livelikunger Lives Like a Sunday Million Champion!

Sunday Million logo.jpgSure, during this time of year, Sundays are for football in the United States. But Sundays year-round are for online poker. And where better to get your fix of the best and most lucrative online poker tournaments on the internet? PokerStars. Give yourself a pat on the back for that one.

The second Sunday Million of 2009 began with another stellar crowd in place, computers at the ready, and a monster prize pool in sight. The $1.5 million guaranteed pool was actually left in the dust by the 8,268 players who signed up for this week's event, which created a $1,653,600 pool to be distributed amongst the 1,260 finalists. And with a first place prize of more than $200,000, this was going to be a serious tournament.

It was also a relatively fast tournament. More than half the field was gone before the two-hour mark hit, but it wasn't until more than an hour later that the money bubble burst. The elimination of IchbinGott1 in 1261st place made way for frontpage1 to jump into the money and collect $330.72 for the 1260th place finish. From there, the action sped up again.

Play went into hand-for-hand with the final ten players just before the nine-hour mark of the tournament, and it lasted for a little more than 15 minutes as everyone wanted the distinction of making a PokerStars Sunday Million final table. Finally, it was U_TILT_ME who pushed all-in preflop from the small blind, and AceDesertRat called all-in for his last 2,783,857 chips with Kc-Qd. U_TILT_ME showed Ah-6d, and though the flop gave the all-in player a king, the ace on the river eliminated AceDesertRat on the final table bubble with a $8,268.00 prize.

The final table was then set with the following players and corresponding chip counts:

Seat 1: dxu05 (11,409,512 in chips)
Seat 2: Tophandler (4,759,696 in chips)
Seat 3: chicokim (17,721,353 in chips)
Seat 4: U_TILT_ME (19,185,352 in chips)
Seat 5: Kappe85 (6,087,080 in chips)
Seat 6: g0lfa (6,811,907 in chips)
Seat 7: Sir_winalot9 (5,570,202 in chips)
Seat 8: livelikunger (3,078,872 in chips)
Seat 9: Mexxximum1 (8,056,026 in chips)

2009 Sunday Million final table 1.11.09.JPG

Play slowed. Seriously. With such sizable jumps between paying places, such as about $7,500 between eighth and ninth place, it was obvious that everyone was pushing to stay in the game and go for that amazing first prize money.

But when it came time to bid someone adieu, it wasn't exactly one of the shorter stacks that left the tournament. Mexsximum1 started the hand with a raise, and when chicokim came over with a reraise, Mexsximum1 pushed all-in for more than 8 million chips with As-Kh. chicokim called with Ah-Qs, and the board came Qh-Ts-4h-Ac-5h. Mexxximum1 was suddenly ousted in ninth place, which was worth $11,575.20.

Next to be at risk was Tophandler, who pushed all-in after an initial raise by chicokim. chicokim called with Ah-Tc, and Tophandler showed Ad-9d. The board was uneventful with Ks-8s-3h-6s-6d, and Tophandler was eliminated in eighth place with $19,016.40.

Sir_winalot9 took a bit hit to his already dwindling stack when Kappe85 doubled through him, leaving him with just less than 2 million in chips. He pushed it all with Th-4d but was called by livelikunger and his Ah-7h. The board brought sevens with 7c-6h-8d-2s-7d, and Sir_winalot9 won something with a seventh place finish and $28,938.00.

Soon after, it was g0lfa's turn to push preflop, which happened with Ts-9d for 7,231,805. chicokim was there to call with Ac-Qs, and the board brought two aces when it came Ah-3d-Tc-9c-Ad. g0lfa's two pair was only good enough for a sixth place finish and the $41,340.00 that went with it.

Then the players took a break from eliminations, but it wasn't for lack of trying. Kappe85 doubled up several times, as did dxu05, and the double-ups just kept coming for the shorter stacks. It took quite a while for one of those attempts to fail.

Eventually, chicokim came in for an initial raise, but U_TILT_ME reraised all-in from the small blind. chicokim called all-in for just under 10 million chips and was covered by U_TILT_ME, who showed Qc-Tc. chicokim showed a dominating Ks-Qs, but the board brought clubs with 8c-2s-8d-5c-Jc. U_TILT_ME got the flush, while chicokim got fifth place and $57,876.00.

U_TILT_ME had a tough time when several players doubled through him. First it was dxu05, then Kappe85 and livelikunger. dxu05 took a monster 36 million chip pot from U_TILT_ME, and Kappe85 and livelikunger doubled through him again as well. It was a downhill swing, so with 12,815,590 left, U_TILT_ME pushed all-in preflop, and livelikunger was there to call with As-3h. U_TILT_ME showed pocket jacks, but the flop brought an ace. The entire board was 6h-Ad-5c-9s-7h, and U_TILT_ME was tilted and out in fourth place with $74,412.00.

Within minutes, the third-place finisher was determined. Kappe85 was short-stacked and all-in preflop with Ts-5h, and livelikunger called with 9s-6s. Again, livelikunger got his card on the flop on a Jc-9c-2d-Kc-Ac board, and the pair of nines was good. Kappe85 was eliminated in third place and awarded a respectable $91,774.80 for it.

Heads-up play began with the following chip counts:

Seat 1: dxu05 (29045200 in chips)
Seat 8: livelikunger (53634800 in chips)

But both players immediately wanted to see chip chop numbers for a possible deal, and the administrator gave them these numbers, with an additional $30,000 being set aside for the winner:

Seat 1: dxu05 = $147,490.79
Seat 8: livelikunger = $157,528.57

With wishes for luck exchanged between the remaining two, action got underway. livelikunger never let up on the quest to win the event, and dxu05 took awhile before finding a place to move. dxu05 found it with Tc-9d and pushed all-in preflop, and livelikunger called with Ac-3h. The board came 2s-8d-2c-5c-6d, and livelikunger took it with the ace kicker to the pair of deuces on the board. dxu05 was done in second place with the agreed-upon amount of $147,490.79 being deposited into his PokerStars account.

livelikunger took first place in the 1/11/09 Sunday Million and the deal amount of $187,528.57. Congratulations!

Sunday Million Results for 01/11/09:

1st place: livelikunger ($187,528.57)*
2nd place: dxu05 ($147,490.79)*
3rd place: Kappe85 ($91,774.80)
4th place: U_TILT_ME ($74,412.00)
5th place: chicokim ($57,876.00)
6th place: g0lfa ($41,340.00)
7th place: Sir_winalot9 ($28,938.00)
8th place: Tophandler ($19,016.40)
9th place: Mexxximum1 ($11,575.20)

*based on two-way chop numbers

For more information on ways to register and qualify for upcoming Sunday Million tournaments, visit the Sunday Million page.

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in Sunday Million