Sunday Million: danloulou pockets $215,000

sunday-million-thumb.jpgSo, there is a lot going on in the live poker world, eh? The World Series of Poker is already rocking and rolling. Lima, Peru's first LAPT event kicks off this week. It's almost a surprise that the online games are still drawing such huge numbers. Then again, the Sunday Million has become appointment poker, even for the folks who spend their summers at the Rio.

Early this morning, danloulou won himself enough to finance a big slate of World Series tournaments, if that's something he fancies. In this week's Sunday Million, danloulou played the role of a wrecking ball.

In early final table action, danloulou's 3♠3♦ held up all-in pre-flop against PUCIPUCO's J♠A♥. One simple won race was all it took to start the eventual winner's run to the top.

A few minutes later, erb4321 decided to take a pair of threes up against lanacido's ace-jack. This time, the threes were worthless against what turned out to be a full house. Next to go was parivax, who got his entire stack in with pocket kings against lanacido's J♦A♠. An ugly ace on the turn spelled parivax's end. Kings treated Student_Eur just as badly. His day ended when he got his K♥K♠ all-in on a flop of 7♥6♠4♠. Turned out airic140 had pocket fours and Student_Eur was gone.

KKremate had been running bad at the final table, and with barely anything left in his stack open-shoved with 5♦6♣. It turned out to be the hand that would propel the eventual winner into orbit. See, when KKremate shoved, lanacido called with 9♣A♠. That's when danloulou overshoved with pocket jacks. Lanacido called again, danloulou flopped a set and that was all she wrote. KKremate was eliminated and suddenly danloulou had a big ol' stack--one big enough to put lanacido out of his his misery a few hands later.

That's when the wrecking ball action began. A few hands later, danloulou's 4♠A♦ outran PUCIPUCO's J♦A♠ when a four-card straight came on board. That left the Sunday Million with three players and danloulou with most of the chips in play. Short-stacked KKruchitAAs went out a few hands later. That left danloulou and airic1400 to made a heads-up deal.

It took another 20 hands to end it. It happened when airic1400 got 3♥A♥ all-in pre-flop against danloulou's shows J♠A♦. That sealed it for danloulou, and locked him up a bg $215,555 win.

PokerStars Sunday Million results
*Two-way deal

1. danloulou - $215,555*
2. airic1400 - $175,000*
3. KKruchitAAs - $120,000
4. PICUPUCO - $79,500
5. lanacido - $61,500
6. KKremate - $46,500
7. Student_Eur - $32,250
8. parivax - $18,000
9. erb4321 - $11,625

Now sit back and watch the final on video!


Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Sunday Million