Sunday Million: zidoca233 zooms to top of the world, earns $126K-plus for win

EPT Prague is well along now with Day 4 of the Main Event starting up in just a few hours. As reported here on the PokerStars blog, the latest European Poker Tour event again drew a remarkably international field with more than 60 nationalities represented among the 1,107 entries.

Of course, when it comes to the Sunday Million -- the most popular weekly online poker tournament in the world -- the fields always draw players from all parts of the globe as well. Such was the case again this week with the 6,407 participants coming from dozens upon dozens of countries, with no less than eight different nations represented at the final table.

From that field it would be Sweden's zidoca233 emerging as the victor this week following a five-way chop, a win good for $126,850.12. Here's the story of how zidoca233 conquered the world, so to speak, to win a Sunday Million title.


It took just about five hours for the money bubble to burst, at which point 3591omanyd of Germany was leading the 990 cashing players. 3591omanyd would continue to lead for the next two-and-a-half hours or so, finally passed by Canada's mattyonuts who assumed the top spot with just 100 players left.

A couple of hours later mattyonuts would be on the rail after finishing 68th ($1,845.21) and 3591omanyd would be among the short stacks with 27 players left, It wouldn't be long before 3591omanyd would be felted as well in 21st ($2,998.47), and as the tourney edged toward the 10-hour mark it was Goldenboys racing to the top of the counts with 18 left as the first player to 10 million chips.

xixviii (18th), GCWV (17th), and Kubulon (16th) were next knocked out, earning $3,587.92 apiece. BillLewinsky (15th), AAcademiKK (14th), and bfarrz (13th) followed, each taking away $5,381.88. Then AB_Poker_12 (12th), maloyd (11th), and 4e3aHax21 (10th) were successively ousted, picking up $7,175.84 for not quite making the final table.

With bostanu24 the new chip leader, that international final table was underway.


Seat 1: Goldenboys (United Kingdom) -- 7,443,216
Seat 2: Picasso25 (Germany) -- 4,833,308
Seat 3: JM_INDIO (Argentina) -- 9,184,442
Seat 4: shulman20 (Israel) -- 3,035,955
Seat 5: LLIypa666 (Russia) -- 5,304,630
Seat 6: TIETYMM (Germany) -- 6,838,142
Seat 7: zidoca233 (Sweden) -- 9,879,568
Seat 8: F18Aviator (Australia) -- 6,589,395
Seat 9: bostanu24 (Romania) -- 10,961,344

It was just the second hand of the final table when Israel's shulman20 open-shoved from the small blind a stack of about 11 big blinds holding A♦6♦, LLIypa666 called from a seat over with 8♣8♦, and after a Q♥T♥5♦7♣8♥ runout shulman20 was done in ninth.

Just about an orbit later, Picasso25 of Germany min-raised to 500,000 from late position, TIETYMM reraised to nearly 1.3 million from the big blind, Picasso25 shoved for about 5.85 million total, and TIETYMM called. Picasso25 had 2♣2♠ and was hoping the small pair would hold against TIETYMM's A♥K♠, and while the deuces were best through the turn a king fell on fifth street and Picasso25 was knocked out in eighth.

Another orbit passed, then a hand arose in which Goldenboys of the U.K. made a 3x preflop raise from the cutoff and got a call from LLIypa666 playing from the small blind. The 7♥2♠A♥ flop earned a check from LLIypa666, a bet of 1.25 million from Goldenboys, and all-in check-raise from LLIypa666, and a call for about 3.75 million total from Goldenboys. Goldenboys had A♣T♦ for a pair of aces, but LLIypa666's A♠Q♥ equaled the same hand with a better kicker, and two cards later that hand remained best and Goldenboys was eliminated in seventh.

Soon LLIypa666 collected still more chips after knocking the Aussie F18Aviator out in sixth when the latter committed just over 6.5 million with A♣Q♣ before the flop versus LLIypa666's A♦A♥, and the aces held.

The final five played on for a while longer, then paused to talk about a possible chop. LLIypa666 led at that point with about 17.7 million, with bostanu24 next with a little over 15.5 million, zidoca233 next with just under 12 million, TIETYMM fourth with about 10.7 million, and JM_INDIO fifth with a bit more than 8.1 million.

Both "ICM"-based figures and "chip chop" numbers were provided, leaving $20,000 for which to play in both cases. After some negation, an agreement was reached and a deal struck and play soon continued.

After play resumed, the German TIETYMM hit the rail in fifth after A♥7♦ failed to catch up to zidoca233's A♠K♠. Then Argentina's JM_INDIO fell in fourth with A♥Q♥ against bostanu24's 6♥6♠ after a preflop all-in. A queen did come for JM_INDIO to make a pair, but a six did as well to give bostanu24 a set and they were down to three.

From there LLIypa666 doubled through bostanu24. Then zidoca233 doubled through bostanu24. Then bostanu24 doubled back through zidoca233, and the stacks were nearly even again.

zidoca233 would grab the advantage, however, eventually building up close to 42 million as the other two fell back to stacks around a quarter that size. Then suddenly came two quick hands to bring this week's Sunday Million to a rapid close.

In the first zidoca233 open-shoved from the button and LLIypa666 of Russia called all in from the big blind for about 11.8 million (not quite 15 big blinds). It was A♣2♣ for LLIypa666 and 6♠6♣ for zidoca233, and five cards later -- 4♥4♠Q♠Q♦3♣ -- LLIypa666 was out in third.

The next hand saw Romania's bostanu24 open-push from the button for almost 8.9 million (about 11 big blinds) with J♠5♠ and the Swede call with Q♦9♠. The board came 4♦7♠K♣A♦A♣ and it was all over. A little over 12 hours after the first hands of the day were dealt, zidoca233 was the Sunday Million champion.

Congratulations to the world-beater zidoca233 for collecting all of the chips and the extra $20K on the table to earn a handsome $126K-plus payday.


And kudos as well to the other four who made it to the five-handed deal to collect nice cashes as well.

12/14/14 Sunday Million ($215 No-Limit Hold'em) results
Entrants:  6,407
Prize pool: $1,281,400.00
Places paid: 990

1. zidoca233 (Sweden) -- $126,850.12*
2. bostanu24 (Romania) -- $117,628.09*
3. LLIypa666 (Russia) -- $125,878.23*
4. JM_INDIO (Argentina) -- $92,970.85*
5. TIETYMM (Germany) -- $102,543.00*
6. F18Aviator (Australia) -- $41,004.80
7. Goldenboys (United Kingdom) -- $28,190.80
8. Picasso25 (Germany) -- $15,376.80
9. shulman20 (Israel) -- $9,930.85

*= reflects the results of a five-way deal that left $20,000 in play for the winner

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in Sunday Million