Sunday Million: Jim1983Pim finishes strong to capture title and $169k

It was another good crowd at the biggest online major when 6,659 entered the Sunday Million to create a $1,331,800 prizepool and the winner schedule to win over $200,000. A great turnout considering the number of players currently playing the EPT Barcelona events.

The final 990 of the field made the money and it was a quick bubble with Annette "Annette_15" Obrestad the biggest name sweating it. She slid into the money but was knocked out in 990th for the min-cash. No members of Team PokerStars were able to cash in the major but several big names ran deep including JC "PrtyPsux" Alvarado and Steve "Stev0L_" Leonard.

The field took 12 hours, almost to the minute, before a champion was crowned. 90 minutes of that time was for the final table alone after Sjonie of the Philippines was eliminated in 10th at the hand of huge chiplead le kork.


Final Table Counts:

Seat 1: Jim1983Pim (6,665,085 in chips)
Seat 2: le kork (17,842,901 in chips)
Seat 3: MarsoE (8,904,191 in chips)
Seat 4: gmlg (8,052,877 in chips)
Seat 5: shadow77000 (3,685,830 in chips)
Seat 6: WhoAreYoux1 (3,786,726 in chips)
Seat 7: remrem123 (5,863,588 in chips)
Seat 8: radarinio (4,869,012 in chips)
Seat 9: Anjeyyy (6,919,790 in chips)

Blind Level: 100k/200k with 20k ante

Anjeyyy wasted no time, eliminated in 9th

Anjeyyy came to the final table with nearly 7 million chips but took a big stand in a battle of the blinds on the very first hand. Anjeyyy put in multiple bets with A♦J♠ but lost all but a few hundred thousand when up against the A♣K♣ of Jim1983Pim.

Those chips only lasted five more hands before they were all-in preflop against shadow77000 in the bid blind with the best hand.

shadow77000: Q♦T♠
Anyeyyy: A♠9♥

Anyeyyy was ahead in the hand and stayed that way on the 6♦3♣2♦ flop but any chance of a comeback was mostly stomped with the Q♣ turn. No ace on the 7♥ river sending Anyeyyy out of the tournament in 9th place for $10321.

WhoAreYoux1 answers the question, eliminated in 8th

The deep stacks didn't stop the rest of the players from getting active early as well with radarinio doubled on the very next hand after turning a straight holding 8♦8♠ against the top pair top kicker A♥T♠ of remrem123.

It was WhoAreYoux1 who turned out to be the next player eliminated on a hand where he lost a race in a less than normal fashion.

WhoAreYoux1 moved all-in from the small blind after radarinio limped from under the gun to set of the showdown, WhoAreYoux1 holding 7♣7♦ against A♥T♠.

Nothing changed on the 8♠8♥J♥ flop and the two pair was looking solid until the board ran out 9♦ and 9♥ to counterfeit it. radarinio picked up with the pot holding the Ace and WhoAreYoux1 was knocked out in 8th place for $15981.60.

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shadow77000 gets slick, eliminated in 7th

After the early hit, remrem123 began a nice resurgence with a triple up against le kork and then a big hand to add more than 7 million. shadow77000's chipstack was less than 100k behind remrem123's stack and put them in the middle after the first two players folded.

remrem123 called from the hijack and the table was looking at 14 million chip coin flip with shadow77000 holding A♠K♦ against Q♦Q♠. No drama when the flop came out 7♥4♣3♥ but the Q♥ on the turn locked up the hand.

remrem123 earned the win and shadow77000 was gone in 7th place for $29299.

radarinio runs into a wheel, eliminated in 6th

Things escalated quickly after the knockout of shadow77000 and it took just five more hands to send out two more players.

radarinio was having problems running up the stack after the early hit and called a min-raise from remrem123 from the big blind. They both saw a 9♥5♣9♥ flop and remrem123 immediately moved all-in.

radarinio called holding top pair top kicker with A♣9♠ and was ahead against the 4♦2♦ open ended straight draw. The 4♥ turn gave remrem123 additional outs and one hit thanks to the A♥ river.

The rivered wheel gave remrem123 the knockout and sent radarinio out of the tournament in 6th place for $42,617.

gmlg picks up JackAce, eliminated in 5th

It took exactly one more hand before two more players were getting the chips in the middle. gmlg was quiet throughout most of the final table and took a stand by raising to 1,250,000 from the hijack before le kork three-bet shoved from the big blind.

gmlg called but was behind and in danger of elimination with A♠K♦ against A♣J♣. Unlike earlier hands, there were no miracles to be found when the board ran out 6♠5♦3♠8♣Q♣.

le kork moved into the chiplead while gmlg was gone in 5th place for $55,935.

MarsoE makes a deal, eliminated in 4th

As per usual in big payout tournament such as the Sunday Million, eventually talk will turn to making a deal as the final table shrinks. The remaining four players had a remarkably civilized discussion and the chop was set up quickly.

MarsoE was holding the least amount of chips at the final table moved all-in almost immediately after things were locked down. Jim1983Pim called the bet with A♣9♠ and was faced with Q♣T♣.

MarsoE had two live cards and flopped a flush draw when it ran out 8♥4♣2♣. That was as close as MarsoE come to staying in the tournament as Jim1983Pim dodged those outs with the 3♦ turn and 7♦ river.

The pot pushed Jim1983Pim above le kork while MarsoE was the next out in 4th place for an even $100,000. A nice bump from the pay structure which had that spot picking up $73k.

le kork runs out of time, eliminated in 3rd

le kork was a front runner for much of the final table but had a bad run late. The first was a large double up of remrem123 and the big hit came against the chipleader, both in consecutive hands.

remrem123 min-raised from the button and was called by Jim1983Pim in the small blind before le kork raised all-in for almost 9,000,000 from the big blind. Jim1983Pim was the only caller holding big at a three-handed table.

le kork: A♦2♣
Jim1983Pim: A♠Q♥

le kork needed a lot of help but didn't get it when the virtual dealer spread J♠9♦8♣ on the flop, K♠ on the turn and the unnecessary Q♦ river.

Jim1983Pim moved even further ahead and the former chipleader le kork was eliminated in 3rd place for $141326.

Jim1983Pim stays ahead to win Sunday Million and $169,696

Jim1983Pim - 39,579,156
remrem123 - 27,010,844

Jim1983Pim did not begin heads-up play with a monster chiplead but things slid that was quickly in very few hands. The biggest hands went Jim1983Pim's way it the match was over after just 15 of them.

The final hand of the tournament took six bets for all the chips to move into the middle. Jim1983Pim made the final bet putting remrem123 all-in and was called.

Jim1983Pim: A♥T♠
remrem123: A♠5♣

Things were grim preflop for remrem123 but worsened when Jim1983Pim hit the T♠3♥2♣ flop. remrem123 was left looking for a gutshot Wheel draw or a runner runner miracle.

None of them hit on the 9♦ turn or Q♥ river and remrem123 was eliminated in 2nd place for $121,168.58 while Austrian Jim1983Pim was the latest Sunday Million champion for $169,696.

09/01/13 Sunday Million ($215 No Limit Hold'em):
6,659 entrants
$1,331,800 prize pool
990 places paid

1. Jim1983Pim (Austria) - $169,696.28*
2. remrem123 (Estonia) - $121,168.58*
3. le kork (Russia) - $141,326.20*
4. MarsoE (Argentina) - $100,000.00*
5. gmlg (Canada) - $55,935.60
6. radarinio (Poland) - $42,617.60
7. shadow77000 (South Africa) - $29,299.60
8. WhoAreYoux1 (Belgium) - $15,981.60
9. Anjeyyy (Ukraine) - $10,321.45
* - denotes four-way deal

Al Rash
@PokerStars in Sunday Million