Koka77 captures March 25th Sunday Million title

Sunday Million logo NEW.PNGLook, it's not a MicroMillions recap! This is something familiar, as it happens each and every Sunday. That's not to say the Sunday Million is mundane in any way, though. How can a $1 million guarantee be anything but exciting? Don't worry; I'm not waiting for an answer.

True, the MicroMillions is exciting as well. The last day of the 100-event series is seeing the final offerings run their course today, with the grand finale boasting of its own $1 million guarantee. That recap, along with the others from tonight, will be available in this blog space, so we'll focus on our long-running, ever-popular Sunday Million.

This week, as per usual, the tournament saw a solid number of registrants and a massive prize pool:

Players: 7,194
Guarantee: $1,000,000.00
Prize pool: $1,438,800.00
Paid players: 1,080

There was more than a handful of Team Pros left in the field after the money bubble burst, and the first one to exit with a little profit was Team Pro Angel Guillen, who took home $316.53 for 939th place. Stavros "IDOLLS" Kalfas was next in 803rd place, and Team Pro Liv Boeree was eliminated in 621st for $417.25. Further down the like, Andre "aakkari" Akkari left in 350th place, followed by Nuno Coelho in 252nd. Team Pros Joao "jomane" Nunes and Henrique Pinho then exited in 234th and 229th, respectively, and each took home $661.84 for their efforts.

A bit after the ten-hour mark, two tables remained but the number of players decreased rather rapidly. After KvicKiller exited in 11th place, hand-for-hand action went on for more than a few minutes. Several players doubled up to gain some ground, but O"Pazzzo" wasn't so lucky. O"Pazzzo" pushed with K♠J♣ from the small blind, but original raiser nicknick2233 quickly called with A♠A♣. The board of T♦K♦2♦5♦7♠ allowed the aces to hold up, and O"Pazzzo" was out in tenth place with $7,913.40.

Robinho fights for chip lead

The final table was set in Level 37, with blinds of 125,000/250,000 and a 25,000 ante, along with these starting chip stacks:

Seat 1: nicknick2233 (10,080,176 in chips)
Seat 2: koka77 (5,699,000 in chips)
Seat 3: VyruAlus (11,087,863 in chips)
Seat 4: robinho (12,592,286 in chips)
Seat 5: Franky054 (6,056,992 in chips)
Seat 6: MammaPoker (5,743,680 in chips)
Seat 7: kaltrapuf (5,457,303 in chips)
Seat 8: leroy112 (11,217,790 in chips)
Seat 9: DWAAYNE (4,004,910 in chips)

SM FT 03.25.12.JPG

DWAAYNE was one of the shorter stacks at the table and was chipped down to less than 4 million in the first few hands. DWAAYNE raised, and when VyruAlus reraised, DWAAYNE pushed with A♥K♦. VyruAlus called with A♠J♥ but hit the very first card on the J♦4♣6♦5♥8♠ board to make a pair. DWAAYNE was gone with a bad beat story and $11,150.70 for the ninth place finish.

After that move, the key hand of the following 30 minutes was when koka77 doubled through robinho. A bit later, Franky054 doubled through koka77, and the latter doubled back through VyruAlus. Meanwhile, leroy112 climbed into the chip lead, kaltrapuf took second, and robinho was relegated to the middle of the pack.

MammaPoker was on the short stack and made an all-in push from the button with J♠T♥. Kaltrapuf called from the ssmall blind with 5♦5♠, and though the K♥Q♠8♠ flop gave MammaPoker some straight draws, neither the 4♦ turn or 2♥ river card brought it. MammaPoker was ousted in eighth place with $17,265.60.

How quickly some fall and others rise

The very next hand saw robinho risk it all from middle position with 8♣8♠. Original raiser VyruAlus called with Q♣Q♦, and nothing about the J♣3♥6♣7♠3♦ board changed the outcome. Robinho departed in seventh place with $30,934.20 in prize money.

Leroy112 had fallen out of the chip lead briefly but scored a massive double-up through kaltrapuf, as shown here:

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Leroy112 was putting players to the test, and this particular all-in move from the small blind was met by an all-in call from nicknick2233 in the big blind holding T♣T♦. Leroy112 showed J♥4♥. the flop came 5♥6♥Q♠ and changed nothing, while the 4♦ on the turn gave leroy112 hope for an elimination. The 4♣ hit on the river for trip fours, and nicknick2233 took that bad beat, along with $44,602.80, for the sixth place finish.

Franky054 moved all-in a few times and received chips back in chopped pots. But when VyruAlus moved all-in from the small blind, Franky054 decided to call all-in with Q♥2♦. VyruAlus showed the better K♦2♠ hand, and the board came A♦8♦6♥4♣3♣ to give VyruAlus the pot with the best kicker. Franky054 left in fifth place with $58,990.80.

VyruAlus then doubled through leroy112 in the largest hand of the tournament - worth more than 34 million chips - when pocket tens beat pocket jacks:

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Quick deal

The final four players paused the tournament at the 11.5-hour break, and they quickly agreed to the ICM numbers given in the chat box. They took the following payouts, with the consideration that $20,000 would be added to the winner's money:

Seat 2: koka77 (5,590,032 in chips) = $104,244,87
Seat 3: VyruAlus (34,184,422 in chips) = $166,282.56
Seat 7: kaltrapuf (10,048,185 in chips) = $123,571.54
Seat 8: leroy112 (22,117,361 in chips) = $151,886.70

Double-up hour

The double-ups were aplenty, starting with kaltrapuf through VyruAlus. Koka77 doubled through leroy112, but the latter doubled back through koka77. Koka77 then did it through kaltrapuf, as did VyruAlus.

Leroy112 tried another, this time with A♣8♠, but koka77 was there with A♠K♦. The king kicker played when the board produced A♦7♥T♠7♦6♦, and leroy112 was gone in fourth place with $151,886.70.

Kaltrapuf then doubled through VyruAlus. A few hands later, VyruAlus got into a preflop raising war with koka77, and the all-in for VyruAlus was donw with 8♣6♣. Koka77 turned over 9♣9♥, and the board came J♣2♣4♣K♣A♦. Both players had flushes, but koka77 made it with higher cards. VyruAlus, one of the former chip leaders at the table, was gone in third place with $166,282.56.

Heads-up for $20K

The final battle began with these chip counts:

Seat 2: koka77 (55,203,204 in chips)
Seat 7: kaltrapuf (16,736,796 in chips)

Koka77 was aggressive and did not let up on kaltrapuf. It didn't take long before the two tangled in a big pot. It started with a raised flop of 2♣3♥K♥. Both players checked to the 7♦ turn. A bet and call brought the T♦ river, and koka77 led out with another bet. Kaltrapuf called all-in with T♥9♠ for the rivered pair, but koka77 showed K♦9♦ for top pair. Kaltrapuf finished the tournament in second place with $123,571.54.

Russia's koka77 won this week's Sunday Million and $124,244.87 in cash. Congrats!

Sunday Million Results for 03/25/12 (reflects deal):

1st place: koka77 ($124,244.87)*
2nd place: kaltrapuf ($123,571.54)*
3rd place: VyruAlus ($166,282.56)*
4th place: leroy112 ($151,886.70)*
5th place: Franky054 ($58,990.80)
6th place: nicknick2233 ($44,602.80)
7th place: robinho ($30,934.20)
8th place: MammaPoker ($17,265.60)
9th place: DWAAYNE ($11,150.70)

*Numbers based on a four-way chop with $20K added to winner's money

For more information on ways to register and qualify for upcoming Sunday Million tournaments, visit the Sunday Million page.

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in Sunday Million