Rock & Fold rolls to victory in Sunday Million

sunday-million-thumb.jpgThis week's edition of the PokerStars Sunday Million was another mammoth draw, with 8,766 players blowing the roof off the guarantee on the way to a $1,753,200 prize pool. It was nearly ten hours into the tournament when rbeckwith bubbled off the final table, and almost two hours later when Rock & Fold finally took down the top prize of $257,895.73.

The final nine wasted no time in becoming a final eight, as Synercard moved all in preflop on one of the very first hands of the final table. Synercard shipped it in preflop from the hijack with K♣-9♣ and got called only by scottuga44, who showed A♥-J♠. It was a good flop for scottuga44, who made top pair on the 2♥-9♥-A♠ board. Synercard needed another nine or a king on the turn or river, but the rest of the cards came down 8♠-3♣, and he made an early exit in 9th place ($13,587.31).
million 5.31.09.jpg
The first few orbits of the final table were all about the short stacks - making moves, doubling up, or heading to the rail. In the case of Royal Lacky, it was the unfortunate latter. Lacky busted in 8th place ($19,285.21) when his preflop shove with A♦-2♣ from the cutoff got action from papaya66 in the big blind with 9♥-9♠. The flop of K♦-4♣-5♣ gave Royal Lacky wheel outs and backdoor club outs to go with the three aces left in the deck, but the board refused to cooperate, and papaya66's nines held to send Lacky packing.
Abcabc4 found a hand he liked and a spot he liked when he shoved preflop with K♥-9♥, but found himself in trouble when peterpatat made the call from the big blind with A♠-9♦. Abcabc4 moved ahead on the J♣-K♣-8♣ flop, but the A♦ on the turn put peterpatat back in the driver's seat. The river sealed abcabc4's fate when it brought down the A♥, and abcabc4 was done in 7th place ($35,064.01).

Sometimes it comes down to making the move at the right time, or the wrong time. After a series of aggressive preflop raises from peterpatat, ExaMeter picked a time to call him out. Unfortunately, this happened, and ExaMeter had to be content with the $52,596.01 he picked up for 6th place.

Chipwreacked put on a heck of a show in this tournament, going from barely 2BB at one point all the way to a 5th-place finish and a $70,128.01 payday. His demise came at the hands of Rock & Fold, and featured a rarity at the final table - an all-in that wasn't preflop. Chipwreacked raised preflop with K♥-Q♣, and Rock & Fold made the call in position. The flop came down 4♣-9♣-9♦, and Chipwreacked continuation bet. Rock & Fold called, then led out after Chipwreaked checked the K♣ turn. Chipwreacked moved all in over the top, and Rock & Fold snap-called, showing A♠-9♠ for trip nines. The J♠ on the river was irrelevant, and the field was reduced to four. That hand gave Rock & Fold the chip lead as the remaining four players played for their piece of over $600,000 in remaining prize money!

It wasn't much later when the short-stacked papaya66 moved the last of his chips in preflop from the small blind with A♦-9♦. He was in trouble when peterpatat made the call with the dominating A♠-T♠. Nothing out of the ordinary on the 4♠-6♥-K♦ flop, and when the T♥ came on the turn, papaya66 was drawing dead. The river was the irrelevant Q♦, and papaya66 picked up $87,660.01 for fourth place.

With three players remaining, talks of a deal sprang up but were quickly quashed by dominant chip leader Rock & Fold. Play continued on three-handed until this huge confrontation between peterpatat and Scottuga44.

After that monster pot, the outcome of the tournament for peterpatat was well-defined. He was all in on the next hand with T♥-2♣ to Rock & Fold's K♥-8♥, and a board of 3♣-5♥-Q♥-A♦-9♥ gave Rock & Fold the flush and showed peterpatat the door. He pocketed $131,490.01, a good day's work by any standards! After taking almost all of peterpatat's stack, scottuga44 held a big chip lead going into heads-up play, and no deal was struck as the players decided to duke it out for the whole enchilada.

But as we've seen time and again, when the blinds get huge, anything can happen, and just a few hands into heads up play, and the last two survivors of the field of 8,766 traded double ups for a long time before finally, in the wee hours of the morning, both players found a hand they could fall in love with, and in the blink of an eye, it was all over.

With no deal at the final table, scottuga44 picked up $188,469.01 for his second-place finish, while a whopping $257,895.73 went to Rock & Fold for taking down the whole event. Congrats to all our players, especially the last two standing, who put on a tremendous show for all of us watching!