Sunday Million: Servej smashes through final table, collects $173k

Although Servej did not arrive at the final table with a wrecking ball-sized stack, he certainly made the deepest impact. Second in chips to start, Servej took out ZeroG85 on the fourth hand and followed it up with two more rapid-fire knockouts to take a substantial lead over the rest of the field. It wasn't always pretty and he wasn't always a favorite, but Servej managed to knock out six opponents before getting heads-up with EspenasApart for the title. EspenasApart was nearly a 2 to 1 chip dog to start heads-up play, but pulled nearly even with Servej, before he found fifth gear again. Servej made one final surge and his seventh final table KO, finding pocket kings to eliminate EspenasApart and capture his first Sunday Million title.

This week's Million drew 5,552 runners, resulting in a $1,110,400 prize pool. 810 players earned a share of it with $173,668.99 set aside for first place.

The blinds were up to 125,000/250,000 with ten players remaining. Poker4F was the short stack with 1.8 million and when he found A♣9♥ under the gun, he moved all-in. Servej reshoved for 7.8 million to isolate and turned over Q♠Q♦. Servej's pocket queens held up on the 9♠7♥3♣2♠6♥ board and Poker4F went out on the final table bubble.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: EspenasApart (11,069,785 in chips)
Seat 2: 42ayay (6,821,333 in chips)
Seat 3: donvito1st (3,623,333 in chips)
Seat 4: Servej (10,110,028 in chips)
Seat 5: Pendall (4,686,909 in chips)
Seat 6: iTSReTSaM (3,802,836 in chips)
Seat 7: ZeroG85 (2,075,576 in chips)
Seat 8: GET IN LlNE (7,349,568 in chips)
Seat 9: aviarava (5,980,632 in chips)

The final table lost its first player four hands in when Servej opened for a min-raise to 500,000 and ZeroG85 moved all-in for 1.6 million. Servej called, his A♦Q♠ dominating ZeroG85's A♣9♣. No miracles happened on the A♠K♣2♥6♠T♠ board and ZeroG85 hit the rail in ninth place.

Servej moved into the chip lead with 11 million on that hand and took full advantage of his position. Only a few hands later, the action folded to Servej in the cutoff and he moved all-in for 11.52 million with 2♥2♦. ITSReTSaM called from the small blind with A♥Q♠ and was in a race for his tournament life. However, Servej's baby pair held up on the T♦7♦7♣8♠5♥ board and he moved up to 16.65 million in chips while iTSReTSaM exited in eighth place.

With the blinds up to 150,000/300,000, donvito1st open-shoved for 3.89 million with T♦T♣ only to have Servej three-bet to 7.48 million from the small blind. Much to donvito1st's dismay, Servej turned over J♣J♥ and the 9♦7♠2♠4♣3♥ board didn't do anything to change his fortune. Donvito1st went out in seventh place and Servej the wrecking ball claimed his third KO of the final table, his stack up to 23.3 million.

Servej's run didn't stop there. Early in the 200,000/400,000 level 42ayay open-shoved for 3.63 million and Servej three-bet to 6.85 million from the small blind. 42ayay turned up J♥T♣ while Servej revealed A♥7♥. An ace on the flop and aces up on the turn gave Servej the pot and 42ayay departed in sixth place.

Four hands later, someone else finally had a turn at a knockout. Aviarava moved in for his last 2.47 million and second-in-chips EspenasApart reshoved for 13.3 million from the small blind. EspenasApart's Q♥Q♠ crushed aviarava's T♦T♣ with a flush on the turn and he had to settle for fifth place. Then, two hands later, Servej was back in action with a button shove for 32.5 million. GET IN LINE called all-in from the big blind, his A♦9♦ in good shape vs. Servej's Q♣3♣. GET IN LINE kept his lead on the J♠T♣5♥ flop but Servej hit bottom pair when the 3♠ turned. The Q♥ river made Servej queens up and GET IN LINE went out in fourth place as Servej made his fifth final table knockout.

As three-handed play commenced, Servej was the runaway chip leader with 37.2 million, EspenasApart was second with 16.3 million and Pendall had less than five big blinds with 1.94 million. However, three-handed play didn't last for long. Two hands later, Servej made a small blind shove and Pendall called all-in with 9♥T♥. Servej turned up K♥2♣ and made top pair on the K♠Q♣6♦T♣3♣ board, ending Pendall's run in third place.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 1: EspenasApart (16,061,417 in chips)
Seat 4: Servej (39,458,583 in chips)

The subject of a heads-up deal was briefly broached, but with Servej unwilling to give up anything from a chip chop deal, EspenasApart didn't see the point in going through the motions.

Servej: 44k hu u sure?
EspenasApart: u willing to give up anything?
Servej: chip/chop
EspenasApart: hehe. no ty. gl

Vastly outchipped, EspenasApart went to work and limped in to see a 8♥6♣5♠ flop. Servej checked, EspenasApart bet 400,000, and Servej called. The turn came the T♥ and Servej checked again to EspenasApart, who bet 1,000,000. Servej raised to 2.4 million and EspenasApart smooth-caled. The river was the T♠ and Servej checked a third time. EspenasApart bet 2,138,400 and Servej called, only to watch EspenasApart roll over 8♦T♦ for tens full. EspenasApart raked in the 10.75 million pot, and four hands later, got three streets of value when he flopped top pair and rivered trip eights. EspenasApart moved up to 24.4 million while Servej slipped to 31.1 million.

On the very next deal, Servej made it 800,000 to go and EspenasApart three-bet to 2.45 million. Servej called and they saw a K♦8♦4♠ flop. EspenasApart led out for 2.08 million and Servej called. The turn was the A♠ and EspenasApart checked to Servej, who bet 3.2 million. EspenasApart gave up his hand and Servej took down the 9.14 million pot.

Servej pushed his chip count over 43 million a few hands later when he fired every street of a J♣8♥6♣3♦5♥ board and EspenasApart called him down. Servej turned up J♦6♠ for jacks up on the flop and he left EspenasApart on 11.7 million in chips.

Try as he may, EspenasApart couldn't make anything happen and after Servej limped in on the button, EspenasApart moved in for 8.4 million with A♣4♦. Servej snap-called, lying in wait with K♥K♠. Servej's pocket kings held up on the Q♣Q♠3♥2♣4♠ board and he locked up his first Sunday Million win.

Congratulations to Germany's Servej on joining the ranks of Sunday Million champions! He banked $173,668.99 for the win, while runner-up EspenasApart earned $129,361.60.


PokerStars Sunday Million results for 10-11-2015
Players: 5,552
Prizepool: $1,110,400.00
Places paid: 810

1. Servej (Germany) $173,668.99
2. EspenasApart (Norway) $129,361.60
3. Pendall (Russia) $91,441.44
4. GET IN LINE (Australia) $62,737.60
5. aviarava (Israel) $47,192.00
6. 42ayay (Sweden) $36,088.00
7. donvito1st (Austria) $24,984.00
8. iTSReTSaM (St. Maarten) $13,880.00
9. ZeroG85 (Finland) $8,883.20

Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in Sunday Million