angiebug4 crept into the 8/30 Sunday Million winner's circle

Sunday Million logo.jpgWhat a Sunday! First of all, it was the last Sunday of the month, which presented players with an extra opportunity. The Battle of the Planets $50,000 Triple Shootout offers the top sit-n-go players of the month a chance at an astounding end-of-month freeroll, and there were 602 players who took advantage, 81 of whom walked away with free cashola.

And then came the Sunday Million, which in itself is a weekly must-see and must-play event, but the August 30th edition brought nearly 9,000 players to the tables! The prize pool of nearly $1.8 million was the largest in quite a few months, and the players knew that more than $250K was at stake for the winner, barring any deals that would lessen that amount. It was bound to be an exciting tournament from the start.

That it was. With 8,993 players in the field and a $1,798,600.00 prize pool, the tournament got underway and raced toward the money after only a few hours. After the bubble burst and 1,350 competitors were in the money, lifang was the first to cash for $305.76, and on the tournament went toward the final table.

The last table was determined by the elimination of one unlucky player in tenth place. And there was an all-in situation at each of the two tables to follow. On one, BigBradley was given the chance to stick around when his pocket sevens allowed him to double through angiebug4. But on the other table, BodogMaven had just become the short stack after suckabig1 doubled through him. BodogMaven pushed all-in on the next hand with only 7♥ 4♥, and suckabig1 was there to do battle again, this time with pocket tens. It played out without drama:

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That left BodogMaven out in tenth place with $9,352.73 to heal the pain, and the final nine were seated at one table to proceed as follows:

Seat 1: CesarSPA (25,965,082 in chips)
Seat 2: Whitfield74 (11,059,972 in chips)
Seat 3: siggen001 (6,636,233 in chips)
Seat 4: suckabig1 (10,878,506 in chips)
Seat 5: angiebug4 (12,135,863 in chips)
Seat 6: gboro780 (6,947,850 in chips)
Seat 7: Spoli4tor (5,149,512 in chips)
Seat 8: BigBradley (6,437,316 in chips)
Seat 9: SebiXXXX (4,719,666 in chips)

2009 Sunday Million final table 08.30.09.JPG

Play started out at a reasonable pace, though players knew that they would have to make some serious moves to keep up any hope of catching CesarSPA, who seemed unstoppable.

It only took a little more than a round for one of the shortest stacks to take a chance, and Spoli4tor made the attempt holding K♣ Q♠. CesarSPA was in the big blind with A♦ 6♥ and didn't hesitate to call. The board came 2♦ 9♣ 5♦ 2♠ 9♠, and Spoli4tor was gone just that quickly, with $12,590.21 for the effort.

Before most could get their bearings, it happened again. After a raise from CesarSPA and a reraise from Whitfield74, CesarSPA pushed all-in for more than 35 million chips, and Whitfield74 called all-in holding pocket kings. CesarSPA showed his A♠ J♣, and the board just cozied right up to it with K♥ T♦ 4♥ 6♥ Q♥ to give him the straight. Whitfield74 had to accept $19,784.61 for the eighth place finish.

Everyone was gunning for CesarSPA, and siggen001 was able to double through the chip leader when jacks held up against A-K, though it hardly put a dent in CesarSPA's lead.

The next to try it wasn't so lucky. SebiXXXX was by far the shortest stack and pushed preflop with K♠ 6♠ from the small blind, but CesarSPA was in the big blind with A♣ 4♦ and made the call. The board came down 9♥ 4♥ Q♦ 8♠ 8♥, and SebiXXXX was gone in seventh place with $35,972.01.

After BigBradley doubled through CesarSPA, BigBradley took another opportunity to chip up. When gboro780 made a preflop raise, BigBradley put him to the test and pushed all-in. gboro780 called all-in for his tournament life with A♦ K♥, and Big Bradley showed A♥ Q♠. But that queen hit on the 3♥ Q♦ A♠ flop, and the 6♥ turn and T♣ river finished it up, eliminating gboro780 in sixth place with $53,958,01.

The final five decided to pause the tournament for some deal talks, and when the chip-chop numbers were given, discussions began. Though short-stacked angiebug4 attempted to get a few more bucks from her tablemates in order to guarantee a $100K payout, they failed to agree to that. angiebug4 finally agreed to her original number, as did the others, and the payouts, with $30,000 set aside for the ultimate winner, were as follows:

Seat 1: CesarSPA (35,000,683 in chips) = $208,845.93
Seat 3: siggen001 (15,282,466 in chips) = $131,719.96
Seat 4: suckabig1 (7,308,506 in chips) = $100,530.55
Seat 5: angiebug4 (6,385,863 in chips) = $96,921.72
Seat 8: BigBradley (25,952,482 in chips) = $173,454.74

Immediately upon the return to play, angiebug4 got aggressive and pushed all-in with A♣ T♣ against the K♥ Q♠ of siggen001, and she doubled up to climb back into contention.

The next to try that move was suckabig1, who pushed preflop with pocket nines, and he soon discovered he was in a race with the A♣ K♠ of CesarSPA. The board came down A♥ 3♣ 3♦ Q♠ 5♦, and suckabig1 was ousted in fifth place with his agreed-upon amount of $100,530.55.

Again, angiebug4 moved, and with this hand, she took over second place on the chip count board and moved into serious contention for the title:

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On a roll was angiebug4. When siggen001 pushed all-in on the next hand, angiebug4 reraised to isolate with pocket aces, which worked. siggen001's tournament was on the line with K♣ T♣, and the board blanked with 5♣ J♠ 4♦ 8♠ 9♥. That left siggen001 out in fourth place with $131,719.96.

Finally, short-stacked BigBradley decided to make his move with pocket threes, and angiebug4 called with K♣ 5♣. The flop was an innocent 8♦ A♦ 6♥, but the 5♥ hit on the turn to give angiebug4 the advantage. The 9♣ on the river ended the game for BigBradley, who took home a substantial $173,454.74 for his efforts.

The last two players launched into heads-up play with chip counts as follows:

Seat 1: CesarSPA (49,619,189 in chips)
Seat 5: angiebug4 (40,310,811 in chips)

Though angiebug4 came on strong in the first few hands, CesarSPA got aggressive and began seriously chipping away at his opponent. That was until angiebug4's luck kicked in again. Pushing all-in with A♠ 3♥ against the A♥ Q♦ of CesarSPA, angiebug4 pulled out a flush with the 8♠ 6♠ 9♦ Q♠ T♠ cards that fell. Only a few million chips separated the two after that hand. Even tournament host and Friend of PokerStars Bill Chen chimed in, "Wow nice hand this is a real battle."

Said battle continued with CesarSPA winning multiple small pots, but eventually angiebug4 got more aggressive and took down several key hands to take over the chip lead. At that point, angiebug4's bluffs were working and calls were on point.

Finally, the duo got involved in a pot that started with a 2♥ A♣ 7♦ flop. CesarSPA bet and angiebug4 called to see the 6♣ on the turn, which prompted an all-in bet from CesarSPA for his last 20 million chips. angiebug4 called with 8♥ 6♥, but CesarSPA had the better hand with K♠ 7♥. But angiebug4 ran well during the latter portion of the final table, and the 6♦ came down on the river to give her the win. CesarSPA accepted second place and $208,845.93, and angiebug4 took the Sunday Million title with $126,921.72 for the victory. Congratulations to all of tonight's finishers!

Sunday Million Results for 08/30/09:

1st place: angiebug4 ($126,921.72)*
2nd place: CesarSPA ($208,845.93)*
3rd place: BigBradley ($173,454.74)*
4th place: siggen001 ($131,719.96)*
5th place: suckabig1 ($100,530.55)*
6th place: gboro780 ($53,958.01)
7th place: SebiXXXX ($35,972.01)
8th place: Whitfield74 ($19,784.61)
9th place: Spoli4tor ($12,590.21)

*numbers resulted from a five-way chip-chop agreement

For more information on ways to register and qualify for upcoming Sunday Million tournaments, visit the Sunday Million page. And the 2009 WCOOP is just around the corner! Satellites are running now for many of the tournaments, and all of the details, including the $40 million in guarantees, can be found on the WCOOP home page.

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in Sunday Million