Isetit Sets the Mark and Hits It with a Sunday Million Victory

Sunday Million logo.jpgAs the 2010 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure still rages on in the Bahamas, players sidled up to their computers to take a shot at some of the other money available to PokerStars players. Though the final table of the PCA will be seeking its new champion on Monday, a person who will walk away with an astounding $2.2 million, the Sunday Million sought to give away its own life-changing money.

The second Sunday Million of 2010 found 8,721 players on the registration list, which allowed the prize pool to soar past the $1.5 million guarantee and land at $1,744,200. While that was to be divided amongst the final 1,260 players according to their finishes in the tournament, a sizable portion of it was reserved for the nine final table players, three of whom had the opportunity to walk away with six-figure payouts. It was no $2.2 million but nothing to sneeze at nonetheless.

Action moved along rather quickly, with the final table in sight just after the 9.5 hour mark of the tournament. Once hand-for-hand play started for the last ten players, it came down to a move by Hookaholic from the big blind, who moved all-in with pocket kings. But original raiser ksr76 called with A♦ 4♦ and caught two pair on the 9♣ A♣ 4♠ flop. The 9♠ on the turn and 2♠ on the river ended the tournament for Hookaholic, who took home $9,244.26 for bubbling the final table in tenth place.

That left the last nine players to begin final table play in Level 35, with blinds at 150,000/300,000 and a 30,000 ante. Their chip counts were as follows:

Seat 1: Isetit (13,887,164 in chips)
Seat 2: AFFTOR (10,602,780 in chips)
Seat 3: ksr76 (21,950,247 in chips)
Seat 4: marktb (4,664,152 in chips)
Seat 5: shep2k (3,413,293 in chips)
Seat 6: tof 971 (5,150,505 in chips)
Seat 7: bufo523 (16,980,309 in chips)
Seat 8: chipchucker5 (4,957,552 in chips)
Seat 9: bubbba82 (5,603,998 in chips)

2010 Million final table 01.10.10.PNG

Small-ball was the name of the game for a few hands...until Isetit took a 9.5 million-chip pot from bufo523 to make things exciting. It didn't take long for one of the shortest stacks at the table to make that all-important all-in move.

It happened after marktb started the action with a preflop raise, and tof971 pushed in for his last 3,500,505. marktb called with pocket aces, and tof971 had to show the dominated A♣ J♦. The board uneventfully brought 9♥ 8♥ K♠ 8♠ 8♦, and tof971 was ousted in ninth place, which was worth a respectable $13,517.55. And then there were eight.

But not for long. The hand started with marktb raising again, but this time it was shep2k who reraised all-in and chipchucker5 who came over the top with an all-in move of his own. marktb called both players with pocket kings, which dominated pocket fives of shep2k and tens of chipchucker5. But the board was positive for shep2k when it came 7♣ Q♦ J♣ J♥ 5♥ for the full house and a double-up. The side pot went to marktb for the top two pair, and chipchucker5 took eighth place and the $19,186.20 that went with it.

The next monster hand was significant not only for its double-up for marktb but for the manner in which it was done. Quads are pretty:

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The next few hands put ksr76 at risk of losing all momentum, as Isetit took a 10 million-plus pot with ksr76 at the losing end, and bufo523 doubled through ksr76 in a 12 million-chip pot. Though ksr76 was not the short stack, it was going to take patience to overcome the significant loss of chips.

But it was shep2k who found himself in a somewhat desperate situation, finally deciding to push all-in from the small blind with A♣ 6♠ into an unraised pot. But bufo523 called 3,507,096 more from the big blind with K♠ 3♦, and the flop hit bufo523 when it came 7♣ K♦ 9♣. The T♥ on the turn and 4♦ on the river changed nothing, and shep2k was ousted from the tournament in seventh place with $34,884 for the effort.

Then it was ksr76's turn to move. The preflop action actually started with a raise from ksr76, but when AFFTOR reraised all-in, ksr76 called all-in for his last 11,339,143 chips with A♠ T♠. AFFTOR showed pocket jacks, and they held up as the board produced 7♥ Q♥ Q♣ 5♠ 6♠. That eliminated ksr76 from the Sunday Million in sixth place, which was worth $52,326 in prize money.

A player having a rough time of it was bufo523, who had been chipped down to less than 2 million. After doubling through AFFTOR to stay alive, another attempt was made on the very next hand. First to act, bufo523 pushed all-in for 4,322,370 with pocket nines, and Isetit called with A♠ 7♥. And the ace hit on the flop, which held up as the board ran out A♦ Q♥ 6♦ 2♣ K♦ to end the tournament for bufo523, and the fifth place finish came with a $69,768 payday.

The newest short stack at the table was the next to risk the tournament. It was bubbba82 who did it preflop with pocket sevens, but AFFTOR woke up with pocket kings in the big blind and reraised all-in to prompt original raiser marktb to fold, which he did. The two then watched the board come 6♣ Q♦ J♦ T♦ 2♣, and bubbba82 was knocked out of the tournament in fourth place with $87,210 as a consolation prize.

During three-handed play, the heat was turned up when Isetit and AFFTOR got involved in some significant hands, two of which resulted in Isetit taking the chip lead. And it was the following double-up by marktb through AFFTOR that would prompt AFFTOR to move very soon.

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Two hands later, AFFTOR was all-in holding pocket sixes, and Isetit was the caller holding K♣ 7♠. The flop hit Isetit with A♥ K♠ K♦, and the Q♥ turn and T♣ river cards ended it for AFFTOR, who finished the tournament with $130,815 for third place.

Heads-up action then began with chip counts as follows:

Seat 1: Isetit (61,780,326 in chips)
Seat 4: marktb (25,429,674 in chips)

After only a few hands, the two players decided to look at chip-chop numbers, and they quickly agreed to accept the amounts as shown below, with the exception of $30,000 that will be attached to the ultimate winner's payout.

Seat 1: Isetit (53,960,327 in chips) = $211,087.34
Seat 4: marktb (33,249,673 in chips) = $202,990.66

Two-handed play progressed, and though the chip lead changed and neither player was going down easily, conversation was light in the chat box. And it was there that marktb announced that he is getting married next weekend; it was agreed by all that the $200K-plus prize money in this tournament will make for a very timely wedding present.

The discussions finally ceased, though, as the match was becoming a lengthy one and both players were looking to finish it. After nearly 45 minutes of action, it came down to one final hand. It started with a preflop raise from marktb and call from Isetit to see a T♥ 4♣ 8♣ flop. marktb bet out, and Isetit check-raised, putting marktb to the test. Ultimately, marktb called all-in holding pocket threes, but Isetit turned over 8♥ 5♥ for middle pair. The 6♦ on the turn helped no one, and the 9♦ on the river ended the game, leaving marktb with $202,990.66 for the second place finish.

Isetit won the January 10th edition of the Sunday Million, which was worth a solid $241,087.34. Not a bad way to start the first month of 2010!

Sunday Million Results for 01/10/10:

1st place: Isetit ($241,087.34)*
2nd place: marktb ($202,990.66)*
3rd place: AFFTOR ($130,815.00)
4th place: bubbba82 ($87,210.00)
5th place: bufo523 ($69,768.00)
6th place: ksr76 ($52,236.00)
7th place: shep2k ($34,884.00)
8th place: chipchucker5 ($19,186.20)
9th place: tof971 ($13,517.55)

*Reflects a two-way chip-chop agreement

For more information on ways to register and qualify for upcoming Sunday Million tournaments, visit the Sunday Million page.

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in Sunday Million