VinceVegaMFR invincible in 2/9/14 Sunday Million, earns $161K-plus after five-way deal

As the XXII Olympic Winter Games continue to play out in Sochi, Russia, another international competition took place Sunday night on PokerStars, much as it does every week -- the Sunday Million, the weekly $215 no-limit hold'em tournament that routinely attracts huge fields and features massive prize pools.

This week's Sunday Million kept up the 2014 pace with 8,072 entrants building a big $1,614,400 prize pool that easily exceeded the $1 million guarantee. And after a little over 12 hours it was Guilherme "VinceVegaMFR" Cheveau grabbing the gold, winning the tournament and a first prize of $161,879.69 following a five-way chop in which each of the other four players also realized six-figure scores.

The top 1,170 places paid in the event, and it would take more than five hours for the money bubble to burst. A while after that Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer finished in 500th place for a cash prize of $500.46.

The field had shrunk down to 100 as the eight-hour mark approached. Among those still alive was Team PokerStars Pro Christophe "chrisdm" de Meulder who not too long before earned a big double-up to push up over 1 million chips after his A♠K♣ outran Holigok's 8♦8♥ when a king came on board.

Down to just under 700,000, de Meulder soon found himself in a blind-vs.-blind battle against danking11 that saw him all in following the turn with the board showing T♣9♥J♣7♣. The Team PokerStars Pro had 8♦7♦ for a straight while danking11 had A♣T♦ for tens plus the nut flush draw, then when the 3♣ landed on fifth street de Meulder was out in 98th for a $1,533.68 cash.

They'd cruised past the 10-hour mark of the tournament when just 18 players remained seated around two tables, with Ipl4yNuts leading all with a stack of more than 11 million.

It would take another 45 minutes for nine for to fall: c00lman07 (18th), wond3rk1d (17th), and hennipopenii (16th) each made $4,278.16; laddn (15th), DARE U TOO (14th), and IWaldwuffelI (13th) made $6,457.60 apiece; and I GRIND THIS (12th), Civell (11th), and murkiez (10th) picked up $8,637.04 paydays

With Ipl4yNuts still on top with more than 20 million by that point, the final table was underway with the chip leader one of three Germans still in contention.


Seat 1: baeks22 (Germany) -- 12,008,844
Seat 2: chavalaro11 (Argentina) -- 2,479,180
Seat 3: rdzyrdza (Mexico) -- 9,967,968
Seat 4: marvinnamazi (Germany) -- 6,834,277
Seat 5: Lena900 (Sweden) -- 8,989,588
Seat 6: olligergely (Canada) -- 4,125,977
Seat 7: Fand0r1n (Russia) -- 3,097,888
Seat 8: Guilherme "VinceVegaMFR" Cheveau (Brazil) -- 12,773,178
Seat 9: Ipl4yNuts (Germany) -- 20,443,100

Not long after the final table started the blinds were 150k/300k when Guilherme "VinceVegaMFR" Cheveau raised to 600,000 from under the gun and Ipl4yNuts called from a seat over. It folded to chavalaro11 in middle position who reraised all in for 1,729,180 and it folded back around. Cheveau folded as well, but Ipl4yNuts made the call.

Ipl4yNuts had J♦J♣ and chavalaro11 A♣K♥. The board rolled out nine-high, coming 2♠5♥7♠3♠9♣, and chavalaro11 was done in ninth.

Just two hands later, the table folded to Fand0r1n on the button who pushed for 2,557,888 and Ipl4yNuts called from the big blind. Ipl4yNuts had A♠J♣ while Fand0r1n was hoping T♥T♦ would hold. But the board came A♦Q♥3♥J♥A♣, giving Ipl4yNuts a full house and knocking Fand0r1n out in eighth.

Five hands after that the blinds had moved up to 200k/400k when Guilherme "VinceVegaMFR" Cheveau opened for 825,000 from UTG, then rdzyrdza reraised all in for 9,267,968 from the cutoff seat. It folded back to Cheveau who quickly called, turning over A♠A♣ to rdzyrdza's Q♥Q♠. The community cards came 9♥8♥T♦9♠4♦, and rdzyrdza was done in seventh.

A half-dozen more hands passed, then marvinnamzi open-pushed for 6,594,277 (almost 16-and-a-half big blinds) from the button, Lena900 reraised for a little more from the small blind, and olligergely folded the big blind.

Lena900: A♦K♦
marvinnamazi: A♣9♦

Both had aces but Lena900's kicker was better, and after the board came 4♥6♦J♠5♠3♠ marvinnamazi's Sunday Million run had ended in sixth.

The remaining five played on for a while, then baeks22 won a huge 27 million-plus chip pot in a hand that saw baeks22 check-raising all in on the turn versus Guilherme "VinceVegaMFR" Cheveau with the board showing 6♦3♣7♥T♣. VinceVegaMFR had K♣K♦ while baeks22 had an open-ended straight draw with 8♦5♦, and when the 4♦ fell on fifth street baeks22 had won the big pot to challenge Ipl4yNuts for the chip lead.

baeks22 would continue to add chips thereafter to move in front with more than 30 million while Cheveau also rebounded to recover from the hit. Then after sliding down the counts Ipl4yNuts bounced back after picking up pocket queens to double through baeks22's pocket jacks.

They pushed a bit further, then collectively decided to stop the tourney to discuss a possible deal. At that point Guilherme "VinceVegaMFR" Cheveau had edged in front with a little more than 19 million, olligergely was close in second with just over 18.9 million, Lena900 and Ipl4yNuts were close to even with about 14.8 million apiece, and baeks22 was in fifth with about 13.2 million.

A division of the remaining prize pool based on "ICM" (Independent Chip Model) figures was quickly agreed to by the five players -- leaving $20,000 for which to play -- and soon cards were back in the air.

Soon after the blinds were up to 400k/800k when baeks22 raised 2x to 160,000 from under the gun, then Ipl4yNuts reraised all in for more than 14.5 million from the big blind and baeks22 called with the 9,864,696 left. baeks22 had K♥Q♣ and needed help against Ipl4yNuts's A♦Q♥, but the board came 9♣8♣7♦2♣8♦ and baeks22 was out in fifth.

Next it was Lena900 raising the minimum to 1.6 million from the button and Guilherme "VinceVegaMFR" Cheveau calling from the big blind. The flop came 6♠4♦5♠ and Cheveau checked. Lena900 bet 1,822,255, VinceVegaMFR check-raised to 4,375,555, Lena900 pushed all in for 11,636,452 total, and Cheveau called.

Lena900 had 6♣4♣ for two pair while VinceVegaMFR had J♥7♦ for an open-ended straight draw. The 8♣ then landed with a thud on the turn, giving Cheveau the straight, and after the 9♦ river they were down to four.

It wasn't long before Ipl4yNuts raised to 1.6 million from the button, Cheveau shoved from the blig blind, and Ipl4yNuts called all in with the 11,212,948 remaining. VinceVegaMFR had picked up A♠Q♣ while Ipl4yNuts hd K♣Q♦, and five cards later -- 5♣J♣8♦Q♥Q♠ -- Ipl4yNuts was done in third.

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Guilherme "VinceVegaMFR" Cheveau began heads-up play with a better than 2-to-1 chip advantage with 55,005,484 to olligergely's 25,714,516. But just a few hands into their duel olligergely grabbed the lead after doubling through with A♥8♥ versus Cheveau's A♣5♣.

olligergely would chip up even further to more than 66 million before VinceVegaMFR managed to double-up himself with K♠T♠ versus olligergely's K♦Q♦ when a ten came among the community cards.

Six hands later came another big double-up for VinceVegaMFR when the pair got all of his chips in following a 7♦6♠6♦ flop with olligergely holding K♦7♠ and Cheveau Q♣Q♦. The better hand held, and suddenly VinceVegaMFR had over 60 million to olligergely's stack of just over 20 million.

Two hands later the blinds were 500k/1m when VinceVegaMFR raised to 2 million from the button and olligergely called. The flop came T♠3♥3♣ and olligergely check-called a bet of 1.5 million from Cheveau. The turn then brought the 6♦ and a leading bet of 3,333,787 from olligergely, called by VinceVegaMFR.

The river was the 7♦. This time olligergely bet 7,777,777, then Cheveau raised to 28 million, well over what olligergely had left. olligergely called with the 10,826,272 remaining, showing J♣T♣ for tens and treys. But Cheveau had flopped a full house with T♥3♦, and the victory was his.

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Congratulations to Guilherme "VinceVegaMFR" Cheveau for outlasting more than 8,000 competitors to claim a Sunday Million title and more than $161K. And kudos as well to olligergely, Ipl4yNuts, Lena900, and baeks22 for making it to the five-way deal and ensuring themselves handsome six-figure paydays as well.

2/9/14 Sunday Million ($215 No-Limit Hold'em) results

Players: 8,072
Prize pool: $1,614,400.00
Places paid: 1,170

1. Guilherme "VinceVegaMFR" Cheveau (Brazil) -- $161,879.69*
2. olligergely (Canada) -- $141,658.67*
3. Ipl4yNuts (Germany) -- $129,292.70*
4. Lena900 (Sweden) -- $129,669.18*
5. baeks22 (Germany) -- $124,269.57*
6. marvinnamazi (Germany) -- $48,432.00
7. rdzyrdza (Mexico) -- $32,288.00
8. Fand0r1n (Russia) -- $18,565.60
9. chavalaro11 (Argentina) -- $12,511.60

*= reflects the results of a five-way deal that left $20,000 in play for the winner

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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