Sunday Million: Capote18 pens a happy ending, banks $172k

Tonight's Sunday Million capped off a historic week in which PokerStars dealt it's 100 Billionth hand, broke the World Record for the largest poker tournament ever played, and continued a massive $5M giveaway in celebration. Still, the Million was the granddaddy of the weekend majors, drawing 6,435 players. The prize pool topped out at $1,287,000 and paid out 990 spots, with $195,652.70 set aside for first place.

With the World Series of Poker in full swing, the field was a bit lighter than usual on Red Spades, but nearly a dozen turned out to take their shot. Among them were Johnny Lodden, Martin Hruby, George "Jorj95" Lindd III, Theo Jorgensen, and Lex Veldhuis. Unfortunatley, none made it past the money bubble.

Blinds were up to 100,000/200,000 with ten players remaining. Dealt T♦T♥ with 3.8 million behind, teckidtq three-bet JamsLaNoche's opening min-raise to 948,750. JamsLaNoche shoved and teckidtq called, his pocket tens racing with A♠J♦. An ace on the flop made JamsLaNoche top pair and running spades improved him to a flush, ending teckidtq's run on the final table bubble.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: MCFelin (5,560,780 in chips)
Seat 2: kdfishunter (3,090,464 in chips)
Seat 3: aammpp (2,584,117 in chips)
Seat 4: JamsLaNoche (8,754,180 in chips)
Seat 5: tgf18tgf (9,629,242 in chips)
Seat 6: Ruaction (8,201,624 in chips)
Seat 7: Capote18 (19,847,839 in chips)
Seat 8: pumabos (5,095,418 in chips)
Seat 9: ASHLEYDAWKO (1,586,336 in chips)


ASHLEYDAWKO cheated death several times with two tables remaining and limped onto the final table with only 6 BB. A few orbits later, he'd blinded down to 421,000 and committed the last of his chips from the button. Both MCFelin and kdfishunter called from the blinds and checked down the Q♣J♣6♣4♥5♥ board. MCFelin turned up a winner with J♦7♦ for second paid and ASHLEYDAWKO hit the rail in ninth place, earning $9,974.25.

Three eliminated in seven hands

Capote18 widened his chip lead even further when he picked up A♣J♥ in the small blind and called Ruaction's 3.9 million button shove. Ruaction turned over Q♣J♠ and paired his queen on the flop, but an ace came with it to give Capote18 top pair. Ruaction picked up a gutshot straight draw on the turn, but Capote18 rivered trip aces, the board finishing A♠Q♦7♦K♣A♦ to end Ruaction's run in eighth place.

Four hands later, pumabos opened from middle position for a 3x raise to 900,000 and aammpp called all-in for his remaining 647,000 from the small blind. Pumabos's A♦Q♠ held up against J♥T♠ to eliminate aammpp in seventh place.

Only two hands after that, MCFelin made a min-raise from UTG and kdfishunter shoved for 1.55 million right behind him. MCFelin called, his A♠J♦ racing with kdfishunter's pocket fives. MCFelin flopped a jack and rivered an ace to improve to aces up and kdfishunter departed with $41,184.00 for sixth place.

Pumabos doubles, MCFelin gets lucky

With five players remaining, pumabos doubled his short stack when the action folded to him in the small blind and he looked down at A♠A♥. Pumabos shoved for 4.4 million and MCFelin called with 6♠6♦. Pumabos's rockets held and he moved up to 9.1 million in chips. MCFelin slipped to only 3 million but caught a stroke of luck vs. JamsLaNoche when his 4♣7♣ flopped two pair vs. his pocket nines.

Five Easy Pieces?

At this point, the final five players all agreed to pause the action and discuss a potential deal. Here's a look at how they stacked up when negotiations began:

Capote18 - 32,037,777
JamsLaNoche - 10,106,126
pumabos - 9,534,906
tgf18tgf - 7,682,265
MCFelin - 4,988,926

Final table host Jorge "Baalim" Limon provided the players with both ICM and chip chop figures. The latter option was quickly done away with as Capote18's massive chip stack awarded him more than the published first place prize with the potential for an additional $20,000 should he win. The ICM chop awarded Capote18 $148,844.03 and he told his opponents he'd be willing to settle for $155,000. In response, JamsLaNoche was quick to tout his recent tournament record.

JamsLaNoche: just recalling my last 4 sessions
JamsLaNoche: took down the tyrannosaurus
JamsLaNoche: took down big109 last saturday
JamsLaNoche: was 37th in warmup today
JamsLaNoche: 38th in bigger162
Capote18: i dont care

JamsLaNoche wanted his share upped from $108,500 to $120,000. However, the numbers that received the most positive response were proposed by tgf18tgf

tgf18tgf: capote 155 mc 83 tgf 94 103 pumabos 115 jams

After making a few minor adjustments, the final five agreed to the following deal.

HostJoshuaC (Administrator): Capote18:$151,839.20
HostJoshuaC (Administrator): JamsLaNoche:$115,000.00
HostJoshuaC (Administrator): pumabos:$106,000.00
HostJoshuaC (Administrator): tgf18tgf:$93,000.00
HostJoshuaC (Administrator): MCFelin:$82,500.00
HostJoshuaC (Administrator): Left To Play for place 1: $20,000.00

With $20,000 still left in play for the winner, cards went back in the air.


With the blinds up to 150,000/300,000, pumabos picked up A♥8♥ in the small blind and three-bet shoved for 9.1 million over Capote18's button raise. However, MCFelin cold-called all-in from the big blind with 7♥7♣ and Capote18 got out of the way. MCFelin's sevens were safe on the K♠J♥2♦ flop, tune pumabos caught the A♠ on the turn to make top pair. The river was the 9♣ and MCFelin was out in fifth place, earning $82,500 thanks to the deal.

A few hands later, JamsLaNoche opened for a min-raise to 800,000 and Capote18 three-bet to 1.5 million. JamsLaNoche shoved and Capote18 called, his 4♠4♣ trailing JamLaNoche's 8♠8♣. JamsLaNoche flopped top set and took the chip lead with 27.5 million, leaving pumabos on 13.5 million. When it came to reclaiming those chips, pumabos didn't have a long wait. All-in and dominated with A♠2♦ against Capote18's A♥9♣, pumabos turned an ace and rivered a deuce to double to 13.2 million with two pair. Three hands later, Capot18 called tgf18tgf's 8.2 million shove, his pocket deuces racing with A♣7♦. The deuces hung on, the board running out 6♣3♥3♠K♥4♦ to send tgf18tgf home in fourth place ($93,000).

On the very next deal JamsLaNoche picked up A♥Q♣ UTG and opened for 800,000. Capote18 three-bet to 2.09 million and JamsLaNoche came over the top for 4.175 million. Capote18 shoved for 26.2 million more and JamsLaNoche called only to be shown A♠A♣. Once again, pocket aces were good and JamsLaNoche's run came to an end in third place ($115,000).

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 7: Capote18 (52,282,336 in chips)
Seat 8: pumabos (12,067,664 in chips)

Pumabos doubled up right off the bat. The money went in on a K♦9♠8♣K♠ board, Capote18 making a check-raise bluff with J♣7♦ and pumabos snap-calling with K♥5♣. Pumabos took the chip lead with 35 million but didn't hang onto it for long. In a four-bet pot, Capote18 check-raised pumabos's 2 million bet to 5.94 million on a T♠6♣3♥ flop. Pumabos gave up his hand and Capote18 raked in the 12.9 million pot, taking his stack back up to 38.1 million.

Capote18 broke away and chipped up to 50 million before the deciding hand. It came down to a coinflip, Capote18's pocket fours rivering a boat against pumabos's K♣T♣ to lock up the win.

Congratulations to Germany's Capote18 on capturing his first Sunday Million title! He banked $171,839.20 for the win while runner-up pumabos earned $106,000.00.

PokerStars Sunday Million results for 6-16-2013

Players: 6,435
Prizepool: $1,287,000
Places paid: 990

1. Capote18 (Germany) $171,839.20*
2. pumabos (Lithuania) $106,000.00*
3. JamsLaNoche (Hungary) $115,000.00*
4. tgf18tgf (Brazil) $93,000.00*
5. MCFelin (Czech Republic) $82,500.00*
6. kdfishunter (Ireland) $41,184.00
7. aammpp (Russia) $28,314.00
8. Ruaction (Ireland) $15,444.00
9. ASHLEYDAWKO (United Kingdom) $9,974.25

*= reflects the results of a five-way deal that left $20,000 in play for the winner

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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