You da Man! Turko_man takes down Sunday Million!

sunday-million-thumb.jpgIt was a smaller than usual crowd for the Sunday Million this week, as 7,196 runners built up the $1.5 Million Guaranteed prize pool. Even so, it was well after midnight on the east coast of the US before the final table kicked off, with Dynamite 321 the final table bubble boy.

It would be another two hours before Turko_man bested Chucklo heads up for the $221,294 top prize (first place as a result of a four-way deal).

Million 6.8.09.jpg

It was nearly 30 minutes into the final table, an eternity on the internet, before we saw our first elimination of the final table. Moose4life moved all in on a steal attempt from the small blind with T♠-7♥, only to run facefirst into Turko_man's A♥-K♥ in the big blind. The board ran out 5♣-5♦-Q♣-K♣-7♦, and moose4life was finished in 9th place ($11,625).

Play continued on a steady pace, with many hands folding to the first preflop aggressor, until Sagittus and .TiltandWin. tangled in a big hand that ended up with a seven-handed final table. Sagittus moved all in preflop from late position with J♦-T♣, and .TiltandWin. woke up with A♦-K♣ in the small blind. .TiltandWin. made the call, and took the lead into the Q♣-2♠-8♣ flop. Sagittus surged ahead on the J♣ turn, but .TiltandWin. still had outs to a bigger pair, straight or flush. The 3♥ on the river was a blank, and he picked up $18,000 for 8th place.

Almost immediately after .TiltandWin. headed to the rail, we had our next all-in confrontation. Haz31 open-shoved from early position, and Chucklo made the call from the button. The hands were a classic coin toss, as haz31 showed K♥-Q♦ to Chucklo's T♥-T♠. The board ran out 5♦-7♦-8♠-7♠-8♠, and Chucklo showed the better two pair to send haz31 home in 7th place ($32,250).

Turko_man went from slight chip leader to big stack monster in one hand, and it came at the expense of Sagittus. Check this out -

6th place was worth $46,500 for Sagittus as Turko_man stacked up around one-third of the total chips in play.

Chucklo moved within striking distance of the chip lead when he busted Bdbeatslayer in 5th place ($61,500). Bdbeatslayer raised preflop with A♦-Q♥, and Chucklo quickly moved all in over the top. When Bdbeatslayer called, he saw that Chucklo had one of the few hands that dominated him - A♠-K♠. The board ran out an uneventful 4♦-8♣-6♦-4♥-7♦, and the tournament was four-handed. The remaining players took a moment to discuss a deal, and after some discussion back and forth, a deal was reached.

The two shorter stacks, DGMB and crnagora71 both picked up a guaranteed $110,000 for the tournament, while Chucklo nabbed $148, 130.47 based on his chip stack at the time of the deal. Turko_man was the chip leader with four remaining, and he guaranteed himself a $191,924.53 payday with the deal. As always, $30,000 was left on the table for the eventual winner.

Play typically loosened up after the deal was secured, with more multi-way flops and more turns being seen. It still took a while for the next elimination, and it was crnagora71 who finished in 4th place ($110,000). After losing most of his stack in a big confrontation with DGMB, crnagora71 got it all in preflop with A♠-3♣ against Turko_man and Chucklo. Turko_man led out on the K♦-7♥-5♦ flop, and Chucklo got out of the way. Turko_man tabled A♦-A♣, and crnagora71 got no help on the turn or river. Then there were three.

Three-handed play continued for quite a while, but eventually the big stack of Turko_man was too much for DGMB, and he was done in 3rd place ($110,000). Turko_man raised preflop with A♠-T♠, and DGMB moved all in over the top with K♦-J♦. The flop came down 6♦-T♣-3♠, giving Turko_man top pair, but DGMB picked up all sorts of draws when the Q♦ hit the turn. The river 5♠ was no help for a straight of a flush, and Turko_man's tens held up to take a massive chip lead into heads-up play.

With such a huge chip lead, it only took three hands of heads up play for it all to be decided. Take a look at how it all went down.

When all was said and done, Chucklo nabbed almost $150K for 2nd place, and with the $30,000 left for first place added to his $191,294 as a result of the deal, Turko_man finished with almost the exact same prize money as if he had won the tournament with no deal! Congratulations to Turko_man for a top-notch final table performance, and congrats as well to everyone who cashed in this week's Sunday Million!