$9 million Sunday Million this Sunday

This Sunday will be one of the biggest days in Sunday Million history. In celebration of the event's 9th anniversary as the world's biggest weekly poker tournament, PokerStars is guaranteeing a $9 million prize pool with at least $1 million of that going to the winner.


This is not the first time PokerStars has celebrated its flagship weekly tourney with a big anniversary party, however it could end up having one of the biggest winners.

Here's how the past four winners have fared.

2014: DrUPSWING (Germany) $1,038,540
2013: benislovas (Lithuania) $848,589
2012: slyfox151 (Netherlands) $480,761
2011: Luke "Bdbeatslayer" Vrabel (United States) $670,000, and a Lambourghini Gallardo

As always, the price to get in to the Sunday Million is $215, but there are still satellites running that can get you in on the cheap. There will also be deadline satellites just before the big tourney starts on March 15 at 13:20 ET and 13:45 ET. Those satellites will guarantee a combined 1,333 seats. One of those satellites costs $11, the other $33, but you can get in for just $1 in hourly feeder sats.

So, imagine, by Monday you could have taken $1 and turned it into $1 million. It's not a trick. It's not a lottery. It's the Sunday Million 9th Anniversary bash.

For more information, visit the Sunday Million anniversary page.

Good luck to all of you who manage to snag a seat.

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