DeadMoney843 needs new name after winning $227,364.20 in Sunday Million

Sunday Million logo.jpgFor those looking for a little mid-November warmth, Los Angeles was the place to be for the North American Poker Tour stop at the Bicycle Casino. Hundreds of players gathered in sunny southern California for the live poker action this week, but thousands sought warmth elsewhere in the world in front of their computers, furiously betting and raising to fight off the autumn chill.

We found those thousands online at PokerStars, huddled up with the Sunday Million. There were 8,341 of them to be exact, all looking for the $1.5 million guarantee. But what they found was an actual prize pool of $1,668,200. Toasty!

Action moved quickly through the first few hours, and excitement built soon enough when the money bubble burst to allow the last 1,260 players standing to be paid for their efforts. As more hours passed, a number of the players representing Team PokerStars found a little extra cash in their accounts. Team PokerStars Online was out in force, with Anders "Donald" Hoyer Berg finishing in 1148th place, Steven "stevesbets" Jacobs in 954th, Andres "lobojiji" Alisievicz in 447th, and Andrew "Kid Nebraska" Goetsch in 271st. Team PokerStars Pro took it from there, with Sebastian "S.Ruthenberg" Ruthenberg out in 262nd, Alex "Allingomes" Gomes in 158th, Pat Pezzin in 122nd, and Humberto Brenes gone in 68th place.

With that, the seventh and eighth hours of the tournament brought more eliminations, and it was ultimately just past the 9.5-hour mark that ten players found their final table bubble player. Dudeoflife21 shoved preflop with 7♠7♥, and _maarten_436 called with Q♦Q♥. The dealer had only T♥T♣3♣A♥5♦ for the battle, and that left dudeoflife21 out of the event in tenth place with $8,841.46.

Momentum and the chip lead for _maarten_436

The last nine players were then seated at one table just after the start of Level 35, in which they faced blinds of 150,000/300,000 and a 30,000 ante. Their starting chip stacks were as follows:

Seat 1: SSDEX (2,537,414 in chips)
Seat 2: mi777 (3,624,492 in chips)
Seat 3: El_Grisu_61 (4,988,799 in chips)
Seat 4: superbad2001 (1,565,982 in chips)
Seat 5: 4everunknown (7,062,366 in chips)
Seat 6: klaasvaak888 (5,952,474 in chips)
Seat 7: DeadMoney843 (14,000,174 in chips)
Seat 8: Sibydom (16,427,983 in chips)
Seat 9: _maarten_436 (27,250,316 in chips)

2010 Million final table 11.14.10.JPG

Cautious was the word of the level, as players seemed to be feeling each other out. But a few hands later, one of the short stacks decided to move. SSDEX pushed all-in with A♠4♣, but 4everunknown was able to call from the big blind with A♣8♣. The flop of 7♣2♦6♠ was interesting, but the T♣ turn and 3♠ did nothing for either player, allowing 4everunknown to scoop the pot. SSDEX exited in ninth place with $12,928.55.

In an effort to prove this writer wrong about the cautious play, another all-in occurred two hands later. Mi777 started the hand with a raise, but El_Grisu_61 raised for the rest of his chips. Action was back to mi777, who called for 3,666,022 more with only a few chips behind but showed J♦J♠ to the 7♥7♠ of El_Grisu_61. The board was an uneventful display of T♥2♠4♥6♥K♦, and that eliminated El_Grisu_61 in eighth place with $18,350.20.

Expedited eliminations

Was there a party that no one told me about? One would have thought something urgent was happening with the speed of the bustouts during the latter part of Level 35 and early Level 36.

Klaasvaak888 was down to a stack of little more than 4 million and pushed it all-in from the small blind. Original raiser Sibydom called with A♣9♦, and klaasvaak888 showed a solid T♥T♣. But all it took was the flop to bring 3♠7♥A♦ for the dominating pair of aces, and the 6♠ turn and 5♠ river finished it off. Klaasvaak888 was gone in seventh place with $33,364.00.

Moments later, superbad2001 decided to risk his short stack with A♠J♥, but _maarten_436 woke up to K♦K♠ in the big blind and made the easy call. The dealer changed nothing by providing a T♠7♠3♥3♠5♥ board, and superbad2001 was eliminated in sixth place with $50,046.00.

Without hesitation, 4everunkown, DeadMoney843, and Sibydom went into battle in a preflop raising war. When 4everunknown pushed all-in, DeadMoney843 kindly got out of the way, and Sibydom called with 8♦8♣. 4everunknown turned over A♠K♠, and the race was on. The flop of J♦7♣4♠ changed nothing, but the 8♥ on the turn gave Sibydom the set. It was just a formality to see the Q♣ on the river, and that sent 4everunknown out into the great unknown with $66,728 for the fifth place finish.

Big changes on the leaderboard

As Sibydom climbed into the top spot with the last elimination, another player had his sights set on moving up a few notches as well. That happened when DeadMoney843 challenged former chipleader _maarten_436 to a duel. The result was not-so-dead money:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Mi777 was falling short but doubled through _maarten_436 to stay alive with nearly 12 million and leaving the original chipleader as the short stack at the table.

And then it happened. DeadMoney843 started the hand with a raise, but _maarten_436 responded with the inevitable all-in shove. DeadMoney843 called with A♦K♠, which dominated the A♠4♣ of _maarten_436. The flop did bring hope for the short stack when it came 4♥K♣J♣, but it was momentary because of the pair of kings it gave to DeadMoney843. The 5♥ turn and 3♦ river ended the hand and _maarten_436's tournament, for which he was awarded $83,410.00 for the fourth place finish.

Three cannot agree

The final three players decided to pause the tournament to discuss a possible deal, but when the chip-chop numbers were given, one of the players was not on board. With little time wasted, play resumed. And this time, the slow action went further than the first few hands.

But mi777 was unable to gain any traction and went from short to shorter stack. Finally, with little more than 4.3 million in his stack, mi777 pushed all-in with Q♣9♣ against the A♥2♥ of DeadMoney843. Let's just say it was a painful hand. The flop of A♦A♣K♣ gave DeadMoney843 the set of aces, but the 3♣ on the turn brought a flush for mi777. The river? It was the 3♦ to give DeadMoney843 the winning full house. After the roller coaster came to a stop, mi777 departed in third place with $125,115.00.

Chop and continue

Heads-up play began with the following counts:

Seat 7: DeadMoney843 (43,406,209 in chips)
Seat 8: Sibydom (40,003,791 in chips)

They quickly asked to pause for more deal talks, and both players requested a fifty-fifty chop. With $197,364.20 going to each player and $30,000 set aside to be added to the winner's sum, they virtually shook hands and got back to business.

It took only nine hands to resolve the matter.

DeadMoney843 was relentless, and the following hand put Sibydom in a somewhat desperate position:

RSS readers click through to see replay

The very next hand saw a raise and a call to the 7♦6♣5♠ flop. Sibydom pushed all-in for 17,323,791 chips holding K♦J♠, but DeadMoney843 check-called with Q♦7♠ for top pair. The turn brought a T♦, and the river finished it with 5♥. Sibydom took home $197,364.20 for second place.

DeadMoney843 claimed the Sunday Million title and $227,364.20 for the victory.

Sunday Million Results for 11/14/10:

1st place: DeadMoney843 ($227,364.20)*
2nd place: Sibydom ($197,364.20)*
3rd place: mi777 ($125,115.00)
4th place: _maarten_436 ($83,410.00)
5th place: 4everunknown ($66,728.00)
6th place: superbad2001 ($50,046.00)
7th place: klaasvaak888 ($33,364.00)
8th place: El_Grisu_61 ($18,350.20)
9th place: SSDEX ($12,928.55)

*results of a two-way chop agreement

For more information on ways to register and qualify for upcoming Sunday Million tournaments, visit the Sunday Million page.

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in Sunday Million