Diogene turns 400 FPPS into $284k in Sunday Million

Sunday Million logo NEW.PNGThe man known on PokerStars as "Diogene" was on vacation in more ways than one. He'd flown from Canada across the Atlantic with his new girlfriend. He didn't expect to be playing much poker. He was on an extended vacation from any serious part of the game, too. After several years, of winning big, his poker life had taken an ugly turn. He described it as a mix of "bad luck and incapability to adjust to the new reality of the game." And so, off to London for some time away with his girl.

Jetlag can be tough. It simply socked Diogene's girlfriend and left him with nothing to do on a Sunday afternoon in London. As it happened, PokerStars was running a $2 million double-guarantee Sunday Million to mark the two-hour time shift of the Sunday majors.

It was the type of tournament Diogene would normally play on PokerStars. He used to regularly play $100 and $200 tournaments. Now his bankroll was such that he was stuck playing $5 SNGs a couple of times a week. That left him with a problem.

"I didn't want to spend $200 on a tournament," he said.

Indeed, he had come a long way. After big finishes online and back home in Quebec, he was now trying to find a way to get into a $215 event without putting a dent in his bankroll.


Diogene after winning the $500 Grand Prix of Poker at Casino de Charlevoix in Quebec in 2009

With his girlfriend resting up, Diogene entered a 400 Frequent Player Point satellite to the doubled guarantee Sunday Million and won his seat. Then, he went and won the whole thing for $285,000.

"I was lucky," he said. "I actually ran really good. I won all my 50-50s and a lot of 40-60s. The other thing I did well is managing to get out of trouble. I played tight for the most part of the tournament and didn't call big all-ins with marginal hands."

Diogene now has nearly $300,000 in cash he didn't have before he left. He's thinking about Vegas and the World Series of Poker. For now, however, that will all have to wait. The jetlag has had time to pass. That is to say, he'll think about poker later.

He's still on vacation.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Sunday Million