Watch the Sunday Million final table (14 April 2013)

Nick 'gbmantis' Niergarth won the Sunday Million this weekend just gone by and if you'd watched the final table you would have had little reason to doubt that he'd take it down. Niergarth had a large chip lead to begin with and that swiftly grew through massive to astoundingly enormous.* Niergarth collected $235,833.60 for his win.

*These are very, very specific terms.

Niergarth held close to two-thirds of the chips in play with six players remaining and 85% of them when the action broke three-handed. That's an astonishing lead. Check the full report here.

And next time you think about slowplaying ace-king just remember the first key hand of this final table.

is staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.

Rick Dacey
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