Blumenkind53 Bests Tough Table to Grab Sunday Million Victory

Sunday Million logo.jpgMost people spend their Sunday nights winding down from busy weekend activities and preparing for the week ahead. Though if you're one of eight skilled players in Tallinn, Estonia, you might be picking out some clothes for the final table of the first stop on Season 7 of the European Poker Tour. And if your name is Nauv Kashyap, you're likely winding down from celebrating your ANZPT victory. However, if not included in those groups of people, there isn't much reason not to play the Sunday Million on PokerStars.

There were 8,294 players who decided to take a shot at this week's $1.5 million guarantee, though when their buy-ins were added up, the prize pool came to $1,658,800.00. That is the kind of money that makes a Sunday night the most exciting evening of the week!

When the tournament played through several hours, the money bubble burst and allowed the final 1,260 players to be paid, but there were five- and six-figure payouts awaiting at the final table... But only nine players would make it there. During hand-for-hand play for those nine seats, it just so happened that short-stacked vhyper moved all-in and got two callers. Legreat00 and Charlie Ivey checked down the board of 8♥9♣7♠8♠5♣, and Charlie Ivey showed 8♣2♠ to win the pot with trip eights. Vhyper simply mucked the mystery hand and left in tenth place with $8,791.64.

YouHave2outs had chip lead at the start

The tenth hour of the tournament was underway when the final table was set, and Level 36, with its 200,000/400,000 blinds and 40,000 ante was almost over. Starting chip counts were listed as follows:

Seat 1: RAZZER777 (10,100,093 in chips)
Seat 2: blumenkind53 (5,388,896 in chips)
Seat 3: bogg (4,921,510 in chips)
Seat 4: D0CKENFL0P (10,595,520 in chips)
Seat 5: lolriverdnky (7,983,088 in chips)
Seat 6: YouHave2outs (15,624,058 in chips)
Seat 7: legreat00 (7,419,434 in chips)
Seat 8: The Pot SWE (11,303,075 in chips)
Seat 9: Charlie Ivey (9,604,326 in chips)

2010 Million final table 08.15.10.JPG

It only took three hands for the shortest stack at the table to move. Bogg did it preflop with A♦J♣, but original raiser blumenkind53 called with none other than A♥A♠. The board could not produce the few outs that would have helped bogg when it came K♣4♣3♦3♥3♠, and the aces turned into a full house to knock out bogg in ninth place, which was worth a $12,855.70 payday.

No one afraid of the all-in move

Things started moving along quickly. And YouHave2outs moved down the leaderboard as others began to take charge.

The first huge pot of the final table action resulted in one player going home. The hand started with a raise from YouHave2outs, and an all-in reraise from legreat00 prompted The Pot SWE to move all-in over the top. That pushed YouHave2outs out of the hand, and The Pot SWE showed a solid K♣K♠. Legreat00 had outs with A♥T♣, and the flop was cooperating when it came 7♣Q♠T♥. But the 2♦ on the turn didn't help, and the K♦ on the river only gave The Pot SWE the set of kings and...well...the pot. Legreat00 departed in eighth place with $18,246.80 to show for it.

It wasn't long before another big pot developed. This one began with Charlie Ivey pushing all-in preflop for 5.8 million, RAZZER777 reraising all-in for 10 million, and lolriverdnky calling both players from the big blind. The hands?

lolriverdnky: J♥J♠
Charlie Ivey: A♣T♥

The board came 7♦8♠4♥9♥K♥, and RAZZER777 collected all of the chips, leaving lolriverdnky short-stacked and Charlie Ivey out of the tournament in seventh place with $33,176.00.

The last 692,995 chips of lolriverdnky went all-in from the small blind on the very next hand with Q♠3♥, and The Pot SWE was there for the ride with K♥J♦. The board brought 8♣A♠K♣Q♥5♥, and the pair of queens couldn't outdraw the pair of kings. That left lolriverdnky out in sixth place with $49,764.00.

Without much of a slowdown in the action, another all-in came about when D0CKENFL0P pushed his remaining 5,735,520 into the pot preflop with 4♥4♠, but blumenkind53 didn't hesitate to call from the big blind with T♦T♣. The board of Q♦K♦K♠2♦K♣ gave both players full houses, but blumenkind53's was best. D0CKENFL0P took leave of the table in fifth place with $66,352.00.

Let's make a multi-lingual deal!

The remaining four players decided to pause the tournament to discuss a potential deal, though RAZZER777 had trouble understanding English. But The Pot SWE was kind enough to translate in Swedish, and RAZZER777 ultimately agreed to look at some chip-chop numbers. The information was provided to the players, and after some chat about it, they all agreed. The following payouts were set, with the knowledge that the ultimate winner would receive an extra $30,000 for the victory.

Seat 1: RAZZER777 (26,554,512 in chips) = $168,720.26
Seat 2: blumenkind53 (14,810,136 in chips) = $130,781.86
Seat 6: YouHave2outs (21,094,058 in chips) = $151,081.10
Seat 8: The Pot SWE (20,481,294 in chips) = $149,101.66

Please fasten your seatbelts.

The next few rounds were a scrambled bit of poker. It all happened in a matter of a short period of time. Blumenkind53 doubled through The Pot SWE and then took a 12.5 million-chip pot from RAZZER777. The Pot SWE then doubled back through blumenkind53 and grabbed a subsequent 10 million chips in another pot to climb into third place. YouHave2outs doubled through blumenkind53, who then doubled through The Pot SWE.

Got that?

Then The Pot SWE decided to move all-in again, this time with A♥4♣ from the big blind. His 10,718,376 chips were at risk but dominating the hand when RAZZER777 called with A♣3♦. The flop of 9♣4♠K♦ solidified The Pot SWE's lead in the hand, but the 3♠ on the turn was a scare card for certain. And the 3♣ hit hard on the turn, giving RAZZER777 the trip threes and knocking The Pot SWE out of the tournament in fourth place, which was worth $149,101.66.

The next hand saw blumenkind53 double through YouHave2outs, and that prompted the latter to move all-in on the very next hand. YouHave2outs did it with A♥4♥, and blumenkind53 showed only 6♣5♦ but caught the 2♣3♥6♦ flop. The turn of T♠ and river of 3♦ ended the tournament for YouHave2outs, who couldn't hit his outs but took home $151,081.10 for the third place finish.

Heads-up play then began with these starting chip counts:

Seat 1: RAZZER777 (34,645,478 in chips)
Seat 2: blumenkind53 (48,294,522 in chips)

The match began with blumenkind53 expanding on his chip lead, and a 25 million-chip pot helped in that quest quite a bit. But RAZZER777 did come back to double through his opponent to jump into the lead for a short time. However, the following hand put blumenkind53 back on top:

RSS readers click through to see replay

It didn't take long for RAZZER777 to risk it again. His 16,761,912 went all-in with 4♥4♦, and blumenkind53 called with A♣6♥. The flop came K♦A♠2♣ to give blumenkind53 the pair of aces, and the 5♣ on the turn and Q♣ on the river brought it to an end. RAZZER777 was gone in second place with $168,720.26.

And blumenkind53 won the Sunday Million, for which he was awarded $160,781.86 and the most sought-after weekly poker title in the game.

Sunday Million Results for 08/15/10:

1st place: blumenkind53 ($160,781.86)*
2nd place: RAZZER777 ($168,720.26)*
3rd place: YouHave2outs ($151,081.10)*
4th place: The Pot SWE ($149,101.66)*
5th place: D0CKENFL0P ($66,352.00)
6th place: lolriverdnky ($49,764.00)
7th place: Charlie Ivey ($33,176.00)
8th place: legreat00 ($18,246.80)
9th place: bogg ($12,855.70)

*Results of four-way chip-chop agreement

For more information on ways to register and qualify for upcoming Sunday Million tournaments, visit the Sunday Million page.

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in Sunday Million