Sunday Million: At a table of rookies, happiness is as easy as dccnesquick

This week's Sunday Million final table was one for the rookies. So often do we see familiar faces in the late stages of the Million, this week represented a bit of a departure, with two-thirds of the final table simultaneously making their first major final table and their first five (or in a few cases six) figure MTT score. Roo_400, the only player to previously make the final table of the Million went out in ninth place, while dccnesquick clung to the chip lead he brought to the final table. Following a four-way deal, dccnesquick rode that lead all the way to heads-up play where he defeated born2badbeat and captured his first Sunday Million title.

5,724 players bought into this edition of the Million, creating a $1,144,800 prize pool. 855 places were paid with first place set to earn $177,446.70.

Blinds were up to 100,000/200,000 with ten players remaining. PickinFruit! looked down at T♠T♦ in the big blind and three-bet shoved for 3.2 million, initial raiser dccnesquick making the call with 8♠8♦. PickinFruit! was in great shape to double up, but instead dccnesquick caught a lucky eight on the flop to make a set. PickinFruit! didn't get his two-outer, the board finishing out 8♥7♥3♥2♦5♥ to end his run on the final table bubble.


Final table chip counts:

Seat 1: born2badbeat (2,501,202 in chips)
Seat 2: .eswtflol (11,157,734 in chips)
Seat 3: Artem1049 (6,032,359 in chips)
Seat 4: longdd886 (2,166,614 in chips)
Seat 5: buriedatsea (10,835,237 in chips)
Seat 6: quique-lop66 (5,086,918 in chips)
Seat 7: dccnesquick (13,509,430 in chips)
Seat 8: roo_400 (1,908,378 in chips)
Seat 9: kebabali (4,042,128 in chips)

Roo_400 was the most successful player at the final table, having finished fourth in the Million back in 2012 and twice final tabled the $1,050 buy-in Super Tuesday. This time, however, he ran afoul of the deck and three-bet shoved with 7♠7♥ only to have kebabali reshove right behind him with K♣K♠. Initial raiser dccnesquick called with Q♥Q♦ making it a three-way battle. Kebabali's kings held up on the A♣9♥5♠4♥9♦ board and roo_400 went out in ninth place.

Longdd886 never got much traction until he found A♠K♣ and three-bet shoved for 2 million from the small blind. Dccnesquick called with Q♠J♥, but hit top pair when the flop came down queen-high. Longdd886 never caught up and exited in eighth place. Then, with the blinds up to 250,000/500,000, Artem1049 open-shoved for 3.44 million with T♥T♣. Unluckily, he ran into kebabali's J♥J♦ in the big blind and did not improve, ending his run in seventh place.

From his short-stacked start, born2badbeat had chipped up to 4.42 million when he opened for 1.09 million and quique-lop66 called from the big blind. The flop fell J♦6♣4♠ and quique-lop66 checked to born2badbeat, who bet 900,000. Quique-lop66 called. The turn came the 7♣ and quique-lop66 immediately moved all-in for 5.67 milllion. Born2badbeat called, his A♦A♥ leading quiqui-lop66's J♥3♠. The river was the 2♠ and born2badbeat doubled to 9.3 million, leaving quique-lop66 on 3.28 million. Two hands later, quique-lop66 found A♥8♦ and moved all-in, but did not improve against dccnesquick's 7♣7♥. Quique-lop66 hit the rail in sixth place while dccnesquick's chip lead grew to 25.9 million.

Three hands later, the action folded to .eswtflol on the button and he moved all-in for 6.9 million with pocket threes. Dccnesquick answered the call with A♣4♦. Dccnesquick flopped an ace on the A♥K♠6♠7♦K♥ board and raked in the 14.4 million pot, sending .eswtflol home in fifth place.

A short time later, the final four agreed to pause the action and discuss a potential deal. Here's how they stacked up at the time:

dccnesquick 31,737,576
buriedatsea 11,728,466
born2badbeat 9,190,424
kebabali 4,583,534

The quartet was quick to agree on an ICM chop and with $20,000 still at stake for the winner, cards went back in the air.

Right off the bat, kebabali doubled through dccnesquick when his A♥K♦ held up against K♣2♣. Kebabali moved up to 9 million in chips and with the blinds up to 300,000/600,000, he opened for 1.2 million with A♦J♥. Buriedatsea called from the big blind with Q♦9♦ and they saw a J♣T♦7♥ flop. Buriedatsea check-raised all-in with an open-ended straight draw and kebabali called with top pair. The T♥ turn gave kebabali two pair jacks and tens and the J♠ river made him jacks full, ending buriedatsea's run in fourth place. However, thanks to the deal, buriedatsea came away with the second-largest share of the prize pool at $113,232.22.

When play turned three-handed, dccnesquick was still out front with 30.3 million, kebabali held 18.4 million and born2badbeat was the short stack with 8.6 million. However, born2badbeat got off the short stack with back-to-back double-ups, moving up to 12.1 million when pocket deuces held against dccnesquick's Q♥5♥, and then to 27.2 million when his pocket sixes won a race against kebabali's A♠J♦. Kebabali was left with only 5 million after the hand and moved in on the button two hands later with A♥8♣. Dccnesquick called with J♦9♣ from the big blind. Kebabali faded the T♠4♥3♣ flop and survived the 2♥ turn, but dccnesquick spiked the 9♥ on the river to take down the pot and eliminate kebabali in third place.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 1: born2badbeat (28,441,696 in chips)
Seat 7: dccnesquick (28,798,304 in chips)

Following his quick rise three-handed, born2badbeat went into heads-up play with his chip count nearly even with dccnesquick. Whatever happened heads-up, both players would go home with by far their largest career cashes-- dccnesquick's previous high mark was $18,700 for runner-up in the Saturday SuperKnockout, while newcomer born2badbeat has recorded less than $5,000 in MTT cashes.

Dccnesquick stole blinds with abandon and chipped up to 35.8 million, before losing all his gains on a single hand. On a A♦7♦3♥ flop, dccnesquick check-raised to 2.85 million only to have born2badbeat come over the top for the rest of his chips. Dccnesquick gave up his hand and fell back to 31.3 million, while born2badbeat climbed to 25.9 million.

Dccnesquick went back to work and with the blinds up to 500,000/1,000,000, born2badbeat opened for a min-raise on the button. Dccnesquick called and they saw a T♦4♠3♥ flop. Dccnesquick check-called 1.5 million and the 5♣ came on the turn. Both players checked. The river was the K♣ and dccnesquick checked to born2badbeat, who bet 3 million. Dccnesquick raised to 8.8 million and born2badbeat gave up his hand, falling to 17.4 million in chips.

A few minutes later, born2badbeat looked down at K♥9♠ and open-shoved for 13.8 million on the button. Dccnesquick called and turned over a dominating K♦Q♣. The flop, however, came down J♠9♥6♥, giving born2badbeat a pair of nines. The turn was a blank, the 3♠, and born2badbeat needed to fade only a queen or a ten to get right back in this heads-up match. The river, however, was the T♦ and dccnesquick made a king-high straight to lock up his first Sunday Million title.

Congratulations to dccnesquick on joining the ranks of Sunday Million champions! He banked $159,420.87 for the win, while runner-up born2badbeat earned $106,077.22.


PokerStars Sunday Million results for 11-22-2015

Players: 5,724
Prizepool: $1,144,800.00
Places paid: 855

1. dccnesquick (Netherlands) $159,420.87*
2. born2badbeat (China) $106,077.22*
3. kebabali (Germany) $87,377.71*
4. buriedatsea (United Kingdom) $113,232.22*
5. .eswtflol (United Kingdom) $48,081.60
6. quique-lop66 (Argentina) $36,633.60
7. Artem1049 (Russia) $25,185.60
8. longdd886 (China) $14,310.00
9. roo_400 (Canada) $8,929.44

*= reflects the results of a four-way deal that left $20,000 in play for the winner

Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in Sunday Million