Sunday Million: JaimeFarriol scores for Chile with $184k win

Chile stunned Spain on the football field a few days ago and tonight, a Chilean did the same to the Sunday Million rail when he rejected a heads-up deal for an even chop despite a 5 million chip deficit. Russia's hiphop5g had been in control of the final table since five-handed play when he doubled to nearly 40 million with pocket kings. JaimeFarriol, however, decided he would take his chances against the Russian. After a fierce heads-up battle that lasted well over an hour, JaimeFarriol prevailed and brought a Sunday Million title home to Chile, along with $184,345.20.

Although the numbers were a bit below average, this week's Sunday Million still soared past the $1 million guarantee, its 6,060 players creating a $1,212,000.00 prize pool. The top 900 spots were paid with first place set to earn $184,345.20. Carrying the banner for the Red Spades were Nacho Barbero, Johnny Lodden, Fatima Moreira de Melo, Caio Pessagno and bounty/final table host Luka "LukaSteel" Kovac. However, none of them finished in the money.

Blinds were up to 125,000/250,000 with ten players remaining and the two shortest stacks, Chobineh (1.1 million) and Asotis (1.04 million) were seated at the same table. When the action folded around to Asotis in the small blind, he moved all-in with Q♥4♠ and hiphop5g called with K♦6♦ from the big. Although Asotis had hope with an open-ended straight draw on the 6♥5♠3♣ flop, the A♥ turn did not help his hand and the 6♣ river made hiphop5g trip sixes, ending Asotis's run on the final table bubble.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: santaofis (4,595,124 in chips)
Seat 2: pokersvit700 (7,951,211 in chips)
Seat 3: Eskimo Fox (3,811,252 in chips)
Seat 4: hiphop5g (13,584,734 in chips)
Seat 5: cannablitz1 (5,253,632 in chips)
Seat 6: JaimeFarriol (9,454,860 in chips)
Seat 7: maggess88 (5,979,714 in chips)
Seat 8: PROdube (8,897,821 in chips)
Seat 9: Chobineh (1,071,652 in chips)

From nine to five in eight hands

Chobineh made the final table with less than four big blinds and was no doubt delighted when Eskimo Fox open-shoved for 11 BB from the cutoff. Hiphop5g called, his J♥J♣ well ahead of Eskimo Fox's A♥7♥. Although Eskimo Fox flopped an ace, a jack came with it and hiphip5g took down the pot with a set, eliminating Eskimo Fox in ninth place ($9,393.00).

Three hands after locking up at least eighth-place money, Chobineh called off his remaining 567,000 from the big blind and revealed A♣7♣. Small blind raiser PROdube's 7♦8♣ did not improve and Chobineh doubled to 1.97 million. However, on the next hand, Chobineh limp-called all-in preflop, his K♥Q♣ trailing santaofis's A♠T♥. Santaofis rivered tens and sixes on the 7♣2♠6♦6♠T♦ board and sent Chobineh to the rail in eighth place ($14,544.00).

On the very next deal, maggess88 opened for 650,000, santaofis three-bet shoved for 6.36 million on the button and pokersvit700 reshoved for 7.97 million from the small blind. Maggess88 folded and pokersvit700 revealed A♣A♠. Santaofis's A♦K♣ did not improve and he went out in seventh place, earning $26,664.00.

The action didn't slow for a minute, with PROdube opening for a raise to 600,000 two hands later. Pokersvit700 called and they saw a Q♥Q♦T♣ flop. PROdube bet 715,000, pokersvit700 raised to 1.43 million and PROdube called. The turn brought the K♦ and PROdube checked. Pokersvit700 made it 2.1 million to go and PROdube min-raised to 4.2 million. Pokersvit700 shoved and PROdube called, his trip queens with Q♠J♣ way behind pokersvit700's flopped boat with T♦T♥. he river blanked with the 7♣ and PROdube was eliminated in sixth place, good for $38,784.00.

Clash of the chip leaders

The dust had barely settled from that flurry of eliminations when JaimeFarriol opened for 621,775 from the cutoff. Pokersvit700 three-bet to 2.31 million from the small blind and hiphop5g cold four-bet to 4.5 million from the big. JaimeFarriol folded and pokersvit700 called to see the Q♠J♦6♦ flop. Pokersvit700 check-called hiphop5g's 4.8 million bet, then checked again when the 9♠ hit the turn. Hiphop5g checked behind. The river was the Q♦ and pokersvit700 led out for 14,335,113. Hiphop5g called all-in for 10.15 million, his K♠K♣ good against pokersvit700's A♠T♠. Pokersvit700's bluff left him with only 6 million in chips while hiphop5g took a commanding chip lead with 39.7 million.

pokersvit700 busts maggess88

Maggess88 doubled up to 7 million when his A♠Q♠ hit an ace on the flop vs. JaimeFarriol's pocket sixes. However, he wouldn't hold on to it for long. Less than two orbits later, maggess88 open-shoved from the small blind with A♥3♣ and pokersvit700 called with K♠J♣. Pokersvit700 flopped a jack and turned a king, ending maggess88's run in fifth place ($50,904.00).

cannablitz1 gets smoked

JamieFarriol doubled to 9.34 million on the next hand when his A♣8♣ rivered Broadway against hphop5g's pocket fours. Then, on the one after that, the action folded to cannablitz1 in the small blind. He moved all-in for 2.98 million with 3♥4♥ and JaimeFarriol had an easy call with A♠8♥. JaimeFarriol turned an ace and rivered an eight, sending cannablitz1 to the rail in fourth place ($66,660.00).

JamieFarriol flushes out pokersvit700

As play turned three-handed, hiphop5g still held a huge lead with 38 million, JaimeFarriol was second with 12.4 million and pokersvit700 was the short stack with 10.2 million. Only a few orbits later, with the blinds up to 200,000/400,000, pokersvit700 check-raised all-in on a 7♠6♣4♣ flop and JaimeFarriol called. Pokersvit700 turned over Q♠6♠ for middle pair while JamieFarriol revealed an ace-high flush draw with A♣3♣. JamieFarriol hit his flush on the turn with the 8♣ and eliminated pokersvit700 in third place, good for $96,960.00.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 4: hiphop5g (35,517,001 in chips)
Seat 6: JaimeFarriol (25,082,999 in chips)

After half an hour of heads-up play, the chip counts had barely budged and both players agreed to pause the action and discuss a potential deal. Here's how they stacked up at the time:

hiphop5g 32,906,401
JaimeFarriol 27,693,599

Final table host Luka "LukaSteel" Kovac presented the two with chip count chop numbers. Despite the 5 million chip gap between their counts, the formula awarded hiphop5g a $151,551.67 share and JaimeFarriol $149,143.53. Hiphop5g snap-agreed to the numbers, but JaimeFarriol proposed an even split or $150k apiece. Both players seemingly agreed to the proposal, but when Kovac asked them to clarify their positions, JaimeFarriol suddenly backed out.

hiphop5g: i agree
JaimeFarriol: ok 150 and 150
hiphop5g: ok
JaimeFarriol: same
JaimeFarriol: both
JaimeFarriol: i agree
JaimeFarriol: u?
hiphop5g: i agree
JaimeFarriol: i agree
hiphop5g: what to do?
LukaSteel (TeamOnline): Please confirm whether or not you agree to the numbers already posted or whether or not you would like us to show you the figures for an even split.
hiphop5g: i agree
JaimeFarriol: no deal
JaimeFarriol: lets play
JaimeFarriol: gl
hiphop5g: gl

When action resumed, JaimeFarriol won 14 of the first 20 pots and took a slight chip lead with 32.7 million. However, hiphop5g stormed back in a single hand, winning a 11.7 million pot when JaimeFarriol folded to his turn bet on a dangerous-looking K♥J♥T♣9♠ board. Hiphop5g rebounded to 34 million and retook the chip lead. He asked JaimeFarriol if he wanted to take another swing at a deal, but his opponent replied, "Let's play."

Hiphop5g maintained a slight lead until the 400,000/800,000 level when JaimeFarriol swung back with a one-two punch. In a pot JaimeFarriol four-bet preflop to 6.77 million, hiphop5g check-folded to JaimeFarriol's 4 million bet on the J♠7♣4♣ flop. Hiphop5g sank to 26.4 million and on the very next deal, he opened for a 1.6 million min-raise on the button. JamieFarriol called and checked the Q♣J♠6♦ flop over to hiphop5g, who bet 1,108,800. JaimeFarriol called, and checked again when the A♠ hit the turn. Hiphop5g made it 3,067,680 to go and JaimeFarriol came along. JaimeFarriol check-called another 6,442,128 on the 6♥ river and turned over Q♦8♣ for queens and sixes. Hiphop5g had nothing more than a busted straight draw with 9♣T♠ and JaimeFarriol raked in the 24.6 million pot, leaving hiphop5g on 14.1 million.

A few minutes later, hiphop5g was down to 11.3 million and called JaimeFarriol's button shove with A♠5♦. JaimeFarriol's J♠8♦ did not improve and hiphop5g doubled to 24.9 million. JamieFarriol switched gears and kept the pots small, chipping up to 33.7 million before the final hand unfolded.

All the money went in preflop, JaimeFarriol four-bet shoving for 33.6 million with K♣T♦ and hiphop5g calling all-in for 21.6 million with A♦5♥. JaimeFarriol was behind, but paired his ten on the J♦T♠4♣ flop. The 2♦ turn gave hiphop5g a gutshot wheel draw, but the river blanked with the 8♠ and JaimeFarriol locked up the win.

Congratulations to Chile's JaimeFarriol on his Sunday Million victory! He banked $184,345,20 for the win while runner-up hiphop5g earned $136,350.00.

PokerStars Sunday Million results for 6-22-2014

Players: 6,060
Prizepool: $1,212,000.00
Places paid: 900

1. JaimeFarriol (Chile) $184,345.20
2. hiphop5g (Russia) $136,350.00
3. pokersvit700 (Moldova) $96,960.00
4. cannablitz1 (Netherlands) $66,660.00
5. maggess88 (Germany) $50,904.00
6. PROdube (Canada) $38,784.00
7. santaofis (Greece) $26,664.00
8. Chobineh (United Arab Emirates) $14,544.00
9. Eskimo Fox (Russia) $9,393.00

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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