Sunday Million: Warm-up champ luetch1 logs $199k win

Luetch1 wasn't the shortest stack going into this final table, but it was pretty close. Armed with only twelve big blinds, luetch1 fortunately found pocket queens when tonytubes open-shoved his short stack, and pulled himself into safer territory. Luetch1 understood the pressures of a major final table and the variance that comes with them-- fourteen months ago, he won the Sunday Warm-Up for $96k, albeit under very different circumstances. At that final table, luetch1 had the benefit of the chip lead and played whack-a-mole with his opponents en route to the title. This time, he walked a far more difficult path and was short-stacked until play turned three-handed. Luetch1 snapped off pocket kings with A-9 and took a 2 to 1 chip lead into heads-up play. He quickly dispensed with jdfpokee, adding a Sunday Million title to his C.V. and almost $200k to his bankroll.

After a four-week hiatus during the WCOOP, the Sunday Million returned with a 6,560-player field and a $1,312,000.00 prize pool. 990 places were paid with the champion set to earn $199,555.20. A dozen Red Spades were in the field including Chris Moneymaker, Jake Cody, Liv Boeree, Theo Jorgensen, Andre Akkari, and Johnny Lodden. Four made the money: Matthias De Meulder (971st), Eugene Katchalov (276th), Stavros Kalfas (147th), and Christophe De Meulder, who was eliminated in 31st place when he ran pocket tens into Goods0077's pocket aces.

The blinds were up to 125,000/250,000 with ten players remaining and duedrama opened for a min-raise to 500,000 from the cutoff. Jnfpoker three-bet to 1,000,000, duedrama shoved for 4.62 million and jnfpoker snap-called with A♥A♦. Duedrama turned over T♥T♠. Jnfpoker kept the lead on the K♣Q♠9♥ flop, but duedrama spiked the T♦ on the turn to make a set. However, jnfpoker pulled out a miracle on the river with the J♦ and made a Broadway straight. Duedrama ended his run in tenth place and the final table was set.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: Thi_cortes (3,270,339 in chips)
Seat 2: jnfpoker (16,939,586 in chips)
Seat 3: luetch1 (3,027,829 in chips)
Seat 4: BUYNI (4,391,858 in chips)
Seat 5: kostinio83 (4,577,034 in chips)
Seat 6: 01.e4 (7,632,640 in chips)
Seat 7: tonytubes (2,353,453 in chips)
Seat 8: MountainRo$e (12,082,671 in chips)
Seat 9: jamani69 (11,324,590 in chips)

Thi_cortes eliminated in ninth place

On Hand #2, big stack MountainRo$e opened for 512,345 from early position and Thi_cortes moved all-in for 3.22 million with K♠K♣. The action folded to 01.e4 in the big blind, who reshoved for 7.58 million. MountainRo$e ducked out of the way and 01.e4 turned up Q♠Q♣. Thi_cortes was in great shape on the T♥8♠8♦ flop, but 01.e4 caught a two-outer when the Q♥ turned, making him a set. The river was the 4♠ and Thi_cortes went out in ninth place, earning $10,168.00.

Jamani69 takes the lead, kostinio83 doubles, tonytubes busts in eighth

Jamani69 snagged the chip lead when he fired the flop, turn and river on a 8♦5♣2♣K♣K♦ board and jnfpoker called him down. Jamani69 had turned a flush with J♣9♣ and moved up to 17.2 million in chips while jnfpoker slipped to 13.4 million.

A few hands later, kostinio83 got a reprieve when he picked up K♣K♠ and open-shoved for his remaining 2.84 million. Jamani69 called with J♠J♦ in the big blind and kostinio83 doubled to 6.37 million.

Not as fortunate was tonytubes, who moved in for his last million in chips from UTG with 9♠T♠. Luetch1 woke up with Q♠Q♦ in the cutoff and reshoved for 3.5 million. Luetch1 flopped a set of queens on the K♣Q♣4♠5♥9♦ board and sent tonytubes to the rail in eighth place ($15,744.00).

BUYNI busted in seventh

About ten minutes passed before the action folded to luetch1 in the small blind. He moved all-in for 5.01 million and BUYNI called off his remaining 1.81 million from the big blind. Although BUYNI's K♥3♥ led luetch1's J♦5♦, luetch1 caught top pair on the J♠T♣3♠ flop. BUYNI needed a three or a king to survive but got the 8♣ and the 2♠ instead. For seventh place, BUYNI took home $28,864.00.

Jnfpoker doubles, kostinio83 sacked in sixth

One orbit later, with the blinds up to 200,000/400,000, jnfpoker opened for 800,000 and 01.e4 three-bet to 2.4 million from the big blind. Jnfpoker shoved and 01.e4 snap-called, his K♥K♠ up against A♠Q♣. 01.e4 survived the 8♣7♣7♥ flop, but jnfpoker turned the A♥ and doubled to 21 million, while 01.e4 sank to 8.5 million.

Kostinio83 survived another all-in when his A♣4♣ held up against luetch1's Q♥5♦, good for a double-up to 7.11 million. However, kostinio83 couldn't go 3-0. Holding 7♣7♥, kostinio83 four-bet shoved for 7.41 million from the small blind and three-bettor luetch1 called with T♣T♥. Kostinio83 did not improve and he hit the rail in sixth place ($41,984.00). After the hand luetch1 was the new chip leader with 25.6 million in chips.

jamani69 fizzles in fifth

Meanwhile, jamani69 had fallen to 7.64 million in chips-- only 13BB with the blinds up to 300,000/600,000. Jnfpoker opened for 1.2 million from UTG and the action folded to jamani69 in the big blind. He moved all-in with A♣7♣ and jnfpoker called with A♥K♠. Jamani69's dominated hand did not improve on the 8♠5♥2♦9♦Q♣ board and he exited in fifth place ($55,104.00).

Quadruple double

Shortly after play turned four-handed, MountainRo$e doubled to 22.4 million when 5♦5♥ held up against luetch1's 4♥4♣. Luetch1 got revenge only a few hands later. MountainRo$e four-bet shoved for 30 million with K♠Q♠ and luetch1 called all-in for 12.1 million with A♠Q♥. Luetch1 made the nut boat on the A♣A♥Q♣ flop and doubled to 31.1 million. However, only four hands after that, luetch1 open-shoved from the small blind and 01.e4 called all-in from the big with A♦9♠. Luetch1's 4♦9♦ didn't get any help on the [KhT♦6♠5♣K♠ board and 01.e4 rose to 17.1 million in chips.

Luetch1 still led with 27.2 million in chips, but gave some up to jnfpoker, who three-bet shoved for 8.8 million from the big blind. Luetch1 called with K♠Q♥ but did not improve against jnfpoker's A♣3♥. Jnfpoker doubled to 18.4 million in chips and had 14.8 million behind when MountainRo$e open-shoved on the button for 7.13 million. Jnfpoker reshoved from the small blind with K♣K♠ and MountainRo$e turned over 7♣7♥. MountainRo$e didn't get a miracle on the T♠9♣2♣A♦3♦ board and went out in fourth place, good for $72,160.00.

01.e4 has kings cracked, exits in third

When three-handed play commenced, 01.e4 had a narrow chip lead with 23.7 million to jnfpoker's 23.4 million while luetch1 held 18.5 million.

Jnfpoker pulled ahead when his A♥9♦ flopped top two pair and rivered aces full of nines. Luetch1 called jfpoker's flop and turn bets on the A♦9♠6♦8♠A♠ bard before jnfpoker checked the river and luetch1 smartly checked behind. Jnfpoker raked in the 13.6 million pot and moved up to 32.5 million in chips.

With the blinds up to 500,000/1,000,000, luetch1 opened for a min-raise from the small blind and 01.e4 three-bet to 4.3 million from the big. Luetch1 shoved for 22.5 million with A♦9♠ and 01.e4 quickly called with K♠K♦. Luetch1, however, snapped off those kings when an ace his the A♥7♥4♥ flop. 01.e4 didn't catch a king on the Q♣ turn or the 4♠ river and was eliminated in third place ($104,960.00), setting our heads-up battle.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 2: jnfpoker (22,927,034 in chips)
Seat 3: luetch1 (42,672,966 in chips)

Luetch1 rivered trip sixes against jnfpoker's two pair on the third hand of heads-up play, boosting his chip count to 48.4 million. Only six small pots later, all the money was in the middle. Jnfpoker limped in on the button and luetch1 checked to see a 8♣4♥2♦ flop. Luetch1 min-bet 1,000,000, jnfpoker raised to 3 million and luetch1 shoved. Jnfpoker called all-in for 10.1 million and turned over J♣8♦ for top pair. However, luetch1 had bottom two with 4♦8♥. Jnfpoker didn't improve, the turn and river falling the 5♦ and the 3♠ to lock up the win for luetch1.

Congratulations to luetch1 on his Sunday Million title! He banked $199,555.20 for the win, while runner-up jnfpoker earned $147,600.00.

PokerStars Sunday Million results for 10-5-2014

Players: 6,560
Prizepool: $1,312,000.00
Places paid: 990

1. luetch1 (United Kingdom) $199,555.20
2. jnfpoker (Canada) $147,600.00
3. 01.e4 (Brazil) $104,960.00
4. MountainRo$e (Israel) $72,160.00
5. jamani69 (Croatia) $55,014.00
6. kostinio83 (Greece) $41,984.00
7. BUYNI (Armenia) $28,864.00
8. tonytubes (Canada) $15,744.00
9. Thi_cortes (Brazil) $10,168.00

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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