Spyver snares Sunday Million title, $190k

Sunday Million logo NEW.PNGThe Sunday Million was back to it's regularly scheduled, singular self this weekend following last week's "Double Vision" edition. 6,585 players put up $215 apiece for their shot at life-changing cash, creating a $1,317,000 prize pool. 990 players came away with a slice of the pie, the largest piece weighing in at $200,315.70. Over two dozen members of Team PokerStars Pro and Team Online entered the fray with the formidable trio of Vicky Coren (424th), Toni Judet (326th), and Bryan Huang (110th) notching cash finishes.

More than ten hours after registration opened, the Sunday Million reached the final table bubble. Sweety999 had less than 6 BB remaining when the action folded around to him in the small blind. Holding A♣Q♥, he shoved for his last 1.49 million and big-stacked Spyver made the call with K♥3♣. Although the flop landed a safe J♥8♦5♠, the 3♦ hit the turn, pairing up Spyver. Sweety999 couldn't find an ace or a queen on the river, the 4♠ falling to send him home in 10th place and set the final table.

Sunday Million FT 10-23-11.jpg

Final table chip counts:

Seat 1: nobbit (6,732,222 in chips)
Seat 2: makemyday000 (7,839,281 in chips)
Seat 3: Spyver (16,826,928 in chips)
Seat 4: 777taxist777 (5,986,913 in chips)
Seat 5: radek0444 (4,785,969 in chips)
Seat 6: agovque69 (10,023,138 in chips)
Seat 7: karlson666 (4,163,890 in chips)
Seat 8: westy1983 (4,296,783 in chips)
Seat 9: GoldenOne306 (5,194,876 in chips)

GoldenOne306 scored an early double-up at westy1983's expense, his Q♠Q♥ holding up against A♥K♠ to take him up to 8.5 million. Left with only 1.47 million with the blinds up to 200,000/400,000, westy1983 got the remainder of his stack in four hands later with pocket jacks, but nobbit's A♥K♦ won the race when an ace hit the flop. For ninth place, westy1983 departed with $10,206.75.

Spyver was already quite comfortably stacked when he got involved in a massive pot with nobbit and makemyday000. Nobbit was the initial raiser, making it 800,000 to go from the cutoff. Makemyday000 three-bet to 2 million straight and Spyver cold four-bet, moving all-in for 12.2 million. Nobbit ducked out of the way, but makemyday000 called, his A♠Q♦ up against Spyver's pocket tens. Makemyday000 did not improve, the board running out K♦K♣7♣2♠8♣ to end his run in eighth place while Spyver moved up to 20 million in chips.

Karlson666 was down to less than one big blind when he finally put his last 345,560 in the middle. Spyver min-raised to 1.2 million on the button and radek0444 called from the big blind. Action continued on the side once the flop fell J♥9♣5♥. Radek0444 check-called 1.5 million, then checked again when the 6♥ fell on the turn. Spyver bet 2.7 million, radek0444 shoved for 9.64 million and Spyver made the call, revealing J♣9♦ for top two pair. Radek0444 had him, though, having turned the nut flush with A♥3♥. There was still one card to come, however, and it was a disaster for radek0444, the 9♠ spiking to make the seeminigly invincible Spyver nines full. Karlson666's T♠8♣ did not improve and he went out in seventh place ($28,974), while radek0444 took sixth for $42,144.

777taxist777 was the shortest stack of the remaining five with only three big blinds to his name, but he nearly tripled up through Spyver with A♦6♦ vs 5♠8♥ on the very next hand. Back up to 6.1 million, 777taxist777 proposed pausing the action to run numbers. His opponents all agreed to take a look, but negotiations quickly fell apart. Action resumed and agovque69 quickly changed the landscape, doubling through GoldenOne306 when his A♣4♣ caught a four on the turn against A♠T♠. The hand took agovque69 up to 11 million, leaving 777taxist777 and nobbit the short stacks with less than 5 million apiece.

Nobbit was the next to put his chips at risk, open-shoving for 5.46 million from under-the-gun with 6♣9♥. The action folded around to GoldenOne306, who made the call with K♥J♠ in the big blind. A king hit the flop, another came on the turn, and a jack fell on the river, GoldenOne306 taking down the pot with kings full while nobbit hit the rail in fifth place. He earned $55,314 for his finish.

With the field down to four, the remaining players again paused the action to run potential chip-count chop numbers. This attempt at a deal was no more successful than the first, however, and cards were back in the air only moments later. With the blinds up to 400,000/800,000, GoldenOne306 opened for 1.8 million with K♣9♣ and 777taxist777 called all-in, half his remaining stack already committed in the big blind with J♣6♦. 777taxist777 did not improve, the board running out A♠8♣4♠Q♥3♦ to send him home in fourth place with $72,435.

"Deal?" asked agovque69 as the cards went in the air for the next hand. Spyver opened for 1.6 million on the button and before anyone could respond to the question he posed, agovque69 three-bet shoved for 10.7 million from the small blind. Spyver quickly called, his A♦K♠ dominating agovque69's A♥9♦. The ace-king held on the jack-high board and agovque69 was abruptly bounced in third place, earning $105,360 for his efforts.

Spyver had a 5 to 1 chip lead over GoldenOne306 as heads-up play commenced:

Seat 3: Spyver (55,036,842 in chips)
Seat 9: GoldenOne306 (10,813,158 in chips)

Unfortunately for Spyver, he doubled up GoldenOne306 on the first hand of their heads-up match. Spyver open-shoved on the button with 9♠T♠ and GoldenOne306 made the call with A♠5♦. The A♥A♦2♥ flop all but ended it, GoldenOne306 rivering a full house to double to 20.6 million. With that 5 to 1 margin now less than 2 to 1, our final two decided to once again, pause the action to discuss a deal. The third time proved to be the charm as they quickly agreed to a chip-count chop that left $20,000 on the table for the eventual winner.

Six hands later, it was all over, GoldenOne306 calling Spyver's three-bet shove only to find his K♥8♥ dominated by K♠T♥:

Congratulations to Spyver, our newest Sunday Million champion! He bagged $190,459.14 for the win while runner-up GoldenOne306 collected $158,019.06

Sunday Million results, 10-23-2011

1. Spyver (United Kingdom) $190,459.14*
2. GoldenOne306 (Canada) $158,019.06*
3. agovque69 (Spain) $105,360.00
4. 777taxist777 (Ukraine) $72,435.00
5. nobbit (Japan) $55,314.00
6. radek0444 (Poland) $42,144.00
7. karlson666 (Russia) $28,974.00
8. makemyday000 (Belgium) $15,804.00
9. westy1983 (Australia) $10,206.75

*= reflects a two-way deal

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Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in Sunday Million