JustPushIt pushes into first place for $261,243.18 in 2/27 Sunday Million

Sunday Million logo.jpgTonight was a warm-up for the Sunday Million players. No, not that Warm-Up, but more of a preparation of sorts for next week's action. For those who haven't heard, the March 6th Sunday Million plans to up the ante, so to speak, with a special $5 million guarantee. Not only will that guarantee at least $1 million for first place, but there will also be the added incentive - as if that's necessary - of a Lamborghini Gallardo for the winner. So, yeah, it looks to be sort of a big deal.

That didn't make this week's Sunday Million any less of a big deal, though. And players looking to score big prior to next week's challenge came up with the $215 to enter the February 27th Sunday Million. In fact, there were 9,147 of those players, which pushed the prize pool well past the $1.5 million guarantee to where it landed at $1,829,400. Substantial, no?

The starting field dwindled quickly as the hours passed, and the money bubble eventually burst so the top 1,350 finishers could be assured of a payout. That group included several members of Team PokerStars, and they exited in the money as follows: Liv Boeree in 1211st place, Juan Manuel Pastor in 1162nd, Henrique Pinho in 1026th, Team Online's Andrew "foucault82" Brokos in 851st, Theo Jorgensen in 695th, Marcello del Grosso in 606th, Andre Akkarri in 576th, and Dennis Phillips in 462nd. The last Team Pro standing was Tom McEvoy, who departed in 280th place.

Tom McEvoy.jpg

Play continued with fewer and fewer tables remaining, until the tense hand-for-hand play indicated that the bubble loomed. Part of that tension came from Flush_Entity, who was reduced to a stack of less than 1 million chips at one point but doubled up enough times to move to the middle of the pack and avoid elimination. But rolstoel wasn't so lucky. When WinnersClub challenged with A♠J♠, rolstoel called from the small blind with A♥9♠. The board of T♦9♦Q♠T♣J♦ left rolstoel out in tenth place with $9,512.88.

Baza88 buzzes into final table with chip lead

It was near the end of Level 37, with blinds at 250,000/500,000 and a 50,000 ante, that the final table was set, later than most Sundays. But the players were energized and ready to go with the following chip counts:

Seat 1: BonesMaster (8,432,900 in chips)
Seat 2: csacsi111 (10,651,170 in chips)
Seat 3: SoulMaster7 (11,244,391 in chips)
Seat 4: WinnersClub (11,450,078 in chips)
Seat 5: BaZa88 (15,958,284 in chips)
Seat 6: JustPushIt (7,740,182 in chips)
Seat 7: Flush_Entity (9,571,440 in chips)
Seat 8: G6Dragon (9,564,265 in chips)
Seat 9: kenmrvegas (6,857,290 in chips)

2011 Sunday Million table pic 02.27.11.JPG

Well into the tenth hour of the tournament, action got underway. Just a few hands in, csacsi111 and BonesMaster chopped a 20.3 million-chip pot, and it was fairly evident that the players were ready for some big pots.

About ten minutes later, BonesMaster was ready to move again, but it was G6Dragon who made the first move by pushing all-in. BonesMaster called from the big blind for little more than 8 million chips with A♦T♥, and G6Dragon showed 5♣5♥. The first four cards came 8♥7♣6♦4♠ to give G6Dragon the straight, meaning the T♣ on the river was inconsequential. BonesMaster was out in ninth place with $12,805.80.

JustPushIt doubled through SoulMaster7 to stay alive, and the latter became the short stack.

Players flushed, not feeling fly like a G6

However, it was Flush_Entity who was the next to risk it all. When BaZa88 made the initial move, Flush_Entity called all-in from the big blind with A♥Q♥, which had the advantage over the A♣T♠ of BaZa88. But the flop of T♥6♣7♥ brought the ten for the pair, and the A♠ turn and K♠ river only turned that into two pair. Flush_Entity, who made this exact final table last week and took seventh place, accepted eighth place and the $20,123.40 that went with it this week.

A short time later, G6Dragon and WinnersClub tangled in a massive pot. The preflop raising war led to G6Dragon pushing all-in for 15,934,398 with J♠J♥, and WinnersClub called with K♥K♠. The board was interesting with A♠3♠8♠5♠9♥ bringing a flush to both players, but WinnersClub had the higher one with the king, and G6Dragon departed in seventh place with $36,588.00.

SoulMaster7 scored a significant double-up through csacsi111 that put him in contention for the top spot on the leaderboard. Play then slowed tremendously, and deal-talk suggestions fell flat. SoulMaster7 lost ground, as did kenmrvegas, over the next 25 minutes.

But it was csacsi111 who ultimately chose to move all-in preflop with K♥3♦. WinnersClub made the call with T♠T♣, and that hand only improved on the 9♦J♥9♠8♦6♦ board. Csacsi111 was gone in sixth place with $54,882.00.

WinnersClub turning others away at the door

As raise-and-take-it became the mantra of the remaining players, the one who took the most was WinnersClub, slowly but surely jumping out to a massive lead over the other competitors.

Short-stacked kenmrvegas, on the other hand, decided to make a move with Q♣8♠, and SoulMaster7 made the call with K♠Q♠. As the cards were dealt, 7♦T♠6♠J♣2♠ appeared and created a flush for SoulMaster7 to secure the chips in the pot. It didn't matter where kenmrvegas went, but he had to get outta here, though he was able to leave with $73,176.00 for the fifth place finish.

Just after the 11.5-hour break, WinnersClub made a standard raise to kick off the hand, and BaZa88 pushed all-in from the small blind holding 9♥9♠. That would've been a solid hand if WinnersClub didn't have A♦A♣. The board of 4♣T♠3♣3♦T♦ changed nothing, and BaZa88 waved goodbye as he walked away with $91,470.00.

Pushing it

JustPushIt was continually asking if they were interested in deal talks, and though he received no responses, he did receive chips. The short stack first doubled through SoulMaster7 when 9-3 bested A-3. And two hands later, a double-up through the chip leader looked like this:

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Suddenly, JustPushIt was in second place of the final three. And moments later, SoulMaster7 moved all-in with Q♦T♦, and JustPushIt was there to make the call with J♣8♣. The board of T♥9♠2♠7♥7♣ was on the side of JustPushIt to bring on the straight, and SoulMaster7 was out of the tournament in third place, which was worth $136,198.83.

Deal? No deal; play on

The final two players began their match with the following counts:

Seat 4: WinnersClub (31,875,997 in chips)
Seat 6: JustPushIt (59,594,003 in chips)

They quickly decided to pause the game to look at chip-chop numbers, but JustPushIt didn't like what resulted. With no agreement in place, the two resumed action. Caution was the word going forward, but WinnersClub was losing chips fairly quickly.

About ten minutes into the duel, WinnersClub finally made the move for 17,755,997 chips holding K♦Q♦, and JustPushIt called with 3♠3♥. No face cards appeared on the 6♥7♣9♥8♠2♣ board, which eliminated WinnersClub in second place for $192,087.00.

JustPushIt became the night's Sunday Million champion, walking away with the title and $261,243.18 in cash. Congratulations!

Sunday Million Results for 02/27/11:

1st place: JustPushIt ($261,243.18)
2nd place: WinnersClub ($192,087.00)
3rd place: SoulMaster7 ($136,198.83)
4th place: BaZa88 ($91,470.00)
5th place: kenmrvegas ($73,176.00)
6th place: csacsi111 ($54,992.00)
7th place: G6Dragon ($36,588.00)
8th place: Flush_Entity ($20,123.40)
9th place: BonesMaster ($12,805.80)

For more information on ways to register and qualify for upcoming Sunday Million tournaments, visit the Sunday Million page.

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in Sunday Million