Sunday Million: MissBroke $160K richer after win; Berende 2nd; Minieri 9th

The last Sunday Million of June saw a few familiar usernames at the final table, including Dario "DarioMinieri" Minieri who led with two tables to go before finishing ninth, and Paul "padjes" Berende who also enjoyed the chip lead late before finishing runner-up.

In the end, though, it would be MissBroke of Israel claiming all the chips and a $160,134.67 first prize following a heads-up deal with Berende. Here's the story of MissBroke's triumph.


By the time late registration ended there were 5,508 taking part in this week's Milly, thereby building a $1,101,600 prize pool -- besting the $1 million guarantee -- with the top 810 finishers splitting the money.

It took about five hours for the tournament to reach the money, at which point gray1990 had pushed out ahead of everyone.

gray1990 would maintain a big stack for a while before slipping back to the pack and then falling in 126th for a $936.36 cash. Some time after that they'd pushed past the tournament's nine-hour mark and just 18 players remained, with the Italian pro Dario "Dariominieri" Minieri playing from Malta and leading the counts with just two tables left.

irakezzz777 (18th), Matias "Festivuss" Gabrenja (17th), and Mad_Therapis (16th) were the next out, earning $3,249.72 each for their finishes. BigTurtle11 (15th), ugotggfish (14th), and mxny (13th) followed them to the rail, picking up $4,902.12 apiece. altannamar (12th), OGURI (11th), and LoIS (10th) then were successively eliminated, with those three cashing for $6,554.52 each.

With Minieri having slipped back below the average and murvl having moved into the chip lead, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: MissBroke (Israel) -- 7,879,650
Seat 2: mick_allin (Australia) -- 2,028,639
Seat 3: murvl (Sweden) -- 13,077,786
Seat 4: FlipMaster08 (Brazil) -- 5,489,303
Seat 5: Turko_man (Finland) -- 6,954,451
Seat 6: leplato (Malta) -- 2,355,712
Seat 7: Dario "Dariominieri" Minieri (Malta) -- 4,238,492
Seat 8: macker888 (Ireland) -- 6,998,167
Seat 9: Paul "padjes" Berende (Netherlands) -- 6,057,800

They made it almost through one orbit before the first final table knockout took place.

The hand began with Minieri min-raising from under the gun to 400,000, then Paul "padjes" Berende three-bet to 1 million from a couple of seats over. It folded back to Minieri who shoved for just under 2.87 million total, and Berende called.

Minieri had Q♦Q♣ and was racing against Berende's A♥K♠, and Minieri was in front following the 6♣J♥3♣ flop. But the turn was the A♠ to hit Berende's hand, and after the 4♠ river Minieri was out in ninth.


Dario "Dariominieri" Minieri

Soon came another knockout when leplato open-raised all in from early position for almost 1.8 million (nearly nine big blinds), and murvl reraise-shoved from the small blind to isolate. leplato had A♦9♠ but was behind murvl's A♠Q♦, and five cards later -- 4♠J♦3♠K♣J♠ -- leplato was done in eighth.

A little while later Turko_man min-raised to 500,000 from middle position, then macker888 reraised to 1.5 million from the next seat. It folded back to Turko_man who shoved all in for about 3.33 million total, and macker888 called.

Turko_man had Q♣Q♠ and macker888 A♦K♥, and both saw the K♠2♠6♣ flop swing the advantage macker888's way. The turn was the 7♥ and river the 6♥, and Turko_man had been cut down in seventh.

About 20 minutes later murvl was still in front when Paul "padjes" Berende raised a little over 2x to 609,000 from UTG, then macker888 made it just under 1.52 million to go from the big blind. Berende responded with an all-in shove, and macker888 called with the almost 5.65 million left behind.

Berende had A♠K♣ while macker888 showed 9♥9♣. The 8♠K♥J♣ flop improved Berende to a better pair, and after the turn and river brought a couple of queens macker888 was out in sixth as Berende moved up over 20 million and into first position.

Play continued, and while Berende continued to lead murvl slipped back to just under 5.5 million. Then murvl lost a big preflop all-in versus mick_allin in which the latter's Q♠J♠ managed to hit a queen versus murvl's A♥K♦, leaving murvl with less than 450,000 or just over a single big blind.

murvl's short stack went in the middle on the next hand from the button and both FlipMaster08 (small blind) and Berende (big blind) called. FlipMaster08 led with a small bet following the 2♣4♦T♥ flop, then the J♥ turn brought two checks. When FlipMaster08 fired again after the 5♥ river Berende folded, and FlipMaster08 showed 4♣2♠ for two pair. That was better than murvl's A♦8♣, and they were down to four.

A few more hands went by, then the tourney was paused for a deal discussion with Paul "padjes" Berende still in front with about 22.7 million, MissBroke next with just under 15.7 million, mick_allin third with a little more than 11.3 million, and FlipMaster08 fourth with about 5.3 million.


Paul "padjes" Berende

Both "chip chop" and "ICM"-based figures were produced, leaving $20,000 aside for the winner in both cases. FlipMaster08 was being offered around $80K (for "chip chop") or $85K (for "ICM"), but immediately said "i want 95k." That didn't suit the others, and soon cards were back in the air again.

Before long MissBroke was min-raising to 800,000 from the button, then mick_allin reraised to 1.85 million from the small blind. It folded back to MissBroke who made it 4 million to go, mick_allin five-bet to 9.2 million, MissBroke shoved all in, and mick_allin called with the 845,557 behind.

mick_allin had A♥J♣ and needed help against MissBroke's A♠K♥. The board rolled out 5♠6♦8♠Q♥3♠, missing both players' hands and sending mick_allin railward in fourth.

Two hands later the final trio stopped the tournament again, this time with Berende still in first with about 26.6 million, MissBroke next with about 23.3 million, and FlipMaster08 third with 5.1 million. Once again both sets of numbers were produced, and once again it was FlipMaster08 asking for more. Neither Berende nor MissBroke were interested in giving up anything, and so play resumed once more.

It didn't take long before MissBroke open-pushed from the small blind and FlipMaster08 called off for the approximately 4.4 million left after posting the big. MissBroke had A♣7♠ and FlipMaster08 K♦Q♥. The 4♣4♠T♣A♠K♣ board then gave both players two pair but MissBroke the better hand, and FlipMaster08 was ousted in third.

The final two played one small hand then stopped the tournament one last time, with both nearly even in chips as Berende had 27,601,256 and MissBroke 27,478,744. Both requested an even chop of the remaining prize money -- again leaving $20K aside -- which meant both were guaranteeing themselves paydays of just over $140K, respectively.

Once play continued, Berende pushed out to widen the gap between the two during the first several hands of heads-up, but quickly MissBroke fought back to draw close to even once again.

Then MissBroke took a huge lead in a hand that saw MissBroke flop two pair (aces and fives), then Berende turn a lesser two pair (jacks and eights). By the river MissBroke was all in and Berende calling, and suddenly MissBroke was up close to 50 million while Berende was down under 6 million.

About a half-dozen hands later, Berende shoved his last 4.75 million or so (not quite six big blinds) from the button and MissBroke was quick with a call. Berende had J♦3♥ and MissBroke K♦6♦. The board came 7♠4♦Q♥, then 9♦, then T♣, and it was over -- MissBroke had won the title and extra $20K.

Congratulations to MissBroke for the win, and kudos as well to Paul "padjes" Berende for making it to the heads-up deal to ensure himself a nice payday as well.

6/28/15 Sunday Million ($215 No-Limit Hold'em) results
Entrants:  5,508
Prize pool: $1,101,600.00
Places paid: 810

1. MissBroke (Israel) -- $160,314.67*
2. Paul "padjes" Berende (Netherlands) -- $140,314.67*
3. FlipMaster08 (Brazil) -- $90,716.76
4. mick_allin (Australia) -- $62,240.40
5. murvl (Sweden) -- $46,818.00
6. macker888 (Ireland) -- $35,802.00
7. Turko_man (Finland) -- $24,786.00
8. leplato (Malta) -- $13,770.00
9. Dario "Dariominieri" Minieri (Malta) -- $8,812.80

*= reflects the results of a two-way deal that left $20,000 in play for the winner

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Martin Harris
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