Just for kicks, kixelsyd claimed victory in April 11 Sunday Million

Sunday Million logo.jpgFor a great many people in the world who work Monday-Friday jobs, Sunday nights are a bit woeful. The weekend has ended and work resumes the following morning. It's a time to grab the last moments of the weekend by spending time with family and friends, or even curled up in front of the television, before heading back to the grind of an office work week.

But for online poker players, Sunday night is the highlight of the week. It's their Friday night, their happy hour, their chance for fame and fortune. Countless numbers of players log on to PokerStars on Sunday to play their best games, and many walk away with a profit. But those who are still in the major tournaments when midnight Eastern Time nears are looking at potentially life-changing money and some of the biggest titles in poker. The biggest is the Sunday Million, with its $1.5 million guarantee. Making a final table is what they strive for, and winning it is not only a major poker accomplishment but includes a six-figure payout, usually one well over $200K. It is the polar opposite of a woeful Sunday night experience.

Nearly ten hours into the April 11th Sunday Million, ten players out of the 8,603 starting field were looking for their seats at the final table. The bulk of the $1,720,600 prize pool awaited their finishes. But it was a big hand that eliminated a player before that last table was set. Wu2kayY18 started the hand with an all-in move, and nonperogy called all-in for 3,768,016 chips with A♦K♦. PrinceAndrew also called all-in and showed pocket queenes. Wu2kayY18 had them both covered and showed A♣K♣. The board blanked with 3♥J♣8♦7♠6♦, and the queens took it the entire pot for PrinceAndrew. Wu2kayY18 was left with the short stack, but nonperogy was completely out, taking home $9,119.18 for the tenth place finish.

The art of war

The final table began in Level 36, with blinds at 200,000 and 400,000 and a 40,000 ante, and chip counts were as follows:

Seat 1: Wu2kayY18 (2,394,891 in chips)
Seat 2: Machiavilian (25,890,362 in chips)
Seat 3: Dusnumbri (6,102,112 in chips)
Seat 4: xxndavisxx (4,296,890 in chips)
Seat 5: kixelsyd (8,507,106 in chips)
Seat 6: PrinceAndrew (12,905,062 in chips)
Seat 7: Methos_ST (6,421,966 in chips)
Seat 8: keckboss (8,359,925 in chips)
Seat 9: just_two_ace (11,151,686 in chips)

2010 Million final table 04.11.10.JPG

Machiavilian was the dominating chip leader at the table, but none of the other players were out of the game. On the seventh hand of play, kixelsyd doubled through PrinceAndrew to not only stay alive but climb into the top three.

Wu2kayY18 was ready for a double-up as well. The all-in move came preflop with pocket nines, and kixelsyd chose to call from the big blind with K♣J♠. The flop came 4♦T♣3♥, which helped no one, but the K♥ on the turn gave kixelsyd top pair. The 7♥ on the river ended the tournament run for Wu2kayY18, who left in ninth place with $13,334.65.

The art of a double-up

A series of all-ins and calls turned the tournament around. PrinceAndrew doubled through kixelsyd to kick things off. But Dusnumbri doubled through Machiavilian to start the takedown of the chip leader. xxndavisxx doubled through Machiavilian, then again through kixelsyd, and when kixelsyd came back to double through Machiavilian, xxndavisxx was catapulted into the top spot on the leaderboard, while Machiavilian lost that coveted chip lead.

PrinceAndrew doubled through just_two_ace to stay alive, but when Methos_ST doubled through PrinceAndrew, the short stack decided to risk it all. PrinceAndrew pushed all-in with A♣K♠, and xxndavisxx called from the big blind with pocket nines. The board brought no help when it came 3♠3♣T♣7♦4♠, and PrinceAndrew was eliminated in eighth place with $18,926.60.

On the very next hand, just_two_ace virtually shoved 6,855,774 into the pot to be committed all-in. Kixelsyd called from the big blind with K♣J♠, and just_two_ace showed pocket eights. The flop hit kixelsyd with 5♣K♠3♠, and the T♠ turn and A♦ river finished it up so the pair of kings stood up. That sent just_two_ace out of the Sunday Million in seventh place with $34,412.00.

From there, it didn't take long for the next shortest stack to move. Dusnumbri pushed preflop with pocket sixes, but it was keckboss on the button who called with the dominating pocket tens. The board was rather uninteresting when it came A♦2♣8♦2♦4♦, and Dusnumbri was sent packing in sixth place with $51,618.00.

The art of the deal

With five players remaining, play was paused at the collective request to see chip-chop numbers. Host Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier gave the players the figures, and with relative ease and little discussion, all five players agreed. Yes, a quick and easy deal was reached! We had a hard time believing it ourselves, but the numbers below were accepted, as well as the agreement to play for an additional $30K to be awarded the ultimate winner.

Seat 2: Machiavilian (18,933,993 in chips) = $145,380.57
Seat 4: xxndavisxx (24,472,684 in chips) = $167,775.38
Seat 5: kixelsyd (15,183,446 in chips) = $130,215.83
Seat 7: Methos_ST (12,915,728 in chips) = $121,046.68
Seat 8: keckboss (14,524,149 in chips) = $127,550.07

And then the chips flew. Methos_ST was the first to take a chance, putting his 4,215,728 stack all-in with 6♠6♣. From the small blind, keckboss called with A♠7♣ and caught an ace on the Q♣A♣9♣ flop. Both players were looking at flush draws, but Methos_ST would have the lower one. The K♥ came on the turn and 3♥ on the river, which made no flush but allowed the pair of aces to hold. Methos_ST was gone in fifth place with $121,046.68.

On the very next hand, keckboss was feeling confident and pushed all-in for more than 14 million chips with A♦8♠. From the big blind, xxndavisxx called with A♥J♠ and the distinct advantage in the hand. The board produced J♣3♥3♣A♠5♣, and xxndavisxx raked in a 29 million-chip pot while keckboss left the table $127,550.07 richer.

The art of a comeback?

Three-handed action saw the return of Machiavilian to the chip lead. It started with the luck of the following hand:

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Two hands later, a 26 million-chip pot from xxndavisxx was enough to put Machiavilian back at the top of the leaderboard by a significant margin.

But it turned out that xxndavisxx had enough of being pushed around. Armed with A-7, xxndavisxx moved all-in on the 7-4-5 flop. Machiavilian called with K-8 of spades with two spades on the board. But the board blanked and gave xxndavisxx the 50 million chips and the return to the lead.

Having been reduced to a short stack as compared to his opponents, Machiavilian decided to push all-in with J♦7♦ preflop. A call from xxndavisxx prompted kixelsyd to reraise all-in, which induced an expensive fold from xxndavisxx. Kixelsyd showed pocket nines, and the board brought K♦K♠7♣T♣A♥ to give kixelsyd the best two pair. Machiavilian was unable to make that comeback and had to settle for a third place finish and the $145,380.57 that went with it.

The art of a decisive victory

Heads-up action then began with the following chip counts:

Seat 4: xxndavisxx (42,839,697 in chips)
Seat 5: kixelsyd (43,190,303 in chips)

The clear aggressor coming out of the gate was kixelsyd, who proceeded to take a 28,200,000 pot followed by a 23,400,000 pot from xxndavisxx. The pressure continued to be applied to xxndavis until the player was reduced to more than a five-to-one deficit.

After the two took a scheduled break, they returned to xxndavisxx pushing all-in with K♠6♥. Kixelsyd called with K♥8♥, and the board came 4♥3♠K♦5♦T♥ to end the match. Second place and $167,775.38 went to xxndavisxx.

The victory in tonight's Sunday Million went to kixelsyd, who took home $160,215.83 and the tournament title for the accomplishment.

Sunday Million Results for 04/11/10:

1st place: kixelsyd ($160,215.83)*
2nd place: xxndavisxx ($167,775.38)*
3rd place: Machiavilian ($145,380.57)*
4th place: keckboss ($127,550.07)*
5th place: Methos_ST ($121,046.68)*
6th place: Dusnumbri ($51,618.00)
7th place: just_two_ace ($34,412.00)
8th place: PrinceAndrew ($18,926.60)
9th place: Wu2kayY18 ($13,334.65)

*Results of a five-way chop agreement

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Jen Newell
@PokerStars in Sunday Million