Sunday Million: tnxcomeagain closes door on field, collects $205K-plus, title

It was another big Sunday at PokerStars with 6,770 taking part in this week's Sunday Million, the most popular weekly no-limit hold'em tournament in online poker. With each player in that big group putting up the $215 buy-in, the total prize pool added up to $1,354,000 to best the tourney's $1 million guarantee. And when the last hand was dealt it was tnxcomeagain of the United Arab Emirates coming away this week's champion and earning a nifty $205,943.40 first prize.

It took just over five hours for the money bubble to burst, and with 990 players remaining Haztuto, Lövar, and SancaPanca occupied the top spots in the counts.

About two-and-a-half hours later the field was already down to 100 players, with two Team Online members among the eliminated. Ike Haxton was one of the first finishers in the money, his Sunday Million run ending in 911th for a $311.42 cash. And Caio Pessagno ended up making it to 190th to claim $690.54 worth of the prize pool.

By then oliolion, Maslo888, and herosnappinG were leading the way with former leader Haztuto (156th, $771.78) having been knocked out, eventually to be joined on the rail by Lövar (64th, $1,949.76), SancaPanca (48th, $2,355.96), and Maslo888 (43rd, $2,559.06).

They were edging toward the tourney's 10-hour mark when herosnappinG went out in 19th ($3,168.36), and with two tables left gourmetkung and oliolion were the leaders as the only players with more than 10 million chips.

It would take another 45 minutes for nine more to fall. nochato (18th), drive20555 (17th), and DFD1909 (16th) each picked up $3,791.20. hylle86 (15th), WhoAreYoux1 (14th), and Aftret (13th) earned $5,686.80 apiece. And morans350 (12th), phil1961 (11th), and gourmetkung (10th) each cashed for $7,582.40.

With Giffordonian the new chip leader and nearing the 15 million-chip mark, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: mada_M133 (Romania) -- 5,615,404
Seat 2: FluAnta (Netherlands) -- 2,171,738
Seat 3: oliolion (New Zealand) -- 12,042,841
Seat 4: Giffordonian (United Kingdom) -- 14,945,518
Seat 5: friederm (Germany) -- 2,984,719
Seat 6: tnxcomeagain (United Arab Emirates) -- 4,997,556
Seat 7: randomnull (Germany) -- 7,262,949
Seat 8: VLAD-VTX (Germany) -- 7,058,812
Seat 9: Peter9900 (Denmark) -- 10,620,463

On just the second hand of the final table, a most fortunate river card saved eventual champion tnxcomeagain's tourney life while bringing the first knockout among the final nine.

The blinds were 150,000/300,000 when friederm opened for 900,000 from middle position, then watched tnxcomeagain push all in for 4,967,556 from a seat over. It folded to mada_M133 in the small blind who reraised over the top for more than 5 million, and after the big blind folded, friederm called all in for the 2,024,719 left behind.

mada_M133: K♠K♣
tnxcomeagain: 9♣9♠
friederm: A♠J♠

The flop came T♠6♦A♥ to pair friederm's ace, then the J♦ fell on the turn to improve friederm further to two pair. But the 9♥ spiked on the river to give tnxcomeagain a set and the best hand, thereby knocking friederm out in ninth.

Just two hands after that, tnxcomeagain made a min-raise to 600,000 from under the gun, and it folded to the cutoff seat where a now-short-stacked mada_M133 who reraised all in for 983,544. Giffordonian called the reraise from the big blind, and tnxcomeagain called as well.

The two remaining players checked down the 7♥4♣T♠4♦8♥ board, then when Giffordonian showed 6♠6♦ for sixes and fours the others mucked, with mada_M133 being sent railward in eighth.

Five hands later they were in the same level when a hand arose that saw the table fold around to Peter9900 in the small blind who open-raised all in and FluAnta called with the 1,086,042 left after posting the big blind.

FluAnta had A♥5♦ and Peter9900 Q♠6♠. The community cards came J♣K♠T♥T♠4♠, that third spade on the river making a flush for Peter9900 and ending FluAnta's run in seventh.

Less than five minutes later came another elimination to trim the field further down to five players. The blinds had increased to 200,000/400,000 when oliolion raised to 800,000 from UTG, then Peter9900 reraised to 1,955,852 total from the big blind and oliolion called.

The flop came 5♠7♣7♦, and Peter9900 led for 2,455,855. oliolion called. The turn was the 6♥, and this time Peter9900 pushed all in for 2,455,855 and oliolion was there with a call once more.

Peter9900 had but A♣3♥ while oliolion had the big edge with A♠A♥. Peter9900 wasn't drawing quite dead -- a four would make a saving straight -- but the river was the 9♥ and Peter9900 was down in sixth.

They pushed onward as the blinds bumped up again to 250,000/500,000, then randomnull open-raised all in for 5,742,949 from the small blind with A♦2♥ and was called by VLAD-VLX who'd been dealt K♠Q♠ in the big blind. The flop came 9♣9♠J♥, then the T♥ filled a straight for VLAD-VLX, making the river A♥ no matter and knocking out randomnull in fifth.

About 15 more minutes went by, then it was VLAD-VTX open-pushing from UTG for 6,611,761 (about 11 big blinds) and getting one caller in tnxcomeagain sitting in the big blind.

VLAD-VTX had A♣9♥, but tnxcomeagain had woken up with K♥K♠, and after a 4♣Q♥J♠6♥T♦ runout, they were down to three.

They passed the 11-and-a-half-hour break, at which point tnxcomeagain -- then in second behind leader oliolion and ahead of Giffordonioan -- took to the chat box:

tnxcomeagain: intrested to see numbers?
Giffordonian: sure can take a look?
oliolion: na im good

That was the end of deal talk, and a little later they'd reached the 400,000/800,000 blind level when Gifforonian limped in from the small blind, tnxcomeagain raised to 3.2 million from the big blind, Giffordonian shoved all in for 16,733,494, and tnxcomeagain called.

Giffordonian had a suited ace with A♠7♠, but tnxcomeagain had picked up another big pocket pair with J♣J♠. The flop came 7♦J♦K♣ to improve tnxcomeagain further to a set, and after the 8♠ turn and K♥ river Giffordonian was eliminated in third.

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They'd reached heads-up, with tnxcomeagain the leader with 39,737,454 to oliolion's 27,962,546. The pair would play two dozen hands, with tnxcomeagain having nudged out further ahead to nearly 50 million when the final hand took place.

The blinds were a whopping 500k/1m when tnxcomeagain raised to 2 million from the button and oliolion called. The flop came a coordinated 6♦7♣8♦. oliolion checked, tnxcomeagain bet 1,764,000, oliolion check-raised all in for 16,288,786, and tnxcomeagain called.

oliolion: Q♦5♣
tnxcomeagain: T♣8♣

tnxcomeagain had top pair and a gutsthot straight draw while oliolion had a draw to a lesser straight. The turn was the 3♥ and river the K♠, improving neither player and giving the last of the chips to tnxcomeagain, the latest Sunday Million champion.

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Congratulations to tnxcomeagain for overcoming more than 6,700 opponents in just over 12 hours to spin a $215 buy-in up over $200K!

6/1/14 Sunday Million ($215 No-Limit Hold'em) results
Entrants: 6,770

Prize pool: $1,354,000.00 
Places paid: 990

1. tnxcomeagain (United Arab Emirates) $205,943.40
2. oliolion (New Zealand) $152,325.00
3. Giffordonian (United Kingdom) $108,320.00
4. VLAD-VTX (Germany) $74,470.00
5. randomnull (Germany) $56,868.00
6. Peter9900 (Denmark) $43,328.00
7. FluAnta (Netherlands) $29,788.00
8. mada_M133 (Romania) $16,248.00
9. friederm (Germany) $10,493.50

You've no doubt heard that Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Selbst made history over the weekend by winning her third WSOP bracelet after topping a tough field in the $25,000 Mixed-Max No-Limit Hold'em event. Read about how she did it here.

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