Special Sunday Million with $2.5 Million guarantee leads to victory and $229K for Ferl0k

Sunday Million logo.jpgIt was a special night for the Sunday Million. In the spirit of generosity and the anticipation of the celebration of reaching the 25 billionth hand of poker, PokerStars upped the ante on the Sunday Million, adding an additional $1 million to the prize pool promise. With $2.5 million guarantee set, the players were set to buy in to the tournament for the usual $200 + $15 in droves.

And they did. A total of 13,267 players came to the virtual felt on Sunday, February 15, whereas the typical Sunday Million field consists of less than 9,000 players. The final number of players created a massive prize pool of $2,653,400 that exceeded the guarantee and looked to distribute those millions among the top 2025 finishers. That was made possible by the elimination of Balza-86 in 2026th, on the money bubble, and CallToSamson became the first to cash in this Sunday's massive prize pool.

When the final table approached, it was near the 9 hour and 30 minute mark, and hand-for-hand play continued until Canta44 pushed all-in preflop with Ac-4h and Ferl0k called with pocket queens. The board blanked, sending Canta44 out in tenth place with $13,267.00 and setting the final table as follows:

Seat 1: pokthemonkey (16,964,770 in chips)
Seat 2: GreenEyes017 (14,769,480 in chips)
Seat 3: aurora446 (8,190,098 in chips)
Seat 4: Ferl0k (37,996,441 in chips)
Seat 5: DaMith (7,790,429 in chips)
Seat 6: A6540 (7,836,702 in chips)
Seat 7: TakenItEasy2 (13,284,072 in chips)
Seat 8: Somal (8,141,332 in chips)
Seat 9: Jay094 (17,696,676 in chips)

2009 Sunday Million 02.15.09.JPG

It wasn't long before the first exit from the final table. DaMith was looking for a spot to double up, and looking down at two queens seemed like that spot. He pushed all-in preflop but found his queens up against the pocket kings of aurora446. The board brought only 7s-9h-Jc-9s-Td, and DaMith was forced to accept a ninth place finish and the $18,573.80 that went with it.

Some time passed before the next elimination, and that came to be as a battle of the blinds. Jay094 made the all-in move preflop from the small blind with As-8c, and he found a caller in the big blind, as pokthemonkey called with a dominating Ac-Ks. When the rest of the cards were dealt, the Th-Js-6d-9s-3d couldn't help Jay094, who was ousted in eighth place with $29,187.40.

After a bit of play with no players leaving the table, the seven remaining decided to take a look at the chip-chop numbers, and action was paused for discussions to ensue. Once a translator was obtained for Ferl0k from Buenos Aires, the numbers were given, after which some negotiations led to everyone giving a little so that the short-stacked A6540 could get a minimum of 100K. More negotiations took place when pokthemonkey looked to add about $5K to his deal number, and finally, after well over 30 minutes of deal-making, the following numbers were agreed to by all players, with the understanding that an additional $30K would be set aside for the eventual winner:

Seat 1: pokthemonkey (15,630,114 in chips) = $115,000.79
Seat 2: GreenEyes017 (14,042,111 in chips) = $101,281.68
Seat 3: aurora446 (19,630,527 in chips) = $126,987.04
Seat 4: Ferl0k (37,236,441 in chips) = $199,686.13
Seat 6: A6540 (10,973,403 in chips) = $100,001.60
Seat 7: TakenItEasy2 (18,174,740 in chips) = $120,811.78
Seat 8: Somal (16,982,664 in chips) = $114,755.14

With that, play resumed, and a collective sigh of relief could be heard over the internets.

Almost immediately, A6540 was ready to move and did so preflop with pocket sevens. GreenEyes017 was there for the call with pocket eights. The board brought an eight on the flop to solidify the results, and after the entire board showed Qs-Jd-8s-Kd-2h, A6540 officially left in seventh place with $100,001.60.

Then it was aurora446 who went down fighting. In an attempt to eliminate TakenItEasy2, the A-K of aurora446 was busted by the K-Q of TakenItEasy2 when he flopped a straight. The 35.8 million-chip pot went to TakenItEasy2, and that left aurora446 with only a bit over 1 million with which to play. that went all-in with Qh-4s, and pokthemonkey was the caller holding Qd-Td. The board came 8s-3s-6h-Jc-As, and aurora446 was gone in sixth place with a $126,987.04 prize.

TakenItEasy2 was the next to go on a roller coaster ride at the table, and after GreenEyes017 doubled through him, it was time to push all-in a few hands later for his last 11,443,780 chips. It was GreenEyes017 who pushed all-in preflop, though, and TakenItEasy2 who called all-in and covered with Ah-8d. GreenEyes017 showed Ad-Ks, and the board came 6d-5h-Qd-As-5c to eliminate TakenItEasy2 in fifth place with $120,811.78.

With play slowing down more than anticipated, it took awhile before an all-in didn't result in a double-up and continued play. Finally, Somal put his chips at risk preflop with Ad-2d, but GreenEyes017 called with Kc-8c. When the board came 9h-2s-8s-9c-7s, it gave GreenEyes017 the pot and left Somal to take a fourth place finish and the $114,755.14 that went with it.

GreenEyes017's tumultuous tournament got even more so during three-handed play. Serious exchanges of chips took place between GreenEyes017 and Ferl0k, and then the action calmed a bit before pokthemonkey became his nemesis of sorts. pokthemonkey doubled through GreenEyes017 twice in a row to not only stay alive but take a serious run at the chip lead. Finally, with only 14,534,850 left and his two opponents far ahead, he pushed all-in with pocket fives, only to see Ferl0k there for the call with pocket eights. It wasn't bad enough that Ferl0k was ahead before the flop, but those first three cards came 7c-7h-8d to give him the flopped full house. The Td came on the turn and the 4h on the river to end the tournament for GreenEyes017 in third place with the agreed-upon prize amount of $101,281.68.

Heads-up action then began with the following counts:

Seat 1: pokthemonkey (44545688 in chips)
Seat 4: Ferl0k (88124312 in chips)

Ferl0k began to apply the pressure, and though pokthemonkey held on and doubled when necessary to stay alive, Ferl0k surpassed the 100 million mark and put pokthemonkey in a position to move it quickly. But just when it looked like Ferl0k would run away with it, pokthemonkey doubled up. The two ended up exchanging the chip lead for quite some time, and it looked as if both players were nowhere near giving up on that extra $30K for the win.

Finally, with Ferl0k nearing the 100 million mark again, he and pokthemonkey raised their way to the 3d-2d-Kd flop. pokthemonkey bet, and Ferl0k check-called to see the 2h on the turn. Both players checked to get to the Td on the river, at which point Ferl0k checked, pokthemonkey bet all-in for his remaining 20,618,064 chips with Qc-Jh for nothing but the deuces on the board, and Ferl0k showed Ad-Kh for the nut flush and the win.

pokthemonkey settled for $115,000.79 and second place, while Ferl0k from Buenos Aires won a total of $229,686.13 and the coveted Sunday Million title. Congratulations!

Sunday Million Results for 02/15/09:

1st place: Ferl0k ($229,686.13)*
2nd place: pokthemonkey ($115,000.79)*
3rd place: GreenEyes017 ($101,281.68)*
4th place: Somal ($114,755.14)*
5th place: TakenItEasy2 ($120,811.78)*
6th place: aurora446 ($126,987.04)*
7th place: A6540 ($100,001.80.60)*
8th place: Jay094 ($29,187.40)
9th place: DaMith ($18,573,80)

*based on seven-way chop numbers

For more information on ways to register and qualify for upcoming Sunday Million tournaments, visit the Sunday Million.

Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in Sunday Million