Sunday Million: icebearrr freezes out final table, roars to $226k victory

Saying bluet0m89 was in pole position to win this week's Sunday Million is putting it lightly. With four players remaining at the final table, bluet0m89 controlled 70% of the chips in play, the next-largest stack weighing in at only 16 big blinds. However, all it took was one double-up to change the entire endgame. Down to his last seven big blinds, icebearrr's A♠K♠ held against bluet0m89's Q♠8♦ and set off a flurry of action. By the time we were down to three, icebearrr had roared to life and took over the chip lead from bluet0m89. The two got heads-up with icebearrr out to a 5 to 3 advantage and he closed out the win in only seven hands to take down his first Sunday Million title and over $226k.

8,010 players entered this week's Million, the prize pool topping out at $1,602,000.00. 1,170 places were paid with first place set to earn $240,300.00. The Red Spades were well-represented in this field by the brothers De Meulder, Maxim Lykov, Liv Boeree, Joe Cada, George Danzer, Christian De Leon, Leo Fernandez, Henrique Pinho, Marcel Luske, Martin Hruby, Andre Akkari, and Mickey "mement_mori" Petersen. However, only final table host (and this week's $215 bounty) Felix "xflixx" Schneiders made the money; he finished in 484th place when his A♣T♦ failed to outdraw paulodimas's A♠Q♦.

Blinds were up to 125,000/250,000 with ten players remaining. Both BC_Pres and 1802BG slipped below two million in chips and doubled up to save their tournament lives, BC_Pres when his pocket kings held up against pocket nines and 1802BG when A♥K♠ stood up to bluet0m89's K♦Q♥. However, two hands after 1802BG's double, the action folded to big stack ultimateturn in the small blind. He moved all-in for 12.8 million and 1802BG looked him up with A♥3♠. Ultimateturn revealed K♣T♠, but made top pair on the K♦J♦5♦ flop. 1802BG didn't catch a miracle ace and went out in tenth place, sending us to the final table.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: bluet0m89 (10,238,248 in chips)
Seat 2: VinceVegaMFR (5,453,726 in chips)
Seat 3: icebearrr (13,493,039 in chips)
Seat 4: 133850526 (4,731,288 in chips)
Seat 5: vindog03 (4,131,517 in chips)
Seat 6: BC_Pres (3,716,560 in chips)
Seat 7: db10ISgod (9,769,819 in chips)
Seat 8: ultimateturn (16,269,737 in chips)
Seat 9: pendo71 (12,296,066 in chips)

Vindog03 double-doubles, VinceVegaMFR out in ninth

BC_Pres scored another double-up during the final table's first orbit, going from 3.1 million to 7.5 million when his Q♥Q♠ held up against vindog03's T♣T♥. Vindog034 was left with only 1.6 million and moved in a short time later with K♦J♦. Db10ISgod looked him up with A♥T♠, but was outdrawn on the Q♣9♥3♥3♠T♣ board that made vindog03 the nut straight. Vindog03 doubled to 3.9 million and doubled again a few hands later, his A♥Q♦ rivering a pair of aces vs. VinceVegaMFR's pocket sixes. Vindog03 moved into the middle of the pack with 7.3 million, leading VinceVegaMFR on only 1.6 million.

With the blinds up to 200,000/400,000, the action folded to bluet0m89 in the small blind. He moved in for 5.4 million with Q♦3♠ and VinceVegaMFR happily called with 7♣7♥. Luck was with bluet0m89, however, the Q♣3♣2♠ flop making him queens and threes. VinceVegaMFR whiffed the 6♦ turn and the 4♠ river, ending his run in ninth place ($12,415.50).

133850526 takes eighth, BC_Pres defeated in seventh

VinceVegaMFR's elimination left our numbered friend 133850526 as the short stack. He doubled to 5.8 million when he three-bet shoved 2.45 million with A♥Q♠ and bluet0m89's A♠9♥ did not improve. As the blinds rose to 250,000/500,000, db10ISgod opened for a 3x raise to 1.5 million and 133850526 shoved for 5.3 million with A♠K♥. Db10ISgod called with pocket threes and made a full house, the board finishing J♣8♠5♥J♠3♦. 133850526 was eliminated in eighth place and collected $18,423.00 for his efforts.

Two hands later, the action folded to BC_Pres on the button and he moved in for 3.57 million. DB10ISgod looked down at 9♦9♣ and quickly called from the small blind. BC_Pres's A♦2♠ was no match for the pocket nines, the board running out J♣J♥7♠8♠5♦ to send him to the rail in seventh place ($32,040.00).

icebearrr takes the chip lead, pendo71 falls in sixth

In the next orbit, bluet0m89 came from behind to double through pendo71, his K♥J♥ flopping a king vs. A♠Q♣. Bluet0m89 moved up to 11.7 million in chips and put the squeeze on a few hands later, four-bet shoving preflop over icebarrr's 1.2 million open and ultimateturn's 2.97 million reraise. Both opponents folded and bluet0m89 climbed to 16.6 million. However, disaster struck on the next deal when bluet0m89 min-raised the small blind and icebearrr moved in for 11 million from the big. Bluet0m89'sA♦J♥ dominated icebearrr's A♠2♣ and all was well on the K♥9♦7♥ flop, but icebearrr turned the 2♦ to pair his kicker. The 5♦ river was a blank and icebearrr took the chip lead with 22.5 million while bluet0m89 fell back to 5.5 million.

Players took their hourly break and two hands after cards went back in the air, db10ISgod opened for 2.46 million on the button. Pendo71 moved in for 11.9 million from the big blind and db10ISgod called, his Q♦Q♠ leading pendo71's A♦Q♣. Db10ISgod's queens held up and pendo71 hit the rail in sixth place, earning $48,060.00.

bluet0m89 takes control

On the very next deal, db10ISgod opened for 1.8 million and bluet0m89 shoved for 6.5 million from the small blind. Db10ISgod called, but his K♠7♥ did not improve against bluet0m89's pocket nines. Bluet0m89 doubled to 13.8 million and only moments later, he five-bet shoved pre flop vs. icebearrr and got a fold, good for a 16 million-chip pot. Three hands after that, bluet0m89 found 8♦8♥ and opened for a min-raise to 1.2 million. db10ISgod called from the big blind and they saw a 8♠6♣6♦ flop. Db10ISgod checked and bluet0m89 slyly checked behind with top full house. The turn came the 2♠ and db10ISgod led out for 3 million. Bluet0m89 called and they went to the river, which fell the 3♦. Db10ISgod shoved for 20.5 million and bluet0m89 called off his remaining 17 million. Db10ISgod was unfortunate enough to flop trips with Q♦6♠ and slipped to only 3.5 million as bluet0m89 raked in the 43 million pot.

Db10ISgod three-bet shoved on the next deal with Q♠T♠ and once again ran into bluet0m89, who woke up with T♦T♣. DB10ISgod flopped an open-ended straight draw but didn't get any help from the turn or river, the board running out J♦9♣6♥9♥4♦. For his fifth-place finish, db10ISgod took home $64,080.00.

icebearrr busts vindog03

With four players remaining, there was bluet0m89 with 55.9 million in chips... and there was everyone else, their stacks ranging from 7.2 to 9.5 million. Ultimateturn pulled away from the pack a few hands later by doubling through bluet0m89 when he three-bet shoved his J♦9♦ into ultimateturn's pocket queens. Ultimateturn doubled to 20.2 million but gave much of it away to icebearrr when he open-shoved for 6.8 million with pocket fives. Ultimateturn called with K♦J♠ but missed the board and fell to 13 million.

Meanwhile, vindog03 was down to his last 2.5 million with the blinds up to 400,000/800,000. The action folded to icebearrr in the small blind and he shoved for 13.6 million with J♥9♦. Vindog03 called all-in from the big blind and turned over 4♣6♥. Icebearrr hit a nine on the flop and vindog03 hit the rail in fourth place, good for $80,740.80.

ultimateturn lives and dies by pocket fives

As play turned three-handed, bluet0m89 maintained a dominant chip lead with 53.7 million, icebearrr was second with 17.1 million and ultimateturn brought up the rear with 9.3 million.

Ultimateturn got the last of his chips in with pocket fives vs. icebearrr's 6♥7♦ and doubled to 20.1 million when he flopped a set and rivered quads. Left with 5.4 million, icebearrr picked up A♠K♠ and three-bet shoved pre flop vs. bluet0m89, who called with Q♠8♦. Although bluet0m89 made top pair on the Q♦J♣2♥ flop, icebearrr turned the T♣ to make Broadway, and doubled to 11.7 million.

Then, with the blinds up to 500,000/1,000,000, icebearrr picked up pocket aces at the perfect time and doubled again through bluet0m89. Icebearrr took a slim chip lead with 34.6 million to bluet0m89's 33.1 million.

Three hands later, icebearrr four-bet to 17,999,998 preflop and ultimateturn called all-in, his 5♣5♥ up against A♥8♦. Icebearrr flopped an eight and turned eights and queens, eliminating ultimateturn in third place ($120,150.00).

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 1: bluet0m89 (29,809,824 in chips)
Seat 3: icebearrr (50,290,176 in chips)

After playing one pot, bluet0m89 and icebearrr agreed to pause the action and discuss a potential deal. They quickly agreed to an ICM chop that guaranteed icebearrr $206,316.67 and bluet0m89 $190,203.33. With $20,000 and the title still to play for, cards went back in the air.

However, heads-up play only lasted six more hands. After a few trades of the blinds, bluet0m89 got the rest of his chips in preflop holding 2♦2♣ against icebearrr's K♠J♠. Bluet0m89 was heading for a double-up through the turn, but icebearrr hit a king on the river to close out the win.

Congratulations to Germany's icebearrr on a brilliant come-from-behind victory. He banked $226,316.67 for the win while runner-up bluet0m89 took home $190,203.33.

PokerStars Sunday Million results for 4-13-2014

Players: 8,010
Prizepool: $1,602,000.00
Places paid: 1,170

1. icebearrr (Germany) $226,316.67*
2. bluet0m89 (Germany) $190,203.33*
3. ultimateturn (Romania) $120,150.00
4. vindog03 (United Kingdom) $80,740.80
5. db10ISgod (United Kingdom) $64,080.00
6. pendo71 (Bulgaria) $48,060.00
7. BC_Pres (Canada) $32,040.00
8. 133850526 (China) $18,423.00
9. VinceVegaMFR (Brazil) $12,415.50

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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