Sunday Million: tatue takes it down, earns $181K after chop with g0epr0

This week's Sunday Million saw another big turnout as 6,755 joined the fray to create another guarantee-exceeding prize pool of $1,351,000. It would take almost 11-and-a-half hours for a winner to emerge from that big group, with tatue of Denmark ultimately taking the honor after making a two-way deal with g0epr0 of Norway. tatue earned a cool $181,430.16 for the victory, while g0epr0 nearly matched that cash with a nice $176,044.44 reward following the final table chop.

They were just approaching the five-hour mark of the tournament when the field had been whittled down to 990 players and the money bubble had burst. At that point TMoney0209 sat atop the counts with a stack of just over 386,000.

Regarding the red-spade brigade, Team PokerStars Pro Sebastian Ruthenberg had a big stack at the time with just over 200,000, good for a spot inside the top 40 of the counts. Meanwhile a couple more Team PokerStars Pros were still in the hunt, though both had below average stacks as Richard Toth had about 55,000 and Liv Boeree about 33,000.

Toth would soon hit the rail, however, after committing the last of his stack before the flop by reraise-shoving with 6♣6♠ and getting called by LuckyDave83 who held A♦A♣. The aces prevailed, and Toth finished 672nd for a $391.79 cash.

Shortly after that hand Boeree also was knocked out in a hand that saw her all in after a 3♥5♠4♠ flop with A♦Q♥ and behind kurb1234's set of fours with 4♥4♣. The case four came on the end to improve kurb1234 to quads, and Boeree was eliminated in 644th, also good for $391.79.

Meanwhile Ruthenberg kept battling over the next couple of hours and as the field shrunk below 100 players was still there albeit with a below average stack. He'd continue to hang on as 50 more players were knocked out, at that point barely afloat in 49th out of 50.

Soon came a hand that saw the table fold around to Ruthenberg sitting in the small blind with 209,126 (just over four big blinds). Ruthenberg shoved his small stack and TMoney0209 quickly called from a seat over, turning over A♣5♠ while the Team PokerStars Pro had 8♣8♠.

The flop came 7♠6♦9♠ which added an open-ended straight draw to Ruthenberg's lead in the hand. But the turn was the A♦ to pair TMoney0209, and after the K♠ river Ruthenberg had been knocked out in 47th place for a cash of $2,350.74.


Team PokerStars Pro Sebastian Ruthenberg

By then Clemme_1982 had claimed the top spot as the only player with more than 4 million chips. An hour later the field had been trimmed to 18, with Clemme_1982 having slipped back to the middle of the pack while g0epr0 had risen to the top spot with more than 9.38 million.

It would take an hour more for nine for to fall. MORTIIIIIIII (18th), babyt1988 (17th), and rashevski2 (16th) each cashed for $3,782.80. gorodski (15th), Kraclob (14th), and masterpice (13th) made $5,674.20 apiece. Then m000nshiner (12th), ternoplayer (11th), and former leader Clemme_1982 (10th) went out, earning $7,565.60 each for their finishes.

With g0epr0 leading the way with more than 13 million, just nine remained.


Seat 1: rmntaw4ever (Canada) -- 6,194,613
Seat 2: antifulltilt (Netherlands) -- 3,207,270
Seat 3: Pelckito (Brazil) -- 3,890,869
Seat 4: randomclown4 (Mexico) -- 6,049,803
Seat 5: G1a1u1s1s (Ireland) -- 10,763,149
Seat 6: TMoney0209 (Canada) -- 8,570,980
Seat 7: tatue (Denmark) -- 11,686,281
Seat 8: g0epr0 (Norway) -- 13,049,655
Seat 9: slow_gherkin (United Kingdom) -- 4,137,380

On just the third hand of the final table, the blinds were 100,000/200,000 (with a 20,000 ante) when it folded to tatue in the hijack seat who raised to 400,000. slow_gherkin then reraised all in for 3,777,380 from the button, and after the blinds stepped aside, tatue called the shove.

slow_gherkin had K♣T♦ and would need to improve versus tatue's A♣J♣ to survive. The flop came 4♥A♦T♥ to give both players pairs, then after the 2♠ turn and Q♦ river, tatue's pair of aces proved best and slow_gherkin was out in ninth.

The remaining eight played on until the blinds increased to 150,000/300,000, then it was rmntaw4ever open-pushing for 2,627,116 from the button, antifulltilt reraising from the small blind, and Pelckito folding from the big blind.

rmntaw4ever had A♥T♦ and the preflop edge versus antifulltilt's K♥Q♥, but the board came 9♣8♥Q♣, then Q♠, then Q♦ to give antifulltilt quads and end rmntaw4ever's Sunday Million run in eighth.

A short while later they'd made it to the next level where the blinds were 200,000/400,000, and that's when the pace picked up considerably with five quick eliminations in the space of just a few minutes.

First a hand arose in which antifulltilt min-raised to 800,000 from under the gun, then G1a1u1s1s pushed all in for 4,936,859 from the cutoff seat. It folded back to antifulltilt who called, turning over 9♣9♠ to G1a1u1s1s's A♣T♥.

The board came 9♥6♦3♥6♠J♣, making a full house for antifulltilt and knocking G1a1u1s1s out in seventh.

Shortly after that one it was TMoney0209 open-shoving for 3,499,143 from early position and getting a single caller in tatue from a seat over. TMoney0209 had 6♥6♣ and was hoping the pair would hold versus tatue's A♠T♠, but the flop came J♦3♣A♣ to pair tatue's ace right away. The turn was the 5♥ and river the K♦, and TMoney0209 was out in sixth.

Next came a hand in which g0epr0 raised 2x to 800,000 from the cutoff and randomclown4 called from the big blind. The first three community cards fell Q♣5♠6♥, randomclown4 pushed the 329,803 left behind all in, and g0epr0 called.

randomclown4 had 9♠8♣ for a gutshot draw while g0epr0 had K♣9♣ for the current lead in the hand. The turn was the 3♠ and river the A♦, and g0epr0's hand remained best as the field was cut to four.

Just two hands later Pelckito open-raised all in for 1,201,182 from under the gun, g0epr0 reraised from the small blind, and antifulltilt folded the big blind. Pelckito had K♣4♠, g0epr0 8♠8♦, and after the 7♥4♥3♠5♠3♣ was dealt Pelckito was gone in fourth.

g0epr0's hot streak continued on the very next hand which began with a g0epr0 open for 800,000 from the button. antifulltilt reraised to 2.19 million from the small blind, tatue folded, then g0epr0 made it 4.4 million to go. antifulltilt reraised all in for 15,073,361 total, and g0epr0 called.

antifulltilt: Q♦Q♥
g0epr0: A♠K♦

It was a classic race situation, and after the flop came 5♥A♦5♦ g0epr0 had pulled ahead to take the lead. The turn was the 3♣ and river the A♣, giving g0epr0 trips and knocking out antifulltilt in third.

When heads-up play began, g0epr0 had a big lead with 49,109,419 to tatue's 18,44,581. They played a few small hands, then paused the tournament to work out a deal to divide the remaining prize money according to their chip stacks, leaving $20,000 aside for the winner. The deal being successfully made, play then resumed.

Before long a big back-and-forth swing of chips happened in successive hands. The first saw tatue all in on the turn with the board showing 5♣T♣7♥8♥, tatue holding J♠9♥ for a straight, and g0epr0 with 5♦5♠ for a set of fives. The river was the J♥, and suddenly tatue had a 2-to-1 chip lead.

But on the next hand it was g0epr0 getting those chips back after winning a preflop all-in with A♣4♣ versus tatue's A♦8♦ when the board rolled out K♠2♣5♥Q♣K♣ to give g0epr0 a flush.

They battled on for another five minutes, then came another big preflop all-in that saw tatue ahead with A♣Q♠ versus g0epr0's A♦3♣, then winning the hand with the best flush when the community cards came 9♠5♣2♣T♣Q♣.

Just a couple of minutes after that one, tatue had a little over 38 million to the 29.4 million of g0epr0 when the tourney's final hand took place.

With the blinds up to 250,000/500,000, g0epr0 opened for 1 million from the button, tatue made it 3 million to go, g0epr0 pushed all in, and tatue called.

Both had been dealt aces once again, with tatue enjoying the edge with A♥K♦ versus g0epr0's A♦4♦. The board came T♦9♠8♣A♠5♦, tatue's better kicker played, and the tournament had been won.

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Congratulations to tatue for topping another huge Sunday Million field to earn a handsome $181,430.16 payday. Kudos as well to g0epr0 for making it to the two-way deal and ensuring a nice $176,044.44 take-away, too.

PokerStars Sunday Million results for 7/28/13 (*reflects two-way deal)

Players: 6,755
Prize pool: $1,351,000.00
Places paid: 990

1. tatue (Denmark) -- $181,430.16*
2. g0epr0 (Norway) -- $176,044.44*
3. antifulltilt (Netherlands) -- $108,080.00
4. Pelckito (Brazil) -- $74,305.00
5. randomclown4 (Mexico) -- $56,742.00
6. TMoney0209 (Canada) -- $43,232.00
7. G1a1u1s1s (Ireland) -- $29,722.00
8. rmntaw4ever (Canada) -- $16,212.00
9. slow_gherkin (United Kingdom) -- $10,470.25

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