Sunday Million: adkaf collects title, rnb333 biggest prize after four-way deal

This week's Sunday Million saw 6,164 participate, thereby creating a $1,232,800 prize pool and besting the $1 million guarantee. The top 900 finishers divided that money, and after more than 11-and-a-half hours of play it was adkaf of Slovakia ending with all the chips and a handsome $128,135.53 first prize following a four-handed final table deal. Runner-up rnb333 of Portugal actually came away with the biggest cash this week of $150,153.21 thanks to having had a big chip lead at the time the deal was struck.

It took more than nine-and-a-half hours for that big field to play down to just 18 players, with one Team PokerStars Pro, Martin "AABenjaminAA" Hruby, cashing along the way in 494th for $431.48.

By then rnb333 had the chip lead with more than 11.5 million with -its Problem the nearest challenger with a little over 6.3 million.

It would take another 45 minutes for the field to be whittled down to nine, with Goldenboys (18th), Dirk_Jaspers (17th), and lady_IG (16th) each earning $3,451.84, wimtobbe (15th), hanno135 (14th), and pora adrian (13th) taking away $5,177.76 apiece, and thow1 (12th), Sbatalha (11th), and (10th) cashing for $6,903.68 each.

With -its Problem having just nudged ahead of rnb333 to take the chip lead after winning a hand off the latter, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: faaatzzz (Israel) -- 4,413,057
Seat 2: Rod_Lasmar (Brazil) -- 2,275,136
Seat 3: glammc (Belarus) -- 4,853,830
Seat 4: rnb333 (Portugal) -- 11,724,740
Seat 5: treidei3 (Romania) -- 6,641,224
Seat 6: adkaf (Slovakia) -- 6,507,223
Seat 7: -its Problem (United Kingdom) -- 11,829,026
Seat 8: soldier_1912 (Bulgaria) -- 7,357,412
Seat 9: young_diam18 (Austria) -- 6,038,352

Rod_Lasmar run out in ninth

The final nine played a short while, then with the blinds up to 150k/300k Rod_Lasmar opened with a raise to 1,830,271 -- leaving just a single chip behind -- and it folded to adkaf who called from the cutoff. The others folded, then after the flop came 8♠9♠Q♦ Rod_Lasmar put that last chip in the middle and adkaf called again

Rod_Lasmar showed A♠T♣ while adkaf had A♥K♣. The turn was the 4♠ and river the K♦, meaning adkaf improved to a pair of kings while Rod_Lasmar ended with ace-high and a ninth-place finish.

soldier_1912 struck down in eighth

A little while later the blinds had climbed to 200k/400k when a short-stacked soldier_1912 called all in from early position for 300,453, then faaatzzz raised to 800,000 from a couple of seats over and adkaf called from the big blind.

adkaf and faaatzzz checked down the 7♥3♠9♦ flop and J♦ turn, then when the K♠ fell on the river adkaf checked, faaatzzz bet 1,210,226, and adkaf called. faaatzzz then showed Q♥T♥ for a rivered straight, and both adkaf and soldier_1912 mucked with soldier_1912's tourney run ending in eighth.

young_diam18 drummed out in seventh

Some time after that -its Problem would open-raise the minimum to 1 million from the hijack seat, then young_diam18 reraised all in for 5,538,793 from the next seat. It folded to rnb333 in the big blind who pushed all in over the top for nearly 13 million, and -its Problem stepped aside.

young_diam18 was at risk with A♦6♣ versus rnb333's K♠K♣. The 3♣K♦4♥ flop improved rnb333 to a set, and after the 9♥ turn the 4♠ river was no matter and young_diam18 was out in seventh.

glammc slammed in sixth

On the very next hand, glammc raised 2x to 1 million from the button, then rnb333 reraise-shoved from the small blind and treidei3 stepped aside. glammc then called all in with the 6,925,436 left behind, showing T♠T♣ to rnb333's 7♥7♣ and appearing to be in good shape to earn a double-up.

The J♥6♦6♥ flop was fine for glammc, but the 7♦ fell on fourth street to give rnb333 a set of sevens. The river was the 3♣, and glammc had been knocked out in sixth.

treidei3 tripped up in fifth

It didn't take long before -its Problem was min-raising to 1 million from under the gun, then faaatzzz reraised all in from a seat over for more than 7.5 million. It folded to treidei3 in the small blind who called all in for 5,113,222, and both the big blind and -its Problem folded.

treidei3 had Q♦Q♣ but had to fade overcards as faaatzzz turned over A♥K♥. The flop then came A♠6♣5♦ to give faaatzzz the better pair, and after the 2♠ turn and 6♦ river treidei3 was done in fifth.

A four-way stop, and a deal is struck

Soon the final four players paused the tournament to talk about a possible deal. rnb333 enjoyed a big lead at that point wiht 31,125,239, with faaatzzz next with 12,897,422, adkaf third with 10,169,001, and -its Problem fourth with 7,448,338.

"Chip chop numbers" typed the leader rnb333 by way of a request, while both -its Problem and faaatzzz asked for "ICM"-based calculations. Both sets of figures were produced, leaving $20,000 for which to play in each case.

The three shorter stacks all immediately agreed to the "ICM" figures, then rnb333 asked them if they'd bump his suggested amount up over $150,000 which meant each would contribute $2,000. The others agreed to that suggestion, the recalculated numbers were produced and agreed upon, and after the scheduled 11-and-a-half-hour break came and went cards were soon back in the air.

-its Problem runs into difficulty, is eliminated in fourth

Once play resumed it would only take about 10 minutes for three more eliminations to come the tourney's end swiftly to arrive.

The blinds were 250k/500k, and a hand arose that saw -its Problem open-shove for 7,948,338 from the button, then faaatzzz reraise all in from the small blind and rnb333 fold from a seat over.

-its Problem had A♥7♣ while faaatzzz turned over T♣T♠. The board came K♣2♦K♥8♥5♥ meaning faaatzzz's tens held and -its Problem was out in fourth.

faaatzzz finished in third

Two hands later one adkaf would double with K♥Q♠ through faaatzzz's Q♣T♦ after the board rolled out 2♥A♦J♠7♠T♣ to give adkaf a winning straight.

A couple of hands after that faaatzzz was open-shoving all in for 10,226,759 from the button and adkaf called. faaatzzz had but 7♥6♣ and needed help against adkaf's A♦6♠, but the community cards came 5♦T♣2♣6♦2♠ and faaatzzz was done in third.

Runner-runner gives adkaf rest of rnb333's chips, title

That hand gave adkaf a slight edge to start heads-up play with 33,214,761 to rnb333's 28,425,239, and after one small hand the next one would see the pair getting all of rnb333's chips in the middle.

The hand began with adkaf opening with a 3x raise to 1.5 million from the button, then rnb333 reraised to 4.25 million. adkaf then made it 11.5 million to go, and when rnb333 reraised all in for 28,925,239, adkaf called.

rnb333: T♥T♦
adkaf: A♣J♥

It started out as a race, but the 5♣T♠7♠ flop made it look as though there wouldn't be much of a contest as rnb333 flopped a set to take a big lead.

But the K♠ turn provided a straight possibility for adkaf. Then came the river... the Q♠! Runner-runner Broadway for adkaf to win the extra $20,000 on the table and the Sunday Million title!

Congratulations to adkaf for topping another huge 6,000-plus player Sunday Million field to win this week's tournament, and kudos as well to rnb333 who despite finishing runner-up takes away the largest portion of the prize pool thanks to the four-handed deal.

6/15/14 Sunday Million ($215 No-Limit Hold'em) results
Entrants: 6,164

Prize pool: $1,232,800.00 

Places paid: 900

1. adkaf (Slovakia) $128,135.53*
2. rnb333 (Portugal) $150,153.21*
3. faaatzzz (Israel) $115,741.37*
4. -its Problem (United Kingdom) $98,600.01*
5. treidei3 (Romania) $51,777.60
6. glammc (Belarus) $39,449.60
7. young_diam18 (Austria) $27,121.60
8. soldier_1912 (Bulgaria) $14,793.60
9. Rod_Lasmar (Brazil) $9,554.20

*= reflects the results of a four-way deal that left $20,000 in play for the winner

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in Sunday Million