PokerStars Sunday tournament results (4-26-09)

ps_news_thn.jpgYou know when you walk into a shop and the shopkeeper gives you a look a lot like you'd expect from the Soup Nazi? That look that says, "Let's get on with this because there's too much to do otherwise?"

Imagine us with that look right now.

Not only did ElkY win WPT Player of the Year honors, not only is Europe's first Ante Up for Africa event starting today, and not only is the EPT Grand Final starting tomorrow, but we had a ton of big finishes in this Sunday's majors.

So, let's just do this.

After beating ot nearly 7,600 players, antesvante picked up more than $200,000 for a big Sunday Million win. For a full report, see the 4-26-09 Sunday Million final table report.

Just a bit earlier in the day, confused28 managed to avoid any serious discombobulation and navigated a field of more than 4,000 players to win more than $128,000. We have the story at our 4-26-09 Sunday Warm-Up final table report.

Normally, that would be where we called it a day. Yesterday, however, was the last Sunday of the month. So we also had two other big events going on.

New York's PrettayGood took down the April Battle of the Planets Triple Shootout for $12,000. Then, toward the end of the night JustFriendsF managed a big win in the April Turbo Takedown

For a complete look at all the Sunday major results, see our PokerStars Sunday tournament results for 4-26-09 page.

Now, on with the week.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Sunday Million