Smart moves put jclever16 in the Sunday Million winner's circle with $207,195.03

Sunday Million logo NEW.PNGThe last Sunday of July was also its last day, and there was no better way to celebrate than with some online poker. Most players who had been in Las Vegas for the WSOP were back home and able to get comfortable for a day of the Sunday majors.

This week's Sunday Million brought a solid crowd to the felt, a larger number than in past weeks. Could it be that they're already gearing up for the September WCOOP? Action starts in little more than a month, and there will be a total of 62 tournaments. The time to build the bankroll is now!

For now, let's take a look at this week's Sunday Million numbers, shall we?

Players: 6,811
Prize pool: $1,362,200
Paid players: 990

Play moved along and into the money, as the top 990 players were guaranteed to walk away with at least $313.50 for their efforts. MrSvitok was the first to do so, and players at that point tried to maneuver their way into bigger payouts.

In the money, there were five members of the PokerStars team who went deep in the tournament. Team Pro Nuno Coelho was the first of them to exit in 634th place, and he was followed in short order by fellow Team Pro Joao Nunes in 585th. Awhile later, Team Online's Javier "El_Canonero" Dominguez exited in 174th place, and Team Pro Martin "AABenjaminAA" Hruby left in 158th. The last Team Pro standing was Toni Judet of Romania, who reluctantly departed in 141st place.

Toni Judet.jpg

As the 10-hour mark of the tournament approached, the action was reduced to two tables, but it was more than 30 minutes later that hand-for-hand action got underway. And then it was short-stacked SixthSenSe19 who made his move with A♠J♥ against the K♦8♦ or JoaoCastro91. The board of K♠3♦8♥7♣5♥ flopped two pair, and SixthSenSe19 was out in tenth place with $7,628.32.

JoaoCastro91 rules the regime to start

It was into Level 38 that the final table began, with blinds of 150,000/300,000, a 30,000 ante, and initial starting stacks as follows:

Seat 1: Sniper0612 (2,576,310 in chips)
Seat 2: jclever16 (8,580,000 in chips)
Seat 3: PSMozak (13,414,527 in chips)
Seat 4: SOLYPLAYA (2,085,013 in chips)
Seat 5: prrrak4783 (4,436,776 in chips)
Seat 6: DinRin (7,751,838 in chips)
Seat 7: gittermaster (6,330,894 in chips)
Seat 8: JoaoCastro91 (17,492,296 in chips)
Seat 9: Pippa83 (5,442,346 in chips)

2011 Sunday Million table pic 07.31.11.JPG

The very first hand of the table brought action as Sniper0612 doubled through DinRin. Soon after gittermaster took a pot worth nearly 4.5 million chips from DinRin, leaving the latter struggling.

DinRin took some time but finally pushed all-in with A♠K♥, and PS Mozak called with 4♦4♣. The flop of 8♠2♠J♥ brought nothing of interest, but the A♥ on the turn looked good for another DinRin double. But the 4♠ hit hard on the river to give PSMozak the set, and DinRin exited in ninth place with $10,557.05.

SOLYPLAYA had a rough time finding chips, though a double-up through JoaoCastro91 worked temporarily. SOLYPLAYA eventually moved all-in again, though, with A♦K♠ and ran into the K♦K♥ of Pippa83. The kings turned into a set on the 5♥9♣T♦K♣4♦ board, sending SOLYPLAYA out in eighth place with $16,346.40.

Clever moves put jclever16 into top spot

Meanwhile, jclever16 hit big in this hand against PSMozak to soar into the chip lead:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Gittermaster was another of the shorter stacks and made a move with K♦K♣. Original raiser prrrak4783 had 8♠8♦, and Sniper0612 called both players' all-ins with A♣A♠ from the big blind. The board came 8♣7♣9♣2♥5♠ to give prrrak4783 the main pot, while Sniper0612 collected the side pot. Gittermaster got out in seventh place with $29,968.40.

Sniper0612 doubled through JoaoCastro91 just before the 11.5-hour break, and upon restarting, some of the players offered to discuss a deal. But without total agreement, no pause was in store.

Pippa83 soon moved all-in with 9♥9♣, but jclever16 woke up with A♥A♣, and that hand stayed best as the dealer provided a 6♥6♠K♦5♦5♥ board. Pippa83 petered out in sixth place with $43,590.40.

Sniper0612 risked it all shortly thereafter with 9♠9♦, and prrrak4783 showed A♣T♦. The flop of A♦3♦K♣ immediately improved prrrak4783 to the best pair, and Sniper0612 couldn't improve on the 8♥ turn or K♦ river. The fifth place exit was worth $57,212.40 for Sniper0612.

Final four conference

The four remaining players did agree to pause the tournament to discuss a potential chop, though they weren't very fond of the official chip-chop numbers provided. They eventually came up with their own ICM division, but there was still an objection. With some players very displeased that no deal was reached, the tournament started once more.

PSMozak doubled through JoaoCastro91, and it didn't take long for the latter to push all-in from the small blind. Jclever16 called from the big blind with K♣9♦ against the 2♦2♠ of JoaoCastro91. The board produced 8♠8♣4♦4♥5♣, and those two pair reigned with jclever16's king kicker. JoaoCastro91 was overthrown in fourth place with $74,921.00.

Again, the action was paused to discuss a deal. Again, there was no deal.

PSMozak was aggressive and took over the chip lead, though jclever16 stayed close behind.

But prrrak4783 wasn't able to gain any momentum. The all-in move finally came with K♦K♥ against the A♦5♦ of jclever16, but it was the river of the 6♣3♣3♠7♠A♠ that cracked the kings. Prrrak4783 was eliminated in third place with $108,976.00.

Two big stacks battle

The final two players began heads-up play with these chip counts:

Seat 2: jclever16 (37,256,884 in chips)
Seat 3: PSMozak (30,853,116 in chips)

PSMozak quickly took the lead again, but the following hand changed everything:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Left with little more than 3 million chips to start the next hand, PSMozak played it slow with a raise and call to the T♠7♠5♥ flop. Jclever16 bet, and PSMozak called all-in with K♦3♦. Jclever16 showed T♦9♦ for top pair, and the J♣ turn and 7♥ made it two pair. PSMozak settled for second place and the $153,247.50 that went with it.

JClever16 of Lebanon won this week's Sunday Million, for which $207,195.03 was awarded to accompany the title. Congrats!

Sunday Million Results for 07/31/11:

1st place: jclever16 ($207,195.03)
2nd place: PSMozak ($153,247.50)
3rd place: prrrak4783 ($108,976.00)
4th place: JoaoCastro91 ($74,921.00)
5th place: Sniper0612 ($57,212.40)
6th place: Pippa83 ($43,590.40)
7th place: gittermaster ($29,968.40)
8th place: SOLYPLAYA ($16,346.40)
9th place: DinRin ($10,557.05)

For more information on ways to register and qualify for upcoming Sunday Million tournaments, visit the Sunday Million page.

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in Sunday Million