Sunday Million: NestaRasta rises above field, claims title, $173K first prize

A smaller-than-usual field turned out for this week's Sunday Million -- 5,554 -- although that was still plenty to clear the $215 no-limit hold'em tournament's $1 million guarantee. A big prize pool of $1,110,800 was divided among the top 810 finishers in this one, and after just over 11 hours it was NestaRasta of Mexico grabbing the largest share after winning to claim the $173,731.55 first prize.

It took just over five hours for the field to be carved down to 810 players and the money bubble to burst, at which point lightfox, duarteriezas, and totilas team occupied the top spots in the counts.

About two-and-a-half hours after that the field had shrunk down under 100 players with Bomba10, slonrvet, and Reshafim87 having moved out in front while PokerStars Greek Challenger Stavros "IDOLLS" Kalfas was among the cashers after finishing 528th for $377.67.

There was one other red spade still in the counts at that point in Martin "AABenjaminAA" Hrubý. Hrubý lasted a while longer until he open-pushed his last eight big blinds or so with 8♠8♣, got called by Yayoshow who had A♠K♦, then watched the board come Q♠Q♦T♠5♠T♣ to counterfeit his pair and send the Czech Republic pro railward in 62nd place for a $1,832.82 cash.

They were approaching the nine-and-a-half-hour mark of the tournament when just 18 players remained gathered around the final two tables, with chisna leading with over 7.7 million and eivet and ViCiuSMaXiMu the nearest challengers hovering around 5.3 million.

It would take another 45 minutes for nine more players to hit the rail, with Raadzio91 (18th), KingGorn (17th), and TheRedBaron (16th) earning $3,276.86 apiece, aliba68 (15th), DFD1909 (14th), and Lazeris99 (13th) cashing for $4,943.06 each, and FLasHBa3k (12th), Shichi-77 (11th), and chisna (10th) taking away $6,609.26 of the prize pool.

With NestaRasta having chipped up over 9.9 million and into first position just ahead of TuckYouIn, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: Ingoodalways (United Kingdom) -- 6,524,160
Seat 2: Bomba10 (Norway) -- 8,543,547
Seat 3: NestaRasta (Mexico) -- 9,903,520
Seat 4: ViCiuSMaXiMu (Portugal) -- 5,054,298
Seat 5: eivet (Norway) -- 7,363,694
Seat 6: lenysya66 (Russia) -- 2,497,450
Seat 7: DJBL244 (Canada) -- 2,396,668
Seat 8: fridhem (Sweden) -- 3,514,891
Seat 9: TuckYouIn (Canada) -- 9,741,772

lenysya66 leaves in ninth

On just the third hand of the final table, the blinds were 100k/200k when TuckYouIn opened for 400,000 from early position, then it folded around to lenysya66 in the small blind who reraise-shoved for 2,237,450. It folded back to TuckYouIn who called, showing A♥K♠ to lenysya66's 3♠3♣.

lenysya66's pair of treys remained best through the 5♠Q♠J♥ flop and 6♦ turn, but the T♠ fell on fifth street to make a Broadway straight for TuckYouIn, and lenysya66 was out in ninth.

eighth for eivet

They played on, and just before the tourney's 10-and-a-half-hour break the blinds were up to 125k/250k when Bomba10 raised 3x to 750,000 from under the gun and got a single caller in eivet from the hijack seat. The flop came 5♣3♠T♦, Bomba10 led for 1.25 million, eivet raised all in for 5,918,694, and Bomba10 called.

eivet showed 4♥4♦ and would need help against Bomba10's top pair of tens with Q♦T♠. But the turn and river brought a couple of jacks -- J♠, then J♦ -- and eivet was done in eighth.

fridhem falls in seventh

On the third hand back from the break, fridhem open-raised all in from UTG for 2,799,891 (about 11 big blinds), then TuckYouIn reraise-shoved from one seat over and everyone else stepped aside. fridhem had A♠J♠ and TuckYouIn A♥K♦, and five cards later -- 6♥8♥3♣A♦8♣ -- they were down to six.

Ingoodalways sent out in sixth

They'd make through nearly two orbits more as the blinds increased again to 150k/300k, then a hand arose in which Ingoodalways opened to 600,000 from the button and Bomba10 called from the small blind.

The flop came single-suited -- 8♣6♣Q♣ -- Bomba10 checked, Ingoodalways bet 600,000, and Bomba10 called. The turn brought the 9♥ and a bet of 2.4 million from Bomba10, and when Ingoodalways reraised all in for 3,194,160, Bomba10 called.

Ingoodalways had Q♦Q♠ for a set of queens while Bomba10 had J♥T♦ for a turned straight. The J♦ completed the board, and Ingoodalways was out in sixth.

DJBL244 done in fifth

A few minutes later it folded to DJBL244 in the small blind who open-raised all in for 2,840,526 and TuckYouIn called from a seat over.

DJBL244 had A♣4♠ and the preflop edge versus TuckYouIn's K♠4♥. But the community cards came T♠9♦Q♣Q♥J♣, that river jack filling a straight for TuckYouIn, and DJBL244's Sunday Million run was done in fifth.

ViCiuSMaXiMu vanquished in fourth

Soon after that it was ViCiuSMaXiMu open-pushing from UTG for 4,251,798 (about 14 BBs) and getting one caller in Bomba10 from the small blind.

Bomba10 had A♦9♦ and a couple of overcards versus ViCiuSMaXiMu's 5♣5♦. The board hit neither of those overcards, but did bring two pair higher than those fives, coming 6♥7♣6♦7♠3♠ to give Bomba10 the better hand and knock ViCiuSMaXiMu out in fourth.

TuckYouIn taken out in third

Bomba10 had taken the chip lead, but then with the blinds at 200k/400k it was NestaRasta opening with a raise to 892,000 from the small blind, then TuckYouIn shoved for 9,482,139 total from the big blind and NestaRasta called.

NestaRasta: A♠K♠
TuckYouIn: A♣7♠

The community cards came 9♥T♣5♣8♦9♣ and NestaRasta's ace-king remained best as TuckYouIn was ousted in third.

Bomba10 bounced as NestaRasta takes title

That pot meant NestaRasta had the edge to begin preflop play with 30,034,848 to Bomba10's 25,505,152.

After about 10 minutes, however, Bomba10 had seized the advantage before a decisive hand occurred that saw NestaRasta all in before the flop with A♣K♣ versus Bomba10's A♦4♠. The better hand held up, and suddenly NestaRasta had over 50 million chips while Bomba10 had been knocked back to just over 5 million.

Three hands later the blinds were still 200k/400k when NestaRasta open-pushed from the button and Bomba10 called off with the 4,685,216 left behind. NestaRasta had K♥9♥ while Bomba10 needed help with K♦5♣. The board came 8♥3♦J♥, then A♠, then Q♦, and NestaRasta had won.

Congratulations to NestaRasta for topping a field of 5,500-plus to win this week's Sunday Million and a big $173K-plus payday

7/13/14 Sunday Million ($215 No-Limit Hold'em) results
Entrants: 5,554

Prize pool: $1,110,800.00 

Places paid: 810

1. NestaRasta (Mexico) $173,731.55
2. Bomba10 (Norway) $129,408.20
3. TuckYouIn (Canada) $91,474.38
4. ViCiuSMaXiMu (Portugal) $62,760.20
5. DJBL244 (Canada) $47,209.00
6. Ingoodalways (United Kingdom) $36,101.00
7. fridhem (Sweden) $24,993.00
8. eivet (Norway) $13,885.00
9. lenysya66 (Russia) $8,886.40

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