BarneyR2005 beats B Buddy to grab nearly $245K and Sunday Million title

Sunday Million logo.jpgThe last Sunday of each month is special. Not only are the regular Sunday tournaments on tap for players looking for the biggest guarantees and best fields on the internet, but PokerStars hosts some special tournaments for its players. There is the Battle of the Planets, a freeroll competition solely for the top players on the weekly sit-n-go leaderboards with a $50K prize pool. And there is the $1,000,000 Turbo Takedown, a stellar prize pool set up for anyone with 3,000 Frequent Player Points, and a tournament that puts bounties on PokerStars Team Pros as well as awards an Audi TT to the ultimate winner. So July 25 was kinda a big deal.

And then there was the Sunday Million, the biggest guarantee in online poker's weekly offerings. With its standard buy-in of $200 + $15, the guarantee was set at $1.5 million, and players couldn't have been more anxious to take a chance at it. That resulted in a registration number of 8,319, which prompted the prize pool to grow to $1,663,800.00. As the tournament moved forward, the top 1,260 players were paid for their efforts, and the final table neared after a few more hours.

Finally, it was during hand-for-hand action that marlin5555 put his tournament on the line with an all-in move for 2,703,411 chips. Original raiser B Buddy folded, but dehoo called from the big blind with A♦9♦. Marlin5555 showed A♣T♣ for the chance to double-up, but the 8♣Q♠A♥9♥2♣ board did not agree. The two pair eliminated marlin5555 in tenth place, for which he was awarded $8,818.14.

B Buddy making no friends, only taking names

It was about 15 minutes shy of the ten-hour mark of the tournament that the final table was set, and it happened in the middle of Level 35, with blinds at 200,000/400,000 and a 40,000 ante. The starting chip counts were as follows:

Seat 1: nenita02 (2,691,048 in chips)
Seat 2: BarneyR2005 (12,323,682 in chips)
Seat 3: BWFCLEE (3,469,267 in chips)
Seat 4: Cukbandit (4,317,891 in chips)
Seat 5: dehoo (17,750,105 in chips)
Seat 6: RonaldKosh (13,404,071 in chips)
Seat 7: bostero27 (5,798,694 in chips)
Seat 8: kirbyi17 (2,479,980 in chips)
Seat 9: B Buddy (20,955,262 in chips)

2010 Million final table 07.25.10.JPG

B Buddy came on strong as action got underway, as it only took a few hands for the chip leader to grab another 15 million chips from dehoo. Soon after, B Buddy neared the 30 million chip range to solidify that lead.

But it was one of the shorter stacks who chose to get involved next. BWFCLEE made the decision to risk 2,809,267 chips with A♣Q♣ preflop, and original raiser BarneyR2005 called with T♠T♥. The race was on until the T♣A♠8♠ flop hit to give BarneyR2005 the set of tens. The 7♠ on the turn changed nothing, and the Q♦ on the river was too little too late for BWFCLEE, who finished the tournament in ninth place with $12,894.45.

A few rounds later, another battle between dehoo and B Buddy ensued, as the two got involved to see the flop of 8♣9♣5♠. Dehoo was the first to bet, and B Buddy check-raised. Dehoo responded with an all-in move for 9,513,105 chips, and B Buddy made the call with A♥9♥ for top pair. Dehoo showed Q♣T♣ for the flush draw, but the 5♥ turn and 2♦ left him still waiting. And the eighth place prize of $18,301.80 was awarded to dehoo.

One of the original short stacks, kirbyi17, saw his stack cut in half during the first few rounds of action, and the all-in move came for his remaining 1,079,980 chips from the small blind with K♣8♦. B Buddy was in the big blind and made the call with only 3♠2♠, but the flop came 4♦5♣A♦ to give him the straight. The board completed with A♣ and Q♠, and that eliminated kirbyi17 in seventh place with $33,276.00.

Play was moving along at a fairly rapid pace thus far, and it wasn't letting up. Bostero27 moved all-in preflop for just less than 2 million chips, and nenita02 called with A♣T♣, which dominated the A♠4♦ of bostero27. The board was a rather uneventful 2♦8♥8♠7♣8♦, and that sent bostero27 packing in sixth place, which was worth $49,914.00.

No deal to see here, just keep it moving

Talks of seeing chip-chop numbers were quickly squashed when B Buddy, who then had more than 40 million chips, explained succinctly that he was not interested in a deal. With that, they moved on.

But everyone didn't move on for long. Cukbandit was down to little more than 1 million chips and pushed it preflop with A♠4♥. BarneyR2005 called from the big blind with 7♣4♣ and hit the flop immediately when it came 7♦T♦J♦. That pair of sevens held as the J♣ turned and the 3♥ rivered to end the hand. Cukbandit was gone in fifth place with $66,552.00.

And in the time it took to write up the last hand, another all-in was in progress. RonaldKosh made a big push preflop with A♣9♠ and 8,094,071 in chips. BarneyR2005 called from the big blind with 7♦7♠. Another race was on, but the 8♠3♠7♣ put the kibosh on that by giving BarneyR2005 the set of sevens. The 5♦ and 2♠ completed the hand, and RonaldKosh was sent off in fourth place with $83,190.00.

Striking distance

The last hand put BarneyR2005 within close striking distance of B Buddy, and the gap quickly closed as the two battled for the chip lead. It was the first time during final table action that B Buddy had someone to worry about.

And a short while after, the following hand resulted in a change of the lead:

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Still in swift play mode, a big hand developed that started with B Buddy raising all-in and nenita02 calling all-in for 5,701,838 chips. B Buddy showed only 5♦3♦, and nenita02 dominated with K♠J♠. But B Buddy caught a five on the 4♣8♣5♠ flop, and the A♣ turn and 9♥ allowed that pair to stand. Nenita02 went out in third place with $124,785.00.

How the table turns so quickly

The two players were heads-up before the 10.5-hour mark, and it was BarneyR2005 on top as the chip counts showed:

Seat 2: BarneyR2005 (43,831,754 in chips)
Seat 9: B Buddy (39,358,246 in chips)

The battle ensued and found both players taking the chip lead at various points during the match, but BarneyR2005 refused to let up on the aggression. Finally, with BarneyR2005 holding more than 70 million of the chips in play, B Buddy took a chance with A♥7♠. BarneyR2005 called with 9♦7♦, and the board came 9♥K♠7♥4♦4♣ to give BarneyR2005 the best two pair. That left B Buddy eliminated in second place with $178,858.50.

BarneyR2005 claimed victory in the July 25th edition of the Sunday Million, and the reward was $244,749.39 and the coveted title.

Sunday Million Results for 07/25/10:

1st place: BarneyR2005 ($244,749.39)
2nd place: B Buddy ($178,858.50)
3rd place: nenita02 ($124,785.00)
4th place: RonaldKosh ($83,190.00)
5th place: Cukbandit ($66,552.00)
6th place: bostero27 ($49.914.00)
7th place: kirbyi17 ($33,276.00)
8th place: dehoo ($18,301.80)
9th place: BWFCLEE ($12,894.45)

For more information on ways to register and qualify for upcoming Sunday Million tournaments, visit the Sunday Million page.

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in Sunday Million