ramondemon77 rolls to victory in 10/24/10 Sunday Million

Sunday Million logo.jpgPokerStars' Sunday Million, online poker's biggest weekly tournament, continues to attract big names and big fields. A total of 8,214 entered this week's event, the highest turnout since 8,294 played the event on August 15th.

That turnout meant the $1.5 million guarantee was once again met, with the total prize pool adding up to a heady $1,642,800. The top 1,170 finishers would get paid in this one, everyone making the final table would be enjoying five-figure paydays, the top three were each scheduled to receive six figures, and $246,424.32 was due the winner.

As is usually the case in the Sunday Million, the first couple of hours saw lots of action and bustouts a-plenty.

At exactly 19:04 ET -- a little over two-and-a-half hours into the tournament -- the 5,000th elimination occurred. Accounting for the three 5-minute breaks, a total of 139 minutes of poker had been played, meaning players were hitting the virtual rail at a clip of nearly 36 per minute! At that point, with 3,214 players remaining, it was dx2celt, OTIS07, Flush098765, gokveld, and RolldUpTrips sitting at the top of the leaderboard.

After four hours and 15 minutes, the cash bubble had burst and they were down to 1,170. CardsAreLive led the way with more than 450,000 chips, followed by TotalScience, killifishes, yoyitzu, and Mariachi.

Once they had reached the cash, just four members of Team PokerStars remained with chips. With the average stack just over 70,000, Nuno Coelho and Henrique Pinho, both representing Team PokerStars Portugal, were both sitting with below average stacks of close to 40,000. Meanwhile, Chad Brown of Team PokerStars United States was better off with a little over 168,000. And Juan Maceiras of Team PokerStars Spain had built a stack of more than 275,000, good enough to sneak him into the top ten.

Both Coelho and Pinho would soon reach the end of their tourney journeys. With the blinds 2,000/4,000, Coelho open-shoved his last 32,000 and change from UTG with pocket fours and got a caller in steviek44 who held A♣J♥. No ace or jack came, but two pair did -- tens and fives -- devaluing Coelho's fours to second-best and sending him out in 835th place ($394.27).

Shortly thereafter, the blinds were at 2,500/5,000 when Pinho pushed his last 13,155 all in from middle position with Q♣5♣ and was called by wwwBTHEREcom in the big blind with Q♦2♥. A deuce flopped, Pinho couldn't catch up, and he was out in 758th ($427.12).

The tourney crossed the five-hour mark, by which time Juan Maceiras had fallen back to the middle of the pack with 124,102. Then came a hand in which Maceiras opened with a minimum raise to 12,000 from early position and only shifty811 called from the BB. The flop came J♠5♠2♦, prompting a series of bets that ended with Maceiras all in with A♠6♠ and a flush draw versus shifty881's J♣8♣. No spade or ace came for Maceiras, though, and he was gone in 478th place ($525.69).

That left just Chad Brown to represent Team PokerStars, but he would soon follow his teammates to the rail. Down to a little under 13 big blinds, Brown committed his entire stack preflop with K♠J♣ and was up against 1chin chan's A♣K♣. A king came, but no jack, and Brown was gone in 417th ($558.55).


Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown

After about six hours of play, 200 players remained, with Fullh0use out in front with almost 1.5 million chips, followed closely by gavz101 and Muhartz. An hour later they were down to 100, and all were still chasing Fullh0use, now up to 2.73 million, followed by 3P3NIPA with 2.67 million and ramondemon77 with 2.25 million.

Over the next hour-and-a-half the field was whittled down to 27, with a couple of familiar names going out along the way -- Benny "towliestar" Spindler in 51st ($2,792.76) and Cliff "JohnnyBax" Josephy in 28th ($3,285.60).

With just three tables left Gavin "gavz101" Cochrane had the biggest stack with 7.19 million, followed by ramondemon77 with 6.74 million and Kubitza with 5.91 million. Not too far behind them was another recognizable name -- Ari "BodogAri" Engel in sixth.

A half-hour after that they were down to 18, with Cochrane still in the chip lead with 7.93 million, followed by "BodogAri" Engel with 7.29 million and Muhartz with 7.23 million.

Following the eliminations of vladobu6i (18th) and Paule224 (17th), both of whom earned $4,353.42 -- a huge hand developed between Gavin "gavz101" Cochrane and Parias in which the latter was all in for nearly 7 million with pocket kings and Cochrane for all but about 550,000 with A♣K♦. The case king flopped, and Parias' hand held up, pushing him into the chip lead with over 14 million. Just a few hands later, fullh0use would take the last of gavz101's chips, knocking him out in 16th (also worth $4,353.42).

The tourney moved into the 10th hour of play. ovalis used pocket queens to best raare01's pocket nines and knock him out in 15th. Superfizzy and fullh0use followed soon after that, finishing 14th and 13th respectively. All three earned $6,571.20.

Players reached the next break, then the next three eliminations happened in quick succession. First acrobat37 went out in 12th, then Muhartz in 11th. Then MacXone was all in with A♣T♥ against Parias' 8♣8♥, the eights held, and a little over nine-and-a-half hours after the tourney had begun, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: armen13 -- 3,159,375
Seat 2: ramondemon77 -- 16,766,761
Seat 3: BodogAri -- 7,346,619
Seat 4: ovalis -- 11,133,261
Seat 5: Parias -- 21,088,295
Seat 6: --AAKKQQ987- -- 4,909,075
Seat 7: Kubitza -- 3,942,990
Seat 8: ambitious207 -- 6,716,472
Seat 9: 1chin chan -- 7,077,152

Dustin "Leatherass9" Schmidt of Team PokerStars Online quickly hopped on to congratulate the final nine. "If anyone needs anything for any reason," typed Schmidt, "I will be your final table host so don't hesitate to ask."

A couple of players thanked Leatherass9. Then ramondemon77 piped up: "can I have a coffee please???" ramondemon77 got no response, but the way things went for him at the final table, one imagines he was able to remain quite alert whether or not he got his desired caffeine.

It took exactly one orbit for the first elimination to occur. With the blinds at 125,000/250,000 (Level 34), Parias opened with a minimum-raise to 500,000 from the cutoff, then Kubitza reraised all in for 2,837,990 from the small blind. ambitious207 folded from the BB, and Parias quickly called, showing 9♣9♦ to Kubitza's 4♠4♥. The board ran out 8♥Q♠J♥A♥8♦, and Kubitza was kaput in ninth place.

Just a couple of hands later, ovalis opened to 656,777 from middle position, and
--AAKKQQ987- called with position. The flop came all low cards -- 2♥5♦4♦ -- and ovalis, who had --AAKKQQ987- well covered, promptly shoved all in. --AAKKQQ987- called with the 3,667,299 he had left, turning over A♦K♦ for a couple of overs, a diamond flush draw, and a gutshot. Meanwhile ovalis had T♠T♥, and after the 4♠ turn and 5♣ river, ovalis' hand was still best, meaning --AAKKQQ987- had been axed in eighth.

The rapid pace continued with a big hand quickly developing between ambitious207 and BodogAri. Preflop back-and-forthing meant ambitious207 was all in with A♠K♠ versus Engel's pocket nines. BodogAri's hand was best until the river, but that fifth community card brought an ace, giving ambitious207 the 14 million-plus chip pot and leaving BodogAri with just 330,147. Take a look:

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On the very next hand ambitious207 opened with a raise from UTG, and BodogAri -- down to just a little over one big blind -- called with his remaining chips. ambitious207 had big slick again -- A♦K♣ this time -- while Engel had A♣Q♣. The board went 8♠8♦J♠K♦3♠, and BodogAri was chased out in seventh place.

It was only a couple of minutes later that armen13 was open-shoving all in for 2,249,376 from middle position and got not one but two callers, ramondemon77 (cutoff) and ovalis (button). The flop came a provocative 9♥T♥8♠. ramdondemon77 bet 2.1 million, and ovalis got out of the way. ramondemon77 showed K♣K♠ while armen13 was looking for an ace with A♣K♦. The turn was the J♣ and the river the 2♥, though, and armen13 was disarmed in sixth.

The remaining five would battle for a while, with Parias and ramondemon77 both hovering just over 20 million, with ovalis, ambitious207, and 1chin chan all sitting in the 10-15 million range.

Eventually they reached Level 36, where the blinds were 200,000/400,000. 1chin chan had slipped just under 10 million when he opened with a raise to 930,000 from UTG+1/the cutoff seat, and it folded to Parias who called from the big blind.

The flop came 5♦K♥4♦. Parias checked, 1chin chan bet 1.2 million, then Parias check-raised to 2,663,775. 1chin chin then shoved all in for 8,478,306 total, and Parias made the call. 1chin chan tabled K♣Q♦ for top pair of kings, but was in sad shape against Parias' 5♣5♠ for a flopped set of fives. The turn was the T♦, which meant 1chin chan could still survive with a flush. But the river brought the 2♥, and 1chin chan took it on the chin in fifth.

The final four fought through the next couple of levels before the next player would fall. With the blinds up to 300,000/600,000 (Level 38), ambitious207 opened by raising all in from UTG for 7,743,140 and ramdondemon77 quickly called from the button. The blinds got out, and ambitious207 showed K♣J♣, needing help versus ramondemon77's A♣Q♠. The flop wasn't good for ambitious207 -- A♦5♥4♦ -- and the 6♦ on the turn meant no river card could save him. ambitious207 had aimed higher, but would have to settle for fourth place.

ramondemon77 now enjoyed a decided advantage with three left, hovering around 52 million chips while Parias was in second with about 20 million and ovalis third with a little over 9 million. From that point forward ramondemon77 kept up the pressure, raising nearly every hand and claiming most of the small pots.

Finally a hand arose in which ramondemon77 again made it 1,299,999 (his standard raise), this time from the small blind, and ovalis reraised all in for 9,120,914. ramondemon77 snap-called, showing A♥K♠ to ovalis' A♠Q♥. The flop was 6♦6♣2♥, then the K♥ on the turn meant ovalis was drawing dead. ovalis was sent overboard in third, and just two players remained.

Heads-up play began with ramondemon77 enjoying just about a 3-to-1 chip advantage with 60,957,840 to Parias' 21,182,160. The two remained even for a couple dozen hands, then ramondemon77 began whittling away at Parias, soon pushing him down around 10 million.

Then came a somewhat improbable hand in which Parias was all in with A♥Q♦ against ramondemon77's A♣J♠. The flop paired both players, coming Q♣J♥2♦, and Parias looked in good shape. Then the turn brought the J♦, giving ramondemon77 trips and making it look as though the end was one card away. But the river was the Q♠, and Parias had doubled back to almost 22 million.

Soon after that came another all-in situation -- one of those "coin flip"-type hands which if Parias were to win he'd claim the chip lead.

With the blinds up to 400,000/800,000, Parias opened from the small blind/button to 1.6 million, ramondemon77 made it 4 million, Parias pushed all in for 22,572,770 total, and ramondemon77 called. Parias had 6♥6♠ and ramondemon77 A♥8♥. Not precisely a coin flip -- Parias had a slightly better chance of winning here than ramondemon77 -- but close.

Then came the flop -- 3♥T♥J♥ -- and that chance of Parias' had suddenly evaporated to almost nothing. Parias needed a six or the board to pair for hope to remain, but the 7♣ on the turn meant it was all over for Parias, pushed out in second.

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Congratulations to ramondemon77, Sunday Million champion, who might be having something a little stronger than a cup of coffee to celebrate a nifty almost-quarter-million-dollar score!

Sunday Million Results for 10/24/10:
1st: ramondemon77 ($246,424.32)
2nd: Parias ($180,708)
3rd: ovalis ($123,210)
4th: ambitious207 ($82,797.12)
5th: 1chin chan ($65,712)
6th: armen13 ($49,284)
7th: BodogAri ($32,856)
8th: --AAKKQQ987- ($18,892.20)
9th: Kubitza ($12,731.70)

It took almost 11 hours, but once again we saw all of the chips find their way into one player's stack. If you're looking to take your shot at claiming all of the chips next Sunday, go visit the Sunday Million page for information about how.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in Sunday Million