Sunday Million: KKruchitAAs crushes, banks $158k after heads-up deal

This week's Million ended in a showdown between two players who had narrowly missed out on the title once before. Antonis "ENIGMA4U4ME" Poulengeris, a regular on the UKIPT circuit, finished fourth in the Million two years ago for $75,885, while Argentina's KKruchitAAs took third for an even $120,000 back in 2010. Arriving at the final table first and third in chips respectively, these two warriors both ended up improving on their best-ever online finishes, as KKruchitAAs edged out ENIGMA4U4ME for the title and took home over $158,000 after a heads-up deal.

5,430 hopefuls bought into this week's Sunday Million, creating a $1,086,000.00 prize pool. 810 players earned a share of it with the champion set to earn $169,850.40.

The blinds were up to 100,000/200,000 with ten players remaining. Rut76 was by far the shortest stack left with 596,000 in chips. Facing the big blind on the next hand, rut76 open-shoved from UTG, manyadecano called from the small blind and clancywigam reshoved for 2.5 million from the big. Manyadecano gave up his hand, leaving rut76 heads-up with 7♥8♥ against clancywigam's T♠T♦. Clancywigam hit a ten on the flop to make top set and sent rut76 to the rail in tenth place, setting the final table.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: KKruchitAAs (7,018,870 in chips)
Seat 2: Scary-Stu (10,505,497 in chips)
Seat 3: Brainy14 (3,542,367 in chips)
Seat 4: remrem123 (4,452,732 in chips)
Seat 5: manyadecano (2,726,273 in chips)
Seat 6: Nurlux (5,323,649 in chips)
Seat 7: ENIGMA4U4ME (14,499,452 in chips)
Seat 8: clancywigam (3,749,278 in chips)
Seat 9: SotBarnslig (2,481,882 in chips)

It took over thirty minutes to lose a player from the final table. In the meantime, three short stacks doubled-- SotBarnslig's K♦J♣ flopped a king against ENIGMA4U4ME's pocket fives, manyadecan's K♣T♦ turned a ten against Scary-Stu's A♣9♠, and clancywigam's A♦Q♠ won a race against Brainy14's pocket tens. However, SotBarnslig slipped back down to 1.17 million and when the action folded to him in the small blind, he moved in with 9♠T♦. KKruchitAAs looked him up with A♠7♠ and rivered an ace to send SotBarnslig home in ninth place.

SotBarnslig's elimination opened the floodgates for a series of bustouts. On the very next deal, remrem123 opened for a min-raise to 600,000, ENIGMA4U4ME three-bet to 1.2 million and remrem123 shoved for 4.06 million. ENIGMA4U4ME snap-called, his K♣K♥ up against A♥K♠. Although remrem123 flopped a gutshot straight draw, it didn't come in on the Q♠T♠T♦2♦3♠ board and he exited in eighth place while ENIGMA4U4ME moved up to 18.5 million. Five hands later, Brainy14 open-shoved for 2.78 million from UTG+1 and manyadecano reshoved for 6.9 million to isolate. Manyadecan's A♠Q♠ won the raice against Brainy14's pocket sixes on the A♣K♠4♠J♦K♦ board, ending his run in seventh place.

The blinds were up to 200,000/400,000 when Nurlux made a button shove for 3.7 million and ENIGMA4U4ME reshoved from the small blind. ENIGMA4U4ME's A♣J♣ had Nurlux's Q♣J♥ dominated and the A♥9♠6♥8♣5♠ board sent Nurlux to the rail in sixth. On the next hand, ENIGMA4U4ME picked up another premium hand, A♠Q♣ and raised to 800,000 only to have clancywigam move in for his last 4.3 million with A♥7♥. Clancywigam did not improve on the K♣Q♥8♠2♦Q♦ board and went out in fifth. With those two knockouts, ENIGMA4U4ME was out to a commanding chip lead with 26.7 million.

As the final four began to feel each other out about a potential deal, ENIGMA4U4ME made it 1.95 million to go with A♣7♥ and Scary-Stu three-bet shoved for 6.7 million. ENIGMA4U4ME called, but was in terrible shape against A♦9♠. However, the flop came down a rather dangerous 8♠6♥5♠, giving ENIGMA4U4ME an open-ended straight draw. The A♥ turn was a blank, but the 9♣ river was a disaster for Scary-Stu as ENIGMA4U4ME made a nine-high straight and sent him to the rail in fourth place.

When three-handed play commenced, ENIGMA4U4ME controlled 73% of the chips in play with 39.7 million, manyadecano held 9.1 million and KKruchitAA was the short stack with 5.5 million.

KKruchitAAs diligently worked his way off the short stack, winning 11 of the next 16 pots to chip up to 16.4 million, while manyadecano fell to 5.3 million. A few hands later, with only 3.1 million remaining, manyadecano moved in from the button with J♠T♥ and KKruchitAAs called with A♦J♥. Although manyadecano hit an open-ended straight draw on the K♦Q♣4♥ flop, the T♠ turn made Broadway for KKruchitAA and manyadecano had to settle for third place.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 1: KKruchitAAs (20,194,247 in chips)
Seat 7: ENIGMA4U4ME (34,105,753 in chips)

Following one swap of the blinds heads-up, ENIGMA4U4ME and KKruchitAAs agreed to pause the action and discuss a potential deal. Perhaps owing to the late hour in the U.K., KKruchitAAs successfully convinced ENIGMA4U4ME to take an even chop of $138k apiece, despite holding 13 million fewer chips.

"Well it's better than my 4th place last year," signed ENIGMA4U4ME as cards went back in the air, $20,000 still at stake.

UKIPT_Edin_2011_MICKEY_MAY_UKIPT_Edin_2011_MICKEY_MAY_IMG_9308untitled  9561untitled  9573-thumb-300x200-140335.jpg

Antonis "ENIGMA4U4ME" Poulengeris, playing the UKIPT Edinburgh in 2011

If making that deal didn't let the wind out of ENIGMA4U4ME's sails, the first hand back certainly did. With the blinds up to 300,000/600,000, KKruchitAAs opened for 1.2 million and ENIGMA4U4ME three-bet to 3.72 million. KKruchitAAs called and they saw a J♠6♦5♦ flop. ENIGMA4U4ME check-called KKruchitAAs's 2,777,777 bet and they went to the turn, which fell the K♥. Again, ENIGMA4U4ME checked, and KKruchitAAs bet 5,555,555. ENIGMA4U4ME shoved and KKruchitAAs snap-called, revealing 6♠6♥ for a set. ENIGMA4U4ME's K♦Q♣ was up in flames and KKruchitAAs doubled to 41.1 million, leaving ENIGMA4U4ME on 13.2 million.

This match, however, was far from over. ENIGMA4U4ME ground his stack back up to 18 million when he called KKruchitAAs's check-shove on a 7♦5♦3♦ flop. KKruchitAAs turned up K♦3♣ for a pair and a flush draw, but ENIGMA4U4ME had the lead with Q♠5♥. The turn blanked with the 6♣ and ENIGMA4U4ME rivered the 5♣ to make trips and double to 36.1 million, placing these two roughly where they started heads-up play.

KKruchitAAs went back on the offensive and took down three medium-sized pots to nearly even their stacks; 27 million for ENIGMA4U4ME and 27.2 million for KKruchitAAs. KKruchitAAs was up to 32.6 milllion and the blinds 400,000/800,000 when he picked up K♠9♥ and raised to 1.6 million. ENIGMA4U4ME called and they saw a 9♦8♦6♦ flop. ENIGMA4U4ME led out for 800,000 and KKruchitAAs called. When the Q♠ turned, ENIGMA4U4ME check-called KKruchitAAs 1.6 million bet and when the river fell the 2♣, ENIGMA4U4ME checked again. KKruchitAAs bet 2.4 million, ENIGMA4U4ME raised to 5.6 million and KKruchitAAs called. ENIGMA4U4ME showed 6♥7♥ for only a pair of sixes and KKruchitAAs raked in the 19.36 million pot.

Two hands later, KKruchitAAs opened for 1.6 million, ENIGMA4U4ME three-bet to 4.96 million and KKruchitAAs shoved for 40.5 million. ENIGMA4U4ME called, his J♦T♦ up against A♥4♥. The 6♥4♦2♦ flop gave both players a sweat, as KKruchitAAs made a pair of fours and ENIGMA4U4ME picked up a flush draw. However, ENIGMA4U4ME saw the Sunday Million title slip through his hands as the Q♠ turned and the 5♣ rivered, while KKruchitAAs shook the monkey off his back and at last claimed the top spot.

Congratulations to Argentina's KKruchitAAs on joining the ranks of Sunday Million champions. He banked $158,184.70 for the win, while runner-up ENIGMA4U4ME earned $138.184.70.


PokerStars Sunday Million results for 8-30-2015

Players: 5,430
Prizepool: $1,086,000.00
Places paid: 810

1. KKruchitAAs (Argentina) $158,184.70*
2. Antonis "ENIGMA4U4ME" Poulengeris (United Kingdom) $138,184.70*
3. manyadecano (Uruguay) $89,432.10
4. Scary-Stu (Netherlands) $61,359.00
5. clancywigam (Ireland) $46,155.00
6. Nurlux (Canada) $35,295.00
7. Brainy14 (Canada) $24,435.00
8. remrem123 (Estonia) $13,575.00
9. SotBarnslig (Slovakia) $8,688.00

*= reflects the result of a heads-up deal that left $20,000 in play for the winner

Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in Sunday Million