February 22 Sunday Million worth $213,136 for cmyworth

Sunday Million logo.jpgAnyone watching the last few tables knew it was going to be a long night. Play was steady and cautious, and the money jumps were becoming more significant, with more than $700,000.00 awaiting the final nine. These Sunday Million players weren't messing around.

Action began in the afternoon hours of Sunday, February 22 with 8,800 players paying the $200 + $15 to take part. That created a prize pool of $1,760,000.00 for the last 1,260 players to split according to their finishes. It wasn't until several hours in that the money bubble finally burst, with jarbot busting in 1,261st place on that bubble to make way for roachie to cash for $352.00 in 1,260th place. The bustouts were fast and furious for awhile, but as midnight came and went for the East Coast American players, caution was the word.

Eventually, it got close, and the final ten players were awaiting a bubble designee. After iggymcfly doubled through tollefishy with aces over queens, tollefishy was the severely short stacked player and finally pushed all-in with less than 900,000 in chips holding J♣-6♠. It was cmyworth who called from the big blind with K♦-[10C], and the board came 8♠-7♣-{2S]-K♣-[10S], leaving no doubt that tollyfishy took the bait and left in tenth place with $8,800.00.

That left the final nine, seated and chipped as follows:

Seat 1: pianospike (16,282,985 in chips)
Seat 2: cmyworth (20,393,889 in chips)
Seat 3: iggymcfly (16,758,674 in chips)
Seat 4: davidb666 (4,394,407 in chips)
Seat 5: CharismA3 (8,890,565 in chips)
Seat 6: softel (3,691,823 in chips)
Seat 7: chkplz (4,536,528 in chips)
Seat 8: IZSHUA (8,882,304 in chips)
Seat 9: MONSTER_DONG (4,168,825 in chips)

2009 Sunday Million final table 02.22.09.JPG

It didn't take long for the action to kick up among the final eight players, as MONSTER_DONG had been looking to make a move and did so on the button with 9♥-7♠ by pushing all-in. cmyworth called from the big blind holding J♣-[10S], and the short stack would need to see some progress. But the board was on cmyworth's side when it came J♦-Q♥-Q♦-2♦-6♠, sending MONSTER_DONG out in ninth place with $12,320.00 for the showing.

Soon after, a somewhat surprising hand came about that did not include one of the shorter stacks. It was iggymcfly who came in for an all-in preflop raise for more than 18 million chips, but CharismA3 called for significantly less, putting his last 8,040,565 at risk with A♥-K♣. iggymcfly showed Q♦-3♦ as the underdog, but got his card on the flop as the board produced Q♠-9♠-4♥-5♥-5♠. CharismA3 was eliminated in eighth place with $20,240.00.

Play slowed again. And it took nearly an hour and a nap (kidding about the nap) before another bust-out was recorded. IZSHUA had been chipped down to a critical level over time and finally felt the time was right to push all-in for 62,304 from the small blind with 8♥-3♠. softel and pianospike both called to see the 4♠-Q♣-5♥ flop, then both checked to see the 8♦ turn and 3♦ river. pianospike bet that river to prompt a fold from softel, then showed 6♣-2♣ for the straight. That sent IZSHUA to the rail in seventh place with $30,800.00.

Speed was the word of the hour, and short stacks were the victims. softel was another who had seen his chip stack diminish to less than 1 million and finally had to call all-in from the big blind after an initial raise by cmyworth. softel could only show 4♦-3♠ to the pocket fives of cmyworth, and the board blanked and softel became the sixth place finisher with a $44,000.00 prize.

The next of the short stacked players to put it all on the line was chkplz, who pushed all-in on the button with pocket nines, and cmyworth was again there with the call, this time with pocket aces. It was an interesting board as it ran out J♠-8♠-[10C]-[10S]-Q♠. While it gave chkplz the straight, it also gave a flush to cmyworth as one of his aces was a spade. That sent chkplz out in fifth place with $61,600.00.

It didn't take long to see pianospike to make a bold move with his 10,881,327 stack, as he pushed it all-in preflop with Q♥-6♥ from the small blind. But iggymcfly was absolutely dominating at that point with more than 52 million chips and called with Q♠-[10S]. The board came in perfect order for the chip leader as it showed 6♠-7♦-8♣-9♣-3♥ to give him the straight and send pianospike packing in fourth place with $79,200.00.

No momentum had been in the cards for davidb666, and in a hand that began with iggymcfly pushing all-in preflop, davidb666 called all-in with K♦-9♦. iggymcfly showed K♠-5♣, and davidb666 looked like a favorite to double up...until the rest of the cards came. The virtual dealer gave them 6♠-5♠-K♣-5♦-9♥ for the full house for iggymcfly and a third place spot for davidb666, which was worth a substantial prize of $97,680.00.

Heads-up action then began with the following chip counts:

Seat 2: cmyworth (16,987,368 in chips)
Seat 3: iggymcfly (71,012,632 in chips)

But cmyworth wasn't giving up. He proceeded to double through the chip leader with K♥-J♣ over iggymcfly's K♠-8♦ to put the chip stacks near even. cmyworth made some efforts in the chat box to do an even chop of the prize money, but iggymcfly didn't seem to be in the mood for a deal.

As they played on, cmyworth came upon a good opportunity to double again and put the odds clearly in his favor. It started with a preflop raising war, which ended with iggymcfly pushing all-in with pocket treys and cmyworth calling all-in with pocket sevens. The board only brought a pair of queens, and cmyworth not only doubled but took in a pot worth 82,509,472.

For the first time in awhile, iggymcfly had to play a short stack. Though he was able to double-up once to climb above the 8 million-chip mark, he wasn't so fortunate a second time. iggymcfly raised all-in preflop with A♣-2♥, and cmyworth called with K♦-[10H]. The flop was good for cmyworth with 4♣-[10D]-9♥, and though the 2♠ on the turn helped iggymcfly, the 7♣ did not. That left iggymcfly with a second place finish and a $143,440.00 reward for it.

It was cmyworth who claimed the latest Sunday Million title, and on this night, it was worth a hefty $213,136.00. Congratulations!

Sunday Million Results for 02/22/09:

1st place: cmyworth ($213,136.00)
2nd place: iggymcfly ($143,440.00)
3rd place: davidb666 ($97,680.00)
4th place: pianospike ($79,200.00)
5th place: chkplz ($61,600.00)
6th place: softel ($44,000.00)
7th place: IZSHUA ($30,800.00)
8th place: CharismA3 ($20,240.00)
9th place: MONSTER_DONG ($12,320.00)

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Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in Sunday Million