Sunday Million: pececada wins title, $105K after seven-way chop; $143K for blue1084, 2nd

This week's Sunday Million had a decidedly Scandinavian feel with a half-dozen players from Denmark, Norway, and Sweden making the final nine. In fact all six of them would make it to the final seven, at which point a final-table deal was struck to divide up all but $20,000 of the remaining prize money.

From there pececada of Denmark went on to triumph, earning a total of $105,017.50 for doing so. Meanwhile blue1084 of Canada took runner-up and the largest share of the prize pool, earning $143,384.71 thanks to having had a big chip lead at the time of the seven-handed deal.

That prize pool totaled a whopping $1,563,800 -- better than the $1 million guarantee -- after 7,819 showed up to play. It would take exactly five hours for the cash bubble to burst, and with 1,170 players left NestaRasta, and Baca4b topped the counts with micide not too far behind in third.

The eliminations came quickly thereafter, with Team PokerStars Pro Henrique "Henrique.P" Pinho among them after getting knocked out in 1,039th for a $328.39 cash.

Just under an hour after that, Pinho's teammate Daniel "KidPoker" Negreanu hit the rail in 561st for $469.14 after getting involved in a three-way preflop all-in situation in which he held Q♦Q♥ versus than psfsin's T♦T♣ and jba2007's A♣A♥. The board then brought a ten to give psfsin the hand and Negreanu was out.

That left just Team Online member Fredy "sirfreddy83" Torres as the lone red-spade sporter, also with a bullseye near his name representing the $215 bounty to be awarded to the player eliminating him.

He'd last about an hour more before boomerangP finally collected that bounty after Torres committed a short stack with K♠Q♣ versus boomerangP's A♥T♠, then watched the board roll out 3♠K♣J♦Q♥9♣ to give Torres two pair while boomerangP ended with a straight. Torres took 332nd-place prize money for his efforts, earning $609.88.

They'd just crossed the 10-hour mark when the field had been carved down to just 18 players gathered around two tables, with Abbe77 the new leader as the only player with a stack of more than 10 million.

It would take almost an hour more for nine more to be sent railward. 5902838181 (18th), yargen (17th), and Cobus83 (16th) each earned $4,144.07. vonBaranow (15th), I JEFF I (14th), and Baca4b (13th) picked up $6,255.20 apiece. And mypokerf (12th), vovanmillion (11th), and veeea (10th) each cashed for $8,366.33 after not quite making the final table.

With superfolde having pushed out in front with just over 14 million, they were down to nine.


Seat 1: CosmoE10-4 (Denmark) -- 12,446,322
Seat 2: Abbe77 (Sweden) -- 8,310,022
Seat 3: p0kermannet1 (Sweden) -- 3,140,066
Seat 4: DixyDix (United Kingdom) -- 11,961,915
Seat 5: blue1084 (Canada) -- 5,713,896
Seat 6: Whitfield74 (Sweden) -- 8,426,910
Seat 7: superfolde (Norway) -- 14,008,199
Seat 8: pececada (Denmark) -- 9,474,202
Seat 9: okman_321 (Vietnam) -- 4,708,468

okman_321 ousted in ninth

It would take about 45 minutes for the first final table elimination to come, during which time the blinds increased to 300k/600k. During that stretch superfolde's stack had shrunk down to nearly 5 million, then superfolde would open-push those chips from the button and okman_321 called all in from the big blind for 3,128,468.

superfolde had K♦9♥ and was behind the at-risk okman_321 with A♣6♦, but the board came K♥Q♥T♥6♠5♦ and superfolde's kings beat okman_321's sixes, knocking out the latter in ninth.

DixyDix done in eighth

They had moved to the next level where the blinds were 400k/800k when a hand arose that saw the table fold around to DixyDix in the small blind who open-raised all in for 7,221,915 and blue1084 was quick with the call from a seat over.

DixyDix had A♠J♣ but blue1084 had woken up with A♥A♣ in the big blind. The T♥9♥J♠ flop did pair DixyDix, but the 3♣ turn and 9♦ river brought no further improvement, and DixyDix was done in eighth.

A seven-way deal

The seven remaining players played on a short while, then all agreed to pause the tournament to discuss a possible deal to divide most of the remaining prize money. The big hand with DixyDix had helped blue1084 into the chip lead, and blue1084 was still in first position with almost 22.7 million when the deal talk began with Whitfield74 the nearest challenger with about 12.2 million.

A chop based on "ICM" figures was suggested (leaving $20,000 for which to play), and all quickly agreed to the terms produced except for blue1084. But finally after a long wait for the others, blue1084 agreed as well and a seven-way deal was struck (see below for the agreed-to payouts).

Now with all of the prizes determined save the $20,000 still in play, the tourney turned into a winner-take-all affair with seven left as those going out seventh through second wouldn't be earning anything more from their Sunday Million runs.

Whitfield74 whittled down in seventh

Soon after play resumed the blinds moved up again to 500k/1m when Whitfield74 open-raised all in for 7,946,910 from the cutoff seat, then superfolde reraised all in for just a little more from the button and both blinds folded.

Whitfield74 had A♠J♥ and superfolde 6♠6♣. The board came Q♠K♦K♥8♣9♦ -- a lot of Broadway cards, but no help for for Whitfield74 who was out in seventh.

Abbe77 all in, all out in sixth

Just a few minutes later Abbe77 open-raised all in for 6,111,169 from the small blind and p0kermannet1 called from the next seat.

Abbe77: A♥7♦
p0kermannet1: Q♥T♦

The 4♦7♠3♣ flop was good for Abbe77, in fact improving Abbe77's hand to a pair. But the turn brought the Q♠ to give p0kermannet1 queens and the lead, and after the 2♦ river they were down to five.

superfolde sunk in fifth

Four hands later the rapid pace continued as superfolde open-pushed for 7,364,997 from the cutoff seat and p0kermannet1 called from the big blind.

superfolde had an ace with A♥6♥, but so did p0kermannet1 who had superfolde outkicked with A♦K♦. The board came 8♣7♠3♣, then A♣, then K♣, and p0kermannet1's two pair beat superfolde's one pair to end the latter's run in fifth.

CosmoE10-4 cut down in fourth

Five hands after that, CosmoE10-4 raised all in for 5,241,874 from the button and blue1084 called from the big blind.

Again both players had aces and again the at-risk player was outkicked as CosmoE10-4 had A♠5♣ and blue1084 A♥9♠. The next five cards came 7♦K♦T♥3♥2♥, and CosmoE10-4 was eliminated in fourth place.

p0kermannet1 put out in third

The final three played on for a while as the blinds jumped again to 600k/1.2m. Then blue1084 was open-raising for more than 16.5 million from the button and p0kermannet1 called all in for 15,130,627 from the big blind.

p0kermannet1 had A♣8♥ but had to get help to beat blue1084's J♠J♥. The K♦Q♥8♣ flop did give p0kermannet1 a pair of eights, but the runout of 6♦ then 3♥ wasn't enough and p0kermannet1 was out in third.

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pececada prevails, beats blue1084

Heads-up play began with pececada having claimed the chip lead with 44,357,792 versus blue1084's 33,832,208. They played eight relatively small hands with pececada adding a little more to the advantage, then the final hand arrived.

With the blinds still 600k/1.2m, pececada opened for 2,496,000 from the button and blue1084 called. The flop came 3♠K♣8♣. blue1084 checked, pececada bet 2.4 million, blue1084 check-raised to 8.4 million, pececada reraised again to 30 million even, and blue1084 called all in with the 18,616,208 left.

pececada had K♠T♦ and was just barely ahead of blue1084's K♦9♦. The turn and river then brought two sixes -- 6♣, then 6♦ -- and it was all over... pececada had won.

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Congratulations to pececada for picking up that extra $20,000 for the victory to secure a six-figure score, and kudos as well to all of the other six players who made it to the final table deal, including runner-up blue1084 whose prize of $143,384.71 represented the most won by anyone in this week's Sunday Million.

4/20/14 Sunday Million ($215 No-Limit Hold'em) results
Entrants: 7,819
Prize pool: $1,563,800.00 

Places paid: 1,170

1. pececada (Denmark) $105,017.50*
2. blue1084 (Canada) $143,384.71*
3. p0kermannet1 (Sweden) $95,632.57*
4. CosmoE10-4 (Denmark) $102,981.70*
5. superfolde (Norway) $78,262.68*
6. Abbe77 (Sweden) $107,110.29*
7. Whitfield74 (Sweden) $111,045.39*
8. DixyDix (United Kingdom) $17,983.70
9. okman_321 (Vietnam) $12,119.45

*= reflects the results of a seven-way deal that left $20,000 in play for the winner

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