Sunday Million: Magardan magnificant, tops 5,680 to win $177K

It was a little over two years ago that Germany's Magardan topped a tough field to earn a coveted Super Tuesday title, ultimately defeating last year's WCOOP Main Event champion Fedor "CrownUpGuy" Holz at the end after the pair had made a heads-up deal. Tonight Magardan adds another much sought after title by online players after claiming a Sunday Million win and a cool $177,670.40 first prize.

Magardan topped a field of 5,680 to win this week's Milly, the $215 no-limit hold'em tournament that remains the most popular weekly tournament in online poker. Here's the story of how Magardan did it.


It took a little over five hours for the money bubble to burst, then almost another five hours for the field to be carved down to just 18 players gathered around the final two tables at which point EmielsonNL topped the counts with Magardan not far behind.

Lenballs1014 (18th), Sobizzle21 (17th), and MonoPolygamy (16th) were the next players out, each earning $3,351.20. Eduardo "DuduPoker-Br" de Castro (15th), BlackCat-IL (14th), and celloman91 (13th) followed, picking up $5,055.20 apiece. Then datushka (12th), colonelkosta (11th), and Toroo13 (10th) went out in relatively short order, cashing for $6,759.20 each.

During that stretch Magardan grabbed the chip lead and was well out in front with more than 21.7 million -- nearly three times the stack of the nearest challenger -- when the final table began.


Seat 1: Benjo356 (Israel) -- 1,730,122
Seat 2: Andersonpye7 (Brazil) -- 4,484,984
Seat 3: damiao4ever (United Kingdom) -- 5,473,249
Seat 4: Magardan (Germany) -- 21,748,210
Seat 5: NEWFlat (Russia) -- 7,533,156
Seat 6: TheKidDaze (Canada) -- 2,709,913
Seat 7: EmielsonNL (Netherlands) -- 5,432,186
Seat 8: NWPoker88 (Australia) -- 3,236,264
Seat 9: emran86 (United Kingdom) -- 4,451,916

As players were wishing each other "gl" in the chatbox, the first hand of the final table saw leader Magarden min-raise to 500K from late position, then NWPoker88 reraised all in for just over 3.2 million from the big blind and Magarden called. NWPoker88 had K♦Q♣ and the preflop edge over Magarden's K♠J♥, but a J♣5♠5♦ flop swiftly swung the advantage Magarden's way. The turn and river failed to help NWPoker88 who was out in ninth.

About 10 minutes later it was damiao4ever raising 2x to 500K from early position, TheKidDaze reraise-shoving for nearly 2.11 million from a couple of spots over, and damiao4ever calling. TheKidDaze had K♣Q♣ but had run into damiao4ever's A♠A♦, and five cards later -- 7♠K♠8♥7♣J♠ -- TheKidDaze was eliminated in eighth.

About 20 minutes after that the blinds had moved up to 150K/300K when a short-stacked Benjo356 open-pushed from the cutoff seat for just over 800,000 with A♣9♣ and was called by Magarden in the big blind with 9♦8♠. The Q♣J♥J♠ flop and 6♣ turn were safe for Benjo356, but the T♦ river filled a straight for the chip leader, and Benjo356 fell in seventh.

Soon after that it was damiao4ever open-shoving from the button for about 3.56 million (just under nine big blinds) and NEWFlat calling from the big blind. damiao4ever had A♣9♠ and needed help against NEWFlat's A♦J♥, but a 4♠5♣T♦7♣2♣ board didn't provide any and damiao4ever's run ended in sixth.

Less than five mintues later Andersonpye7 opened with an all-in button raise of almost 4.4 million with NEWFlat once more being the one to call from the big blind. Again both players had aces in their hands, with the all-in player having the preflop edge this time as Andersonpye7 showed A♥J♠ versus NEWFlat's A♠T♦. But the board would come A♣T♥3♣9♦T♠, making a full house for NEWFlat and knocking out Andersonpye7 in fifth.

The eliminations continued to come quickly as it was only a couple of orbits later that EmielsonNL min-raised to 800,000 from the button, emran86 reraised all in for just 962,730 from the small blind, and EmielsonNL called right away. emran86 had A♠8♠ but EmielsonNL had A♥K♦, and five cards later -- J♣2♠9♣4♥7♦ -- emran86 had been run off in fourth.

Magardan was still leading with just over 28 million while NEWFlat had the second-biggest stack with almost 17.2 million when a big hand next arose between the pair. It began with a min-raise to 1 million even by Magardan from the button, then NEWFlat shoved from the small blind and Magardan called. The latter had 9♥9♦, better than NEWFlat's 5♦5♥, and after the community cards came Q♥T♦K♣2♦J♠ Magardan had made a straight while NEWFlat was suddenly out in third.

With that knockout Magardan carried a big lead to the start of heads-up play with more than 45.8 million to EmielsonNL's stack of just over 10.9 million.

EmielsonNL earned one double-up after A♥Q♦ held up versus Magardan's A♠T♥. A while after that EmielsonNL chipped up enough to grab the lead away from Magardan after rivering a full house and getting paid off, but Magardan soon seized the advantage back and bulit back up a substantial lead.

Short again, EmielsonNL would earn another small double-up with A♣2♥ versus Magarden's A♦4♠ when a deuce appeared among the community cards. Then with the blinds at 300K/600K, a hand arose that saw Magardan open-push from the button and EmielsonNL call off quickly with the almost 7.4 million behind after posting the big blind.

EmielsonNL had picked up A♥K♠ while Magardan had 7♠6♥, but a flop of Q♦9♦6♠ paired Magardan's six to put EmielsonNL in peril. The turn and river brought a couple of low cards -- 5♠, then 2♣ -- and it was all over, with Magardan earning the pot and the victory.

Congratulations to Magardan for winning this week's Sunday Million and an impressive $177K-plus first prize, adding another big triumph to that Super Tuesday victory from a couple of years ago.

8/9/15 Sunday Million ($215 No-Limit Hold'em) results
Entrants:  5,680
Prize pool: $1,136,000.00
Places paid: 810

1. Magardan (Germany) -- $177,670.40
2. EmielsonNL (Netherlands) -- $132,344.00
3. NEWFlat (Russia) -- $93,549.60
4. emran86 (United Kingdom) -- $64,184.00
5. Andersonpye7 (Brazil) -- $48,280.00
6. damiao4ever (United Kingdom) -- $36,920.00
7. Benjo356 (Israel) -- $25,560.00
8. TheKidDaze (Canada) -- $14,200.00
9. NWPoker88 (Australia) -- $9,088.00

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Martin Harris
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