Iceman1278 cometh and conquers Sunday Million

Sunday Million logo.jpgIt was one week after Americans adjusted to Daylight Savings Time, the adjusting of the time to allow for one extra hour of daylight in the evenings through the spring and summer months. Most have adjusted well. But just in case some had not, PokerStars pushed the starting time up an extra hour to accommodate them. That allowed the players out of the gate at 5:30pm Eastern Time and made for another late night/early morning tournament.

When it got under way and registration closed, there were 8,001 runners in the event, which allowed the prize pool to sail past the $1.5 million guarantee to a sizable $1,600,200 number. And as the first hours of the tournament went by, the money bubble edged closer. Ultimately, it was Turbo_JC who left the event on the money bubble in 1171st place, making way for Haligon to cash for $320.04 in 1170th place. And on the remaining players went, looking for a shot at the final table.

As the time closed in on 3am ET, the players at the final two tables were faced with some tough decisions. Money jumps were getting serious, and the coveted spot at a Sunday Million final table was in sight. Finally, though, Table 868 produced the last elimination before reseating. It was SpotLIGHT19, the short stack at that table, who pushed all-in preflop with Q♠-[10C], but Iceman1278 called with pocket sixes. The board ran out J♦-7♦-2♦-A♥-7♥, and SpotLIGHT19 exited in tenth place on the final table bubble, which was worth $8,001.00.

That left the final nine to compete for the big money, starting with chips and a seating arrangement as follows:

Seat 1: kendog39 (2,967,891 in chips)
Seat 2: JLande (6,975,660 in chips)
Seat 3: pokerbrat13 (5,343,928 in chips)
Seat 4: TheCronic420 (9,472,220 in chips)
Seat 5: Brendan42 (2,953,483 in chips)
Seat 6: Iceman1278 (13,610,483 in chips)
Seat 7: vietcong01 (13,521,196 in chips)
Seat 8: WhatArunAA (7,955,854 in chips)
Seat 9: bayleesmom (17,209,285 in chips)


Only a few hands in, a player was out. Two players - bayleesmom and kendog39 - who went to see a flop of J♣-9♥-8♠, at which point kendog39 pushed all-in for his last 1,287,891 chips. bayleesmom called with pocket aces, and kendog39 showed only pocket fours. The turn brought K♥ and the river [10C] to end kendog39's run at a title. The ninth place finish was good for $11,201.40.

Some changes took place in chip rankings over the next few rounds of play, as TheCronic420 doubled through vietcong01 and Brendan42 doubled through JLande.

Eventually, one of the shorter stacks made a move. pokerbrat13 pushed all-in preflop for little more than 3 million chips, and Iceman1278 reraised all-in to isolate. It worked, and Iceman showed his pocket aces to the J♣-[10D] of pokerbrat13. The board came [10S]-A♠-4♣-6♦-3♣, and the set of aces won, sending pokerbrat13 out in eighth place with $18,402.30.

JLande had been unable to gather much momentum throughout the final table and finally made the final push for just less than 5 million chips with A♣-4♠, but Brendan42 woke up with pocket jacks in the big blind and called. The board didn't bring enough to save JLande when it ran out 6♥-7♣-9♦-[10S]-4♦, and JLande was ousted in seventh place with $28,003.50 for the effort.

The next significant hand came rather quickly but didn't heat up until after the flop. It was vietcong01 who raised preflop from early position and Iceman1278 who called from the big blind to see the 9♣-3♠-5♦ dealt. vietcong01 led out with a bet, but when Iceman1278 raised, vietcong01 called all-in. Iceman1278 showed J♣-3♦ for bottom pair, and vietcong01 turned over A♣-J♦ for ace high. The 8♦ on the turn and 4♥ on the turn changed nothing, and vietcong01 was out in sixth place with $40,805.10.

And then play slowed. Railbirds likely napped while the five remaining players hesitated to get too involved in any one pot. It took awhile, but Brendan42 finally doubled through WhatArunAA, and then challenged bayleesmom to a duel that ended in a chopped pot. bayleesmom then doubled through Iceman1278 to stay alive.

WhatArunAA wasn't able to come back to life and put it all on the line preflop with A♣-6♦ from the big blind. Brendan42 was there with pocket jacks and the call, and the board blanked for WhatArunAA with 3♠-9♠-Q♣-2♥-K♥. That left WhatArunAA with a nice run and fifth place finish, which was good for a $56,807.10 cash.

It was bayleesmom to make another double-up attempt, doing it with an all-in preflop move holding A♣-[10D]. But TheCronic420 was there with none other than pocket jacks, and the two watched the board come down 3♠-6♣-4♣-8♣-Q♥. bayleesmom was finished in fourth place with $72,809.10.

The final three players paused the game in order to look at chip-chop numbers, but TheCronic420 with a substantial lead over the other two didn't like the $147,746.16 offered. Asking for $180K and not getting it, play resumed with no deal in place.

Not long after, Brendan42 pushed all-in preflop with pocket fours, but TheCronic420 called with - you guessed it - pocket jacks. And the board liked it so much that it added to the winning hand by producing 8♥-[10D]-3♣-J♥-[10H] to give TheCronic420 the full house. That left Brendan42 eliminated in third place with $89,611.20.

Heads-up play began with the following counts:

Seat 4: TheCronic420 (56,024,849 in chips)
Seat 6: Iceman1278 (23,985,151 in chips)

Iceman1278 launched into aggressive mode with several all-in moves, putting the pressure on TheCronic420, who was unable to call most of the time. Iceman1278 chipped up slowly, finally taking over the chip lead briefly, though TheCronic420 was able to take it back. But the pressure of the shorter stack remained on, leading to an all-in move for Iceman1278 with A♣-5♥ versus the A♥-Q♠ of TheCronic420, but a 5 appeared on the flop for the double-up and catapult into the chip lead.

But TheCronic420 was not done, taking the lead back a short time later. Chip stacks stayed nearly even for quite awhile after, but Iceman1278 ultimately took a lead that TheCronic420 couldn't overcome. The final hand saw quite an interesting play-out, as it started with a cheap flop of 3♣-K♦-7♣. Both checked to see the K♥ on the turn. TheCronic420 bet at it, but Iceman1278 check-raised, and TheCronic420 called. The 6♥ on the river saw Iceman1278 betting first and TheCronic420 pushing all-in for 15,449,816 with 9♣-7♠ for a pair. But Iceman1278 gladly called holding K♣-6♦ for the full house and the win. TheCronic420 finished in second with $132,176.52.

Iceman1278 won the 3/15 edition of the Sunday Million, and with the title of champion came $196,024.50 as a reward. Congratulations!

Sunday Million Results for 03/15/09:

1st place: Iceman1278 ($196,024.50)
2nd place: TheCronic420 ($132,176.52)
3rd place: Brendan42 ($89,611.20)
4th place: bayleesmom ($72,809.10)
5th place: WhatArunAA ($56,807.10)
6th place: vietcong01 ($40,805.10)
7th place: JLande ($28,003.50)
8th place: pokerbrat13 ($18,402.30)
9th place: kendog39 ($11,201.40)

For more information on ways to register and qualify for upcoming Sunday Million tournaments, visit the Sunday Million page.

Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in Sunday Million