Sunday Million: mastervp888 comes out on top after a five-way deal

In this week's Sunday Million, first place won third-place cash, second took home $1,700 more than first, third place got a fourth-place share, and fourth place bagged the biggest prize of them all.

Got that?

Dealmaking took center stage as the field reached its final five players, and after thirty minutes of negotiations, all but $20,000 of the prize pool was spoken for thanks to a modified ICM chop. At the time, U_2GOOD4_M3 held a significant chip lead and was rewarded with the largest share, but went out in a disappointing fourth place when his A♣2♥ fell to mastervp888's A♠Q♣. After skalexjung departed in third, mastervp888 went heads-up with Uniceja and defeated him in 23 hands, earning his first Sunday Million title and a $119,694.41 bankroll boost.

6,633 players took a shot at this week's Million, the prize pool topping out at $1,326,600.00. 990 spots were pair with first place set to earn $201,780.00.

Blinds were a hefty 200,000/400,000 with ten players remaining and marcozevola5 led off the action with a raise to 2,488,888. Mastervp888 three-bet to 4,577,776 from the small blind and marcozevola5 called off his remaining 6,383 with K♦J♣. Mastervp888's 8♣8♦ hit middle set on the flop and marcozevola5 was eliminated one spot short of the final table.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: ppswktn (4,452,468 in chips)
Seat 2: koootnik (4,491,622 in chips)
Seat 3: mastervp888 (7,698,141 in chips)
Seat 4: skalexjung (12,249,620 in chips)
Seat 5: Uniceja (11,248,352 in chips)
Seat 6: tiarc (3,724,780 in chips)
Seat 7: Spowi07 (8,803,792 in chips)
Seat 8: Adelino75 (6,311,816 in chips)
Seat 9: U_2GOOD4_M3 (7,349,409 in chips)

Ppswktn got a huge boost when he picked up pocket kings in the small blind just as Spowi07 shoved for 7.96 million from the hijack with pocket fives. Ppswktn flopped a set of kings and Spokwi07's own rivered set was too little, too late, leaving him on 4.15 million in chips. Austria's tiarc was next to get his stack in, three-betting to 3 million preflop and moving the rest in on a 6♣6♦6♥ flop. Skalexjung called, his A♣8♣ leading tiarc's K♥Q♠. Tiarc did not improve on the 4♥ turn or the 5♣ river and hit the rail in ninth place.

Five minutes later, koootnik doubled through Adelino75, his A♥J♠ holding up against Q♣J♣. Adelino75 slipped to 6.07 million in chips and three-bet shoved two hands later with pocket fours in the small blind. Unfortunately, Adelino75 ran headlong into U_2GOOD4_M3's aces in the big blind and went out in eighth place. Then, on the very next deal, U_2GOOD4_M3 made a button min-raise to 1,000,000 and ppswktn shoved for 7.08 million from the small blind. U_2GOOD4_M3 called, his T♣T♦ up against A♠T♥. Ppswktn was drawing all but dead when U_2GOOD4_M3 flopped a set of tens and exited in seventh place once the river fell. All told, the back-to-back knockouts took U_2GOOD4_M3 from 6.66 million to 21.3 million in chips.

The blinds rose to 250,000/500,000 following the 12th-hour break and the action folded around to koootnik on the button. He open-shoved for 2.42 million and mastervp888 reshoved for 5.36 million from the small blind to isolate. Mastervp888's pocket tens held up against K♣Q♠ and koootnik hit the rail in sixth place.

At this juncture, the final five elected to pause the action and discuss a potential deal. Here's how they stacked up at the time:

U_2GOOD4_M3 22,484,539
Uniceja 16,058,352
skalexjung 11,654,400
mastervp888 8,591,285
Spowi07 7,541,324

Final table host Roy "GodlikeRoy" Bhasin provided the players with ICM figures which distributed the prize pool as follows, leaving $20,000 on the table for the eventual winner.

HostJoshuaC (Administrator): U_2GOOD4_M3:$136,585.76
HostJoshuaC (Administrator): Uniceja:$123,407.96
HostJoshuaC (Administrator): skalexjung:$110,877.26
HostJoshuaC (Administrator): mastervp888:$99,694.41
HostJoshuaC (Administrator): Spowi07:$95,265.31
HostJoshuaC (Administrator): Left To Play for place 1: $20,000.00

Skalexjung, Uniceja, mastervp888 and Spowi07 were quick to agree to these numbers, but chip leader U_2GOOD4_M3... and his backer... had other ideas.

U_2GOOD4_M3: My backer wont let me do it
U_2GOOD4_M3: I can put a ton of icm pressure on and i think my stack is worth more
U_2GOOD4_M3: I need 144k

Skalexjung started the ball rolling, declaring that he'd give up $2,877 of his share. Uniceja threw in $2,000 as well, but mastervp888 wasn't willing to budge at all and short stack Spowi07 offered up only pocket change.

Spowi07: you get my 31 cents and i take the other 95,265$

As negotiations began to break down, skalexjung offered to give up another $1,000, boosting U_2GOOD4_M3's share to over $142k. Thankfully, it was enough for U_2GOOD4_M3 and he agreed to close the deal using this distribution:

HostJoshuaC (Administrator): U_2GOOD4_M3:$142,463.02
HostJoshuaC (Administrator): Uniceja:$121,407.96
HostJoshuaC (Administrator): skalexjung:$107,000.00
HostJoshuaC (Administrator): mastervp888:$99,694.41
HostJoshuaC (Administrator): Spowi07:$95,265.31
HostJoshuaC (Administrator): Left To Play for place 1: $20,000.00

After the 30-minute stop down, cards at last went back in the air and it wasn't long before Spowi07 three-bet shoved for his remaining 6.76 million. Initial raiser skalexjung called, his A♠T♠ dominating Spowi07's A♦7♣. Spowi07 made aces and sevens on the A♥9♣7♠ flop, leaving skalexjung in dire shape. However, skalexjung caught running spades on the turn and river to make the nut flush. Spowi07 was eliminated, but thanks to the deal, he took home almost $40,000 more than the published fifth-place prize.

Skalexjung moved up to second in chips with 18.8 million, but lost over half his stack to mastervp888 when his A♦J♦ fell to A♥5♣ on a K♥Q♥8♥5♥K♦ board. However, skalexjung got most of it back by doubling through U_2GOOD4_M3. All-in preflop with Q♥T♣ val U_2GOOD4_M3's pocket sevens, skalexjung flopped a queen and doubled to 15.4 million. U_2GOOD4_M3 retained the chip lead with 18.2 million, but on the very next deal, he called Uniceja's shove with A♣Q♠, only to be shown A♦K♥. Uniceja's dominating hand held up and U_2GOOD4_M3 was left with only 2.2 million in chips, while Uniceja rocketed to 32.8 million.

U_2GOOD4_M3 managed to double up twice, but the third time was not the charm. With the action folded to him in the small blind, U_2GOOD4_M3 shoved for 9.88 million with A♣2♥ and mastervp888 snap-called with A♠Q♣ in the big. Mastervp888 flopped a queen and U_2GOOD4_M3 hit the rail in fourth place with the largest share of the prize pool-- $142,463.02.

When play turned three-handed, Uniceja held the chip lead with 25.9 million, mastervp888 was second with 23.6 million and skalexjung was the short stack with 16.7 million. Six hands later, skalexjung made a small blind shove with A♠3♣ and Uniceja woke up with A♦J♣ in the big. Skalexjung didn't get any help on the K♥5♠5♦J♥Q♣ board and went out in third place, his share of the deal totaling $107,000.00.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 3: mastervp888 (26,410,162 in chips)
Seat 5: Uniceja (39,919,838 in chips)

Within a few hands, mastervp888 seized the chip lead. He raised to 1.7 million on the button, then called Uniceja's 4.8 million three-bet, both players seeing a 9♦5♠2♠ flop. Uniceja led out for 6.4 million and mastervp888 moved all-in for 22 million, folding out Uniceja. Now holding 38.1 million to Uniceja's 28.2 million, mastervp888 chipped away at his opponent, building his stack to 40 million before the final hand unfolded.

Holding A♣4♥, mastervp888 opened for 1.7 million on the button and Uniceja three-bet to 5.6 million. Mastervp888 called and they saw a A♠J♥4♣ flop. Uniceja bet 5.6 million and mastervp888 smooth-called with aces up. The turn came the K♣ and Uniceja moved in for the rest of his chips. Mastervp888 snap-called and Uniceja revealed A♥Q♥. Uniceja needed a river queen to survived but got the 6♦ instead, and mastervp888 locked up his first Sunday Million victory!

Congratulations to mastervp888 on his Sunday Million win. He banked $119,694.41 for the win, while runner-up Uniceja earned a slightly higher payday thanks to the five-handed deal at $121,407.96.


PokerStars Sunday Million results for 1-25-2015

Players: 6,633
Prizepool: $1,326,600.00
Places paid: 990

1. mastervp888 (Russia) $119,694.41*
2. Uniceja (Costa Rica) $121,407.96*
3. skalexjung (Germany) $107,000.00*
4. U_2GOOD4_M3 (Taiwan) $142,463.02*
5. Spowi07 (Austria) $95,265.31*
6. koootnik (Slovenia) $42,451.20
7. ppswktn (United Kingdom) $29,185.20
8. Adelino75 (Brazil) $15,919.20
9. tiarc (Austria) $10,281.15

*= reflects the results of a five-way deal that left $20,000 in play for the winner

Kristin Bihr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Kristin Bihr
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