Sunday Million: smak777 seizes title, $137K after four-way deal

The Sunday Million brings together players from around the world each week to play online poker's most popular tournament, and this week was no exception. From a huge field of 7,142 playing from dozens of different countries, the nine-handed final table saw nine different nations represented, with smak777 of Russia ultimately emerging as the winner following a four-handed deal.

smak777 took away $137,435.03 for winning the $215 buy-in event, with Belgium's Thomas198713 actually earning the biggest share of the prize pool this week ($157,564.68) thanks to being better positioned chip-wise at the time of the four-way chop.

That big field created a total prize pool of $1,428,400 -- well over the tourney's $1 million guarantee -- with the top 1,080 finishers making the cash.

It would take about five hours for the money bubble to burst, with Team PokerStars Pro Andre "aakkari" Akkari one of the unfortunate ones to be knocked out just shy of the cash. Meanwhile Rytis "RichieA7s" Praninskas, DaCus3, and WCOOP Main Event winner Fedor "CrownUpGuy" Holz were battling at the top of the leaderboard, wtih Team PokerStars Pro Jake "jakecody" Cody also on the first page of the counts just outside the top 10.

Mickey "mement_mori" Petersen of Team PokerStars Pro Online was more fortunate than Akkari, squeezing into the cash to finish 879th for $328.53. And Team PokerStars Pro Victor Ramdin hung on a bit longer before losing the last of his chips in a hand versus sonmonedas to go out in 599th for $414.23. Cody meanwhile would survive into the tournament's eighth hour before finally becoming short and having to commit his stack in a three-way all-in eventually won by Dr Espanta. Cody ended up with a 120th-place finish, good for a $1,085.58 cash.

By then DaCus3 had already been eliminated in 294th ($585.64), and shortly thereafter Fedor "CrownUpGuy" Holz would go out in 102nd ($1,285.56). Rytis "RichieA7s" Praninskas would last a while longer before hitting the rail in 28th ($2,971.07). Soon after that they were approaching the 10-hour mark and just 18 players remained, with teraraise the new chip leader with a stack of nearly 9 million.

ruffrydalath (18th), goedelf (17th), and mcluki83 (16th) were the next out, each earning $3,999,52. They were followed by Viking8844 (15th), elik567 (14th), and reynoldss925 (13th) who earned $5,927.86 apiece. Then UfoundNEM0 (12th), Chnurrli (11th), and teraraise (10th) successively were eliminated, each taking away $7,856.20 from the prize pool.

With Chew_on_This the new chip leader with more than 15 million and smak777 not too far behind, that aforementioned international final table was underway.


Seat 1: asdrice2312 (Switzerland) -- 1,432,220
Seat 2: Adrovan "AadrovanRj21" Rodrigues (Brazil) -- 9,030,567
Seat 3: Jochum "groengras" Weenink (Netherlands) -- 7,311,826
Seat 4: Parker "tonkaaaa" Talbot (Canada) -- 7,076,724
Seat 5: Thomas198713 (Belgium) -- 7,952,347
Seat 6: Chew_on_This (Canada) -- 15,076,513
Seat 7: kingplayer19 (India) -- 3,765,589
Seat 8: sulopoika (Finland) -- 5,265,584
Seat 9: smak777 (Russia) -- 14,508,630

There'd be action from the start of the final table, with three knockouts within the first orbit.

On just the second hand, the blinds were 150k/300k when asdrice2312 open-raised all in from early position for 1,372,220 and it folded around to kingplayer19 in the small blind who called. Then sulopoika reraised all in for more than 5 million from the big blind, and kingplayer19 called with the 2,033,369 left behind.

kingplayer19: K♦K♥
sulopoika: 8♥8♠
asdrice2312: A♥T♣

asdrice2312 needed to improve to survive, but the 5♠K♠7♠5♦J♦ run out only helped kingplayer19 who made a full house, and asdrice2312 hit the rail in ninth.

Five hands after that, sulopoika open-pushed for 1,499,995 from middle position, getting one caller in smak777 from a seat over. sulopoika had 4♠4♣ and hopes the small pair would hold up against smak777's A♦Q♦. But the 3♥A♠9♣ flop swung the advantage smak777's way, and after the 8♦ turn and J♣ river, sulopoika was done in eighth.

Then on the very next hand, Jochum "groengras" Weenink min-raised to 600,000 from the cutoff seat, Chew_on_This three-bet to 1.35 million from the big blind, Weenink pushed all in for 5,421,826, and Chew_on_This called without hesitation.

Weenink had Q♦Q♣ but Chew_on_This had woken up with A♦A♠. The community cards came J♣5♥6♣6♠8♣, and Weenink was out in seventh.

It would take just over an orbit more before the next knockout arrived. The blinds were still 150k/300k when Parker "tonkaaaa" Talbot -- winner of the Super Tuesday less than a month ago -- open-raised all in for 3,710,126 from early position and got two callers in Thomas198713 (middle position) and smak777 (big blind).

The flop came 2♦4♣9♠ and after checking, smak777 folded to a 1.5 million-chip bet from Thomas198713. Talbot showed Q♦T♦ while Thomas198713 had J♣J♥. The J♠ fell on fourth street to give Thomas198713 a set but also a straight draw to Talbot. The river was the 3♠, no help to tonkaaaa who was sent railward in sixth.

The remaining five battled onward for nearly half an hour, then with the blinds up to 250k/500k Chew_on_This opened for 1 million from the cutoff seat, then watched as Adrovan "AadrovanRj21" Rodrigues reraised all in for 5,784,967 from the big blind. Chew_on_This called, turning over A♠J♣ to the A♣T♥ of Rodrigues, and after the board came K♥4♥8♣5♦J♥ Chew_on_This had a pair of jacks while AadrovanRj21 had but ace-high, sending the latter out in fifth.

The final four played on a short while longer, then paused the tourney to discuss a possible deal. By then Thomas198713 led with about 24.4 million, Chew_on_This was next with just under 18.8 million, kingplayer19 third with about 15.7 million, and smak777 fourth with not quite 12.5 million.

"Chip chop" numbers were presented (leaving $20,000 for which to play), and after some discussion terms were reached. A deal in place, play resumed with the $20K still up for grabs.

Not long after play resumed the blinds were 400k/800k when Thomas198713 open-pushed for 3,297,122 from the button and kingplayer19 called from the big blind. Each player had been dealt an ace, with Thomas198713's A♣T♠ ahead of kingplayer19's A♥9♠.

Thomas198713 still led after the 3♦4♥Q♥ flop, but the 9♦ fell on the turn to pair kingplayer19's kicker. The river was the 7♣, and Thomas198713's tourney run had ended in fourth.

They marched on past the 12-and-a-half-hour mark of the tournament, then came a hand that saw smak777 open with a 2x raise to 2.4 million from the small blind, Chew_on_This reraise all in to 17,666,1458 from the big blind, and smak777 call.

smak777 had A♣K♣ and the big advantage preflop over Chew_on_This's K♠7♣. smak777 had the advantage afterwards as well after the board came 8♣A♥9♠9♦J♣ to knock out Chew_on_This in third.

That big pot gave smak777 the lead to begin heads-up play with 41,593,930 to kingplayer19's 29,826,070. kingplayer19 would edge out in front to start their duel, pushing up over 50 million at one point before smak777 earned a double-up to retake the lead.

Eventually smak777 was back up over 56 million and enjoying a 4-to-1 chip edge as the blinds rose to 700k/1.4m. That's when smak777 opened for 2.8 million, kingplayer19 reraised to 5.6 million, smak777 pushed all in, and kingplayer19 called all in for 14,552,140 total.

kingplayer19: Q♣9♦
smak777: A♠Q♥

The board came 6♣8♥4♠, then 6♦, then K♠, and smak777 won the pot, the extra $20,000, and a Sunday Million title.

Congratulations to smak777 for topping more than 7,000 opponents from all over the world and a tough final table to win this week's Sunday Million and more than $137K, and kudos as well to the other three players making it to the four-way deal, including Thomas198713 whose $157K-plus takeaway was the largest of anyone.

10/26/14 Sunday Million ($215 No-Limit Hold'em) results
Entrants:  7,142
Prize pool: $1,428,400.00
Places paid: 1,080

1. smak777 (Russia) -- $137,435.03*
2. kingplayer19 (India) -- $128,261.40*
3. Chew_on_This (Canada) -- $138,632.99*
4. Thomas198713 (Belgium) -- $157,564.68*
5. Adrovan "AadrovanRj21" Rodrigues (Brazil) -- $58,564.40
6. Parker "tonkaaaa" Talbot (Canada) -- $44,280.40
7. Jochum "groengras" Weenink (Netherlands) -- $30,170.60
8. sulopoika (Finland) -- $17,140.80
9. asdrice2312 (Switzerland) -- $11,070.10

*= reflects the results of a four-way deal that left $20,000 in play for the winner

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