Acozubi aces the Sunday Million and wins $145K

Sunday Million logo NEW.PNGIf you were shaking your head at the list of tournaments tonight, it wasn't your eyes playing tricks on you. There were two Sunday Warm-Ups and two Sunday Million tournaments as a part of the PokerStars Double Vision Sunday. Double the fun awaited fans of both tournaments.

The regular Sunday Million and the Sunday Million II each offered the $1 million guarantee for the usual $200 + $15 buy-in, and the players responded with a great deal of enthusiasm. Let's get to the one that we'll be covering here, which is the main Sunday Million:

Players: 7,046
Prize pool: $1,409,200.00
Paid players: 1,080

Hundreds more players turned out for the regularly scheduled event this week, pushing the prize pool above the $1.4 million mark.

As for the Sunday Million II, which started 30 minutes later than the other, drew a crowd of 5,462 players and a prize pool of $1,092,400.00, which allowed payouts for the top 810 players and $170,853.79 for the winner.

In our primary Sunday Million, there were several PokerStars players who made it into the money, starting with Team PokerStars Online's Anders "Donald" Berg, who cashed out in 1028th place. Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly exited in 764th, followed by Bryan Huang in 720th, Team Online's Javier "El_Canonero" Dominguez in 277th.

Team Online's Kevin "WizardOfAhhs" Thurman, pictured below, exited in 47th place, and Team Pro Jan Heitmann made it all the way to 23rd place before elimination.

Kevin Thurman.jpg

Only two tables remained into the 11th hour of the tournament, and hand-for-hand eventually kicked in to reduce the field further. And it was Tasdron61 who moved all-in preflop with A♠6♥, only to be called by achen in the small blind with A♣Q♥. The board blanked with T♠2♦K♠5♦9♥, and Tasdron61 exited in tenth place with $7,750.60.

AlexTz30 takes initial lead

It was in the last moments of Level 37, with blinds at 125,000/250,000 and a 25,000 ante, that the final table was set. Starting chip counts were as follows:

Seat 1: bergeroo (8,031,500 in chips)
Seat 2: chaosTHCAD (3,050,156 in chips)
Seat 3: Allin_Tasse (9,768,633 in chips)
Seat 4: acozubi (6,386,066 in chips)
Seat 5: Zanjong (9,716,852 in chips)
Seat 6: AlexTz30 (10,209,658 in chips)
Seat 7: achen (9,859,308 in chips)
Seat 8: bolgergay (9,335,876 in chips)
Seat 9: EvnomiYa (4,101,951 in chips)

2011 Sunday Million table pic 10.16.11.JPG

The shortest stack of the bunchchaosTHCAD, didn't take long to make a move and did it from the small blind with T♦T♠. But original raiser bolgergay called with K♣K♦, and the board only improved that hand. The Q♣A♣K♠6♦5♠ gave bolgergay the set of kings to eliminate chaosTHCAD in ninth place with $10,921.30.

Acozubi fought back from a shorter stack by doubling through AlexTz30. And a few hands later, acozubi moved all-in again, this time from the small blind. Zanjong called all-in from the big blind with A♣3♥, and acozubi showed T♠T♦. The board came J♠Q♥A♥T♣Q♠ to give acozubi the full house, and Zanjong had no choice but to leave in eighth place with $16,910.40.

EvnomiYa was unable to gain much momentum and finally pushed all-in preflop with A♠Q♦. Allin_Tasse called with J♦J♠, and that held up to the 9♣7♠5♥4♠2♣ board. EvnomiYa exited in seventh place with $30,297.80 in prize money.

A big hand developed when bolgergay raised and bergeroo reraised all-in from the small blind. Allin_Tasse came over the top with another all-in move from the big blind, prompting bolgergay to get out of the way. Bergeroo showed A♥7♦ with the tournament at risk, and Allin_Tasse turned over A♠K♥. The flop of 7♣5♠T♠ gave bergeroo the lead with the sevens, but the K♦ dropped on the turn to give Allin_Tasse the kings. The 2♠ on the river finished it for bergeroo, who left in sixth place with $43,685.20.

Allin_Tasse leads the final five

The final five players paused the tournament, and a little twist and turn with the numbers gave them what they wanted. With $20,000 set aside for the eventual winner, the deal guaranteed each player these payouts:

Seat 3: Allin_Tasse (21,494,084 in chips) = $142,500.00
Seat 4: acozubi (15,635,774 in chips) = $125,000.00
Seat 6: AlexTz30 (8,913,592 in chips) = $100,118.38
Seat 7: achen (11,718,051 in chips) = $112,000.00
Seat 8: bolgergay (12,698,499 in chips) = $112,500.00

Play resumed. And only a few hands into action, a battle of the blinds ensued. Acozubi raised from the small blind, and AlexTz30 reraised all-in from the big blind. Acozubi called with 8♦5♦, and AlexTz30 looked good for a double-up with A♥K♥. The flop came A♣T♦A♦ to give AlexTz30 trips, but it gave acozubi the flush draw, which hit on the 6♦ turn. The 9♥ on the river ended the tournament for AlexTz30, who took home $100,118.38 for fifth place.

Bolgergay started a hand with a simple raise preflop, and achen called from the big blind. After the viewing of the T♥2♦3♠ flop, bolgergay bet again. Achen raised all-in with Q♣T♣ for a pair of tens, and bolgergay called all-in with 9♦2♣ for the deuces. The J♥ and T♦ finished the board to give achen trip tens, and bolgergay exited in fourth place with $112,500.00.

Allin_Tasse was reduced to the shortest of the final three stacks, and the all-in move came with 3♠3♥. Achen called with A♣Q♠, and though the flop of 8♦9♥6♥ changed nothing, the Q♥ on the turn gave achen the advantage. The K♠ on the river faded the heart draw and eliminated Allin_Tasse in third place with $142,500.00.

Heads-up for the title

The last two players began their match with these counts:

Seat 4: acozubi (34,784,366 in chips)
Seat 7: achen (35,675,634 in chips)

Acozubi lost a little ground but finally found the double-up opportunity that changed everything:

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Achen was reduced to a stack of less than 2.5 million, all of which went into the pot on the very next hand. The preflop move was made with T♠8♣, and acozubi called with K♦2♦. The flop of 2♣2♥A♥ gave acozubi trip deuces, and the 6♦ and 5♥ finished the game. Achen took second place and $112,000.00.

Acozubi of the UK won the tournament and took home $145,000.00 in prize money. Congrats!

Sunday Million Results for 10/16/11 (reflects deal):

1st place: acozubi ($145,000.00)*
2nd place: achen ($112,000.00)*
3rd place: Allin_Tasse ($142,500.00)*
4th place: bolgergay ($112,500.00)*
5th place: AlexTz30 ($100,118.38)*
6th place: bergeroo ($43,685.20)
7th place: EvnomiYa ($30,297.80)
8th place: Zanjong ($16,910.40)
9th place: chaosTHCAD ($10,921.30)

*Numbers based on a five-way chop agreement

For more information on ways to register and qualify for upcoming Sunday Million tournaments, visit the Sunday Million page.

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in Sunday Million