StuU_0905 schools the table and wins the October 9 Sunday Million

Sunday Million logo NEW.PNGLast week, some of the regular Sunday Million players were winding down from the exciting WCOOP events or checking out the live action at the EPT London Poker Festival. This week, some of those players are still on the live circuit in Cannes, France. But if there was an online connection nearby, they were also online to participate in the Sunday Million.

As always, the biggest tournament on the Internet offered its $1 million, and unsurprisingly, that amount of money was shattered with the solid crowd that turned out for the action. It was another solid one for the history books.

The final numbers on display after the close of registration were:

Players: 6,494
Prize pool: $1,298,800.00
Paid players: 990

The money bubble approached several hours into the tournament, and Team PokerStars Pro Jan Heitmann was one of those unfortunate players who bubbled, as he finished in 994th place. Fellow Team Pro Jude "j.thaddeus" Ainsworth hung on for awhile longer, not ending his run until 175th place. And the last Team Pro standing was George Danzer (pictured below), who made a solid run toward the final table but ultimately busted in 33rd place for $2,714.49.

George Danzer.jpg

The final two tables saw a lot of action and came to hand-for-hand play before the 10-hour mark. Jdlkl7 took the opportunity to double through ishiiguro_, and kagemandnr1 tried to do the same by moving all-in preflop with K♠8♠. Jdlkl7 was there with A♥8♥ and the call from the big blind, and the board of A♠T♦Q♦2♦5♠ put jdlkl7 on top again. Kagemandnr1 left in tenth place with $7,273.28.

MeatPounder holds weight as initial chip leader

The final table was set in Level 35, with blinds at 80,000/160,000 and a 16,000 ante. Initial chip counts were as follows:

Seat 1: StuU_ 0905 (5,738,464 in chips)
Seat 2: kmpk90 (3,751,262 in chips)
Seat 3: ishiiguro_ (8,576,982 in chips)
Seat 4: JohnnyM77 (6,620,289 in chips)
Seat 5: MeatPounder (16,758,633 in chips)
Seat 6: francoianna (3,136,430 in chips)
Seat 7: jdlkl7 (5,351,508 in chips)
Seat 8: BrazilianDog (12,240,659 in chips)
Seat 9: Skazo4nik777 (2,765,773 in chips)

2011 Sunday Million table pic 10.09.11.JPG

It seemed as if jdlkl7 was again seeking action. After MeatPounder raised preflop from early position, jdlkl7 moved all-in for nearly 5 million chips. MeatPounder called with 7♦7♣, and jdlkl7 showed A♥Q♥ for the race. But the 4♦K♥K♠2♣2♥ board gave MeatPounder the better two pair, leaving jdlkl7 out in ninth place with $10,065.70.

BrazilianDog was looking for action and raised a hand preflop from early position. StuU_0905 called, and ishiiguro_ raised. BrazilianDog responded with an all-in move, which prompted a fold from StuU_0905 but an all-in call from ishiiguro_ with J♣J♠. BrazilianDog turned over A♦K♥, which didn't look good as the flop came 8♥7♥5♣. But the K♠ hit on the turn to give BrazilianDog the best pair, and the 9♦ on the river ended the hand with ishiiguro_ out in eighth place, which was worth $15,595.60.

Some double-ups occupied the players, as francoianna doubled through JohnnyM77, and both Skazo4nik777 and StuU_0905 doubled through kmpk90.

Kmpk90 was in desperate need of chips and moved all-in with T♥T♦ for 128,690 chips. MeatPounder and francoianna both called from the blinds. After the A♣Q♦9♠ flop, francoianna bet, and MeatPounder folded. Francoianna showed A♠3♦ for top pair, and the 6♣ and 5♦ closed out the hand. Kmpk90 exited in seventh place with $28,573.60.

South America takes over top spots

MeatPounder took a beating. JohnnyM77 doubled through MeatPounder, and Skazo4nik777 did it twice. That left MeatPounder in third place in the chip counts, as BrazilianDog and francoianna took over the top two spots for Brazil and Argentina, respectively.

Francoianna took a hit, however, when Skazo4nik777 doubled through, but francoianna doubled through BrazilianDog to regain some ground.

JohnnyM77 doubled through francoianna to stay in the game but needed to do it again. The hand started with a raise from MeatPounder and call from JohnnyM77 in the big blind. The flop came 3♦6♦T♠, and MeatPounder led out with a bet. JohnnyM77 check-raised all-in with 5♠4♠ for the straight draw, but MeatPounder called with K♠K♥ for the pair. The T♥ on the turn and 6♥ on the river gave MeatPounder the best two pair and left JohnnyM77 out in sixth place with $41,561.60.

More double-ups ensued, as francoianna doubled through MeatPounder and StuU_0905 did the same through BrazilianDog.

The last double left BrazilianDog wanting to push, and it happened on a subsequent hand with A♣Q♠ from the big blind. Original raiser MeatPounder called with 5♠5♣, and the pocket pair held up to the 6♦4♦J♦9♠7♥ board. BrazilianDog exited in fifth place with $54,549.60.

Final four forge deal and move forward

The four remaining players paused the tournament to discuss a potential deal, and a relatively short discussion ended in agreement on the chip-chop numbers. With $20,000 in additional prize money set aside for the winner, the deal was as follows:

Seat 1: StuU_ 0905 (17,274,394 in chips) = $128,164.52
Seat 5: MeatPounder (26,182,890 in chips) = $157,420.75
Seat 6: francoianna (7,099,348 in chips) = $94,748.84
Seat 9: Skazo4nik777 (14,383,368 in chips) = $118,670.15

Action resumed, and it didn't take long for short-stacked francoianna to take a risk, which paid off with a double-up through StuU_0905. And Skazo4nik777 doubled through MeatPounder.

The two soon tangled again, as francoianna made the first move with a raise, and StuU_0905 responded by moving all-in. Francoianna called all-in with A♠A♥, which dominated the K♥J♥ of StuU_0905. But the board came A♣Q♦T♦J♦8♣ gave StuU_0905 the straight, which beat the set of aces, leaving francoianna out in fourth place with $94,748.84.

Skazo4nik777 battled with StuU_0905 from the blinds, and the two started off with a raised pot to see a 6♣K♥4♥ flop. A bet and call brought the A♠ on the turn, at which point Skazo4nik777 bet and StuU_0905 raised all-in. Skazo4nik777 called all-in with 8♣8♥, but StuU_0905 showed A♦4♠ for the turned two pair. The 5♥ on the river forced Skazo4nik777 out in third place with $118,670.15.

Stu versus Meat in the final battle

The last two players standing began their match with nearly even counts:

Seat 1: StuU_ 0905 (32,900,478 in chips)
Seat 5: MeatPounder (32,039,522 in chips)

StuU_0905 took a significant lead with this hand:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Four hands later, MeatPounder moved all-in with A♦6♦, and StuU_0905 called with K♠J♠. The flop of Q♣3♣T♣ gave MeatPounder straight outs, though the 5♠ on the turn was inconsequential. But the A♠ dropped on the river to complete the straight, leaving MeatPounder out in second place with $157,420.75.

StuU_0905 of Norway won the Sunday Million, along with $148,164.52 in cash. Congrats!

Sunday Million Results for 10/09/11 (reflects deal):

1st place: StuU_0905 ($148,164.52)*
2nd place: MeatPounder ($157,420.75)*
3rd place: Skazo4nik777 ($118,670.15)*
4th place: francoianna ($94,748.84)*
5th place: BrazilianDog ($54,549.60)
6th place: JohnnyM77 ($41,561.60)
7th place: kmpk90 ($28,573.60)
8th place: ishiiguro_ ($15,585.60)
9th place: jdlkl7 ($10,065.70)

*Based on a four-way agreement

For more information on ways to register and qualify for upcoming Sunday Million tournaments, visit the Sunday Million page.

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in Sunday Million