunday Million glory!

SM12.27 logo.jpgThe PokerStars Sunday Million ended 2009 with the bang of a blown-up guarantee, as 9,344 players built a whopping $1,868,800 prize pool in the last Sunday Major of 2009. The field was huge, the final table was grueling, but in the end it was coach6999 triumphant, locking up over $143,000 after a five-way deal and a quick heads-up triumph over BBOY3110 to pick up the spare change of $30,000 left from the deal.

Among the players making a deep run at the Sunday Million was Team PokerStars Online member Martha "marene" Gonzalez, who made it deep but busted after only getting a 10x return on her money. Gonzalez finished in 70th place, good for a $2,522.88 payday. Another familiar screen name making a cash in this week's Sunday Million was Chris "Money800" Moneymaker, who went out in 133rd place ($1,214.72). But the big money was at the final table, and the last player to miss out on a minimum of a five-figure cash was dehoo, who busted in 10th ($9,717.76) on the final table bubble.

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After almost ten hours of poker, the final table was greeted by Team PokerStars Pros Daniel Negreanu and Barry Greenstein, and the battle for the championship and the big, big money was on! The final table was a story of the haves and have-nots, as the chip stacks were either huge (schnaggels, BBOY3110, coach6999) or short (plusmillion, Mr Puckey, robvleugel). BBOY3110 wasted no time putting his big stack to use, busting Mr Puckey in 9th place ($13,081.60) soon after the final table kicked off.

After action folded around to Mr Puckey on the button, he went for the steal with K♦-3♥. BBOY3110 defended his small blind with A♥-6♦, and held the lead as the board ran down Q♦-2♦-7♠-5♥-7♥. BBOY's ace kicker was all he needed, and Mr Puckey was the first casualty of the final table.

The second victim followed shortly after, and this time it was plusmillion who fell, finishing in 8th place for $20,556.80. Plusmillion lost a chunk of chips when his connection failed with two tables left, and he never really got anything going at the final table. In his last hand, he open-shoved from the button with Q♦-9♠, and tsakalias defended his big blind with K♠-7♥. The flop missed both players, as it came down 4♥-J♠-5♦. The K♦ on the turn left plusmillion drawing dead, and the useless Q♥ on the river was too little, too late as the field shrank to seven survivors.

Sometimes you just have to take a stand. And sometimes, you just don't have enough chips left to not get called. And that's exactly how the tournament of robvleugel came to an end. After waiting patiently at the final table and moving all his chips in preflop with A♦-9♥ from the button, he got one call from mega-stacked schnaggels19, who put barely 10% of his stack at risk to call with T♠-2♣. The J♣-7♠-T♦ flop was a heartbreaker for robvleugel, but he picked up some outs on the 9♠ turn. None of them included the Q♣, so when that hit the river, robvleugel had to be content with $37,376.00 and a 7th-place finish.

6th-place finisher OBVAMENTS picked up $56,064 for a day's (and night's) work, but in the end it all came down to a big cooler for the GoldStar player. He moved the last of his chips into the middle preflop with K♥-K♣, and when BBOY3110 called from the small blind, OBVAMENTS was facing the only hand he was crushed by - pocket aces. BBOY3110 woke up with A♦-A♣, and made the easy call. The 9♥-8♣-Q♣ flop gave runner-runner straight hopes to OBVAMENTS, but when the 4♦ hit the turn, he had only two outs left. Neither of those outs looked like the T♣, so when that landed on the river, BBOY had reclaimed his chip lead and OBVAMENTS was done in 6th.

The five remaining players took a few moments to discuss a deal, and after the numbers were run, all five secured more than $100,000! The guaranteed money looked like this, based on a chip count chop with $30,000 left for the eventual winner: Chip leader BBOY3110 - $213,443.78, tsakalias - $190,767.65, schnaggels - $122,287.23, coach6999 - $113,444.13 and mystinen60 - $100,474.88. With those payouts secured, the five survivors settled in to battle for the remaining $30,000.

Mystinen60 was the first to fall once the tournament restarted, losing in brutal fashion at the hands of monster stack BBOY3110. BBOY3110 opened from the button with an all-in steal holding K♦-T♠. Mystinen60 woke up in the small blind with A♠-K♣ and insta-called, only to watch the flop come down 9♣-2♦-T♥. The turn was the useless 6♥, and mystinen60 needed an ace and only an ace on the river to stay alive. The river brought the 9♠ instead, and mystinen60 was done in 5th place, but with a very respectable $100,474.88 addition to his bankroll!

Unfortunately for schnaggels, that kind of mojo seemed to only work for BBOY, because when he three-bet BBOY's min-raise a few hands later, then called BBOY's all in move with A♠-7♣, he found himself looking straight down the barrel of BBOY's A♦-Q♣. The flop of 5♣-9♥-T♥ missed both players, and the K♣ similarly whiffed on the turn. The Q♠ on the river locked up the win for BBOY3110, and sent schnaggles home with a healthy $122,287.23 payday for 4th place.

With the tournament down to three-handed, tsakalias and coach6999 got into a raising war preflop that eventually saw all the money in the middle and tsakalias at risk of elimination. When the cards were revealed, the news was worse than tsakalias feared, not only was he facing a pair holding A♦-Q♦, coach6999 turned over A♥-A♠. The flop came down 4♣-5♥-4♠, no help to anyone, but the 3♥ gave tsakalias outs to a chop with a straight. The river paired the five instead, coming down the 5♠, and tsakalias was done in 3rd place, with a $190,767.65 for his troubles. Coach6999 had come from one of the short stacks the heads up chip leader, and it was time to battle it out for $30,000!
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Coach6999 played a patient final table, and he got hot right when he needed to, taking over the chip lead with three players left. He took a 2:1 chip lead into heads up play, and it didn't take him long to lock up the win and the extra $30,000. In the final hand, coach raised from the button with A♦-T♥. BBOY3110 re-raised with K♠-T♠. Coach moved all in over the top, and BBOY called, disappointed to see that he was in deep trouble. The flop was no help to BBOY, putting a rainbow out with an ace in the middle as it came down 9♦-A♣-5♠. The 8♣ on the turn meant that BBOY was drawing dead, and the 2♠ on the river was a mere formality as coach6999 took down the Sunday Million and a total prize of $143,444.13. The deal made with five players left still put BBOY as the big winner, locking up over $213,000 for his runner-up finish!

Congratulations to coach6999, our champion, all our final table players, and everyone who cashed big in the Sunday Million in 2009. We're looking forward to another year of shattered guarantees and six-figure payouts, so we'll see you next week!

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