Sunday Million: uWi$hIamDead takes top spot, adrian_114iz top cash in five-way deal

Sunday Million logo NEW.PNGIt's always been the crown jewel in the Sunday lineup. Your shot at turning $215 into six figures. Even if you spend your days multi-tabling Nanonoko-style, it still hurts to bust and it's a long wait until next week.

This Sunday was different.

It wasn't Groundhog Day but it felt like it, as PokerStars gave grinders a second chance at every Sunday major. The Sunday Million kicked off at its usual time (14:30 ET), drew its usual crowd (7,000+), and carried its usual guarantee ($1,000,000), but had a twin tournament begin thirty minutes after the first. In that one, 2012 PCA Main Event runner-up Kyle Julius took the top spot after defeating a 5,671-player field. And in this one (Sunday Million I? The OG Million?) Germany's uWi$hIamDeaD grabbed the brass ring, earning over $139k after a five-way deal.

7,852 players bought in to the Million I, creating a $1,570,400 prize pool. 1,170 places were paid, with first place set to earn a staggering $235,564.05. Of the 31 Team Pros in the field four made the money. Irish pro Jude Ainsworth doubled his buy-in with a 642nd-place finish, reigning WSOP champion Pius Heinz cashed in 349th, Team Online's Mickey "mement_mori" Petersen bowed out in 295th, and Liv Boeree claimed Red Spade last-longer honors, finishing in 77th place.

With ten players remaining, vovan123456 was sitting with less than eight big blinds and decided to go with A♣8♦, three-bet shoving for 2.17 million. Initial raiser Jeb Gees called, turning over a dominating A♥9♣. It was all but over on the 9♠6♥5♥ flop, Jeb Gees hitting top pair, while vovan123456 picked up a gutshot straight draw. He couldn't fill it, the turn and river falling the A♠ and the 5♣ to send him home on the final table bubble.

Sunday Million I FT 2-12-12.jpg

Final table chip counts

Seat 1: DCARLOS17 (3,561,753 in chips)
Seat 2: AQUA RAIDER (4,419,448 in chips)
Seat 3: TMMPOKPOK (8,569,829 in chips)
Seat 4: adrian_114iz (5,844,064 in chips)
Seat 5: Jeb Gees (13,614,075 in chips)
Seat 6: insovietrus (5,736,627 in chips)
Seat 7: PopaDama (6,285,733 in chips)
Seat 8: Kaksnel (17,743,907 in chips)
Seat 9: uWi$hIamDeaD (12,744,564 in chips)

Holding 8 million in chips, TMMPOKPOK wasn't in imminent danger as the final table commenced. On the third hand, the action folded to him on the button and he opened A♠J♠ for a 600,000 raise. Jeb Gees three-bet to 1,499,999 from the big blind but TMMPOKPOK wasn't going to give up so easily. He shoved for 8.02 million and Jeb Gees called, turning over 8♣8♦. The Q♠5♣3♥ flop missed TMMPOKPOK and although he picked up a straight draw on the turn with the T♦, the river blanked out with the 6♠, sending him to the rail in ninth place. He earned $12,170.60 for his efforts.

Jeb Gees moved into the chip lead after that hand, but PopaDoma was gunning for a piece of that newfound fortune. With K♦K♣ in the small blind, PopaDoma three-bet shoved for 7.06 million and Jeb Gees called with A♠J♠. The kings held up and rivered a set for good measure, doubling PopaDama's stack to 14.85 million.

Meanwhile, DCARLOS17 blinded down to only 511,000 before doubling up with K♠9♣ against Jeb Gees' Q♦J♦. Five hands later, he doubled again, his K♣J♦ besting Kaksnel's 5♦7♣. Although he pumped his stack back up to 3.6 million, he finally succumbed when his K♥8♦ did not improve against adrian_114iz's A♥J♦. For his eighth-place finish, DCARLOS17 collected $18,059.60.

AQUA RAIDER was the next to fall, after staking his tournament life on pocket nines. PopaDama called with A♥K♠ and flopped an ace, ending AQUA RAIDER's run in seventh place ($31,408.00).

Until this point, Kaksnel held a comfortable chip lead, but adrian_114iz gained ground on him in this hand, where he got three streets of value on his top pair:

Adrian_114iz picked up even more momentum after scoring another knockout. With the blinds up to 300,000/600,000, Adrian_114iz opened for 1.2 million with A♦K♣, insovietrus shoved for 8.8 million with pocket nines and adrian_114iz quickly called. The ace-king flopped top two pair and insovietrus busted in sixth place, earning $47,112.00.

With five players remaining, everyone agreed to pause the action to discuss a deal. Everyone was amenable to the chip count chop numbers final table hostess Adrienne "Talonchick" Rowsome presented and with $20,000 still left in play for the winner, action resumed with a deal in place that guaranteed each player six figures.

Kaksnel almost immediately doubled through Jeb Gees when his A♥5♥ flopped an ace against pocket fours. Jeb Gees was left with only 3.14 million and was able to reclaim some of those lost chips three hands later, when his Q♥J♥ held up against Kaksnel's Q♦8♦. Back up to 7 million, he picked up Q♥Q♠ and three-bet shoved, getting a call from uWi$hIamDead with A♣2♣. Although uWi$hIamDead flopped the world when the first three fell 2♦4♣5♣, all his draws missed and Jeb Gees climbed to safety with 14.75 million in chips.

Unfortunately, he wouldn't hang on much longer. After doubling uWi$hIamDeaD back up when his Q♣J♠ didn't improve against pocket threes, Jeb Gees moved his last 4.5 million in with J♦8♣. Adrian_114iz's K♣T♦ flopped top pair and rivered trip kings, sending Jeb Gees home in fifth place. His share of the five-way deal totaled $119,549.33.

Kaksnel gave up most of his stack to PopaDama in a blind vs. blind battle. PopaDama shoved from the small blind with J♣6♣ and Kaksnel looked him up with K♦J♥ in the big. PopaDama hit two pair on the J♦9♥6♥ flop and rivered a full house to take down the 19 million pot and leave Kaksnel on the short stack. Six hands later, Kaksnel open-shoved for 10.45 million from the button with A♦2♠ only to run into uWi$hIamDead's pocket queens. The queens held up and Kaksnel hit the rail in fourth place, earning $108,703.80.

Two hands after that, adrian_114iz min-raised to 1.6 million, PopaDama three-bet shoved for 17.9 million and uWi$hIamDead moved all-in for 34.8 million behind him. Adrian_114iz got out of the way and the cards went on their backs-- uWi$hIamDead's A♠K♥ dominating PopaDama's A♦5♥. A king hit the flop and PopaDama was out in third place, setting our final duel.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 4: adrian_114iz (23,852,125 in chips)
Seat 9: uWi$hIamDeaD (54,667,875 in chips)

Heads-up lasted all of four hands, uWi$hIamDead winning the last three. The chip counts had hardly budged when adrian_114iz opened for 1.6 million on the button and uWi$hIamDead called. Both players checked the 5♣4♣4♦ flop, but all hell broke loose when the 9♦ hit the turn. UWi$hIamDead led out for 1,111,111, adrian_114iz raised to 2.4 million, uWi$hIamDead came back over the top for 5.55 million and adrian_114iz shoved for 22.4 million. UWi$hIamDead called, having flopped a full house with 4♥5♥. Adrian_114iz turned over A♦9♠. Only a nine could save adrian_114iz, but the Q♠ fell instead, locking up the win for uWi$hIamDead.

Congratulations to uWi$hIamDead on his Sunday Million title and $139,159.47. Thanks to the deal, runner-up adrian_114iz ended up taking the lion's share of the prize pool at $165,116.06.

PokerStars Sunday Million results for 2-12-12

1. uWi$hIamDeaD (Germany) $139,159.47*
2. adrian_114iz (Spain) $165,116.06*
3. PopaDama (Romania) $135,523.55*
4. Kaksnel (Finland) $108,703.80*
5. Jeb Gees (Switzerland) $119,549.333*
6. insovietrus (Russia) $47,112.00
7. AQUA RAIDER (Canada) $31,408.00
8. DCARLOS17 (Portugal) $18,059.60
9. TMMPOKPOK (Germany) $12,170.60

*= reflects a five-way deal that left an additional $20,000 for the winner

Think you're ready to take on the Sunday Million? Head over to the Sunday Million page for more information on how you can satellite in for pennies on the dollar.

Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in Sunday Million