Sunday Million: Yippee for this week's winner, Max "yipyiphupbup" Rotko

It was yet another big turnout for this week's Sunday Million, with 5,766 players from all over the world taking part in the $215 buy-in tournament on PokerStars, online poker's most popular weekly event. It would take a little more than 12 hours for all of those players to work their way down to a winner, and in the end it was Max "yipyiphupbup" Rotko gathering all of the chips and a $149,234.98 prize following a five-way final table deal.


That big field meant a prize pool of $1,153,200 (again besting the $1 million guarantee), with the top 855 finishers splitting the winnings. It was during the sixth hour of play that the money bubble burst, then by the middle of the 10th hour the field had finally been whittled down to 18 players. At that point eventual winner Max "yipyiphupbup" Rotko was enjoying a big chip lead, sitting with nearly 9.4 million while the nearest challengers hovered at around 6.5 million.

flong78 (18th), simsim999910 (17th), and CregHag (16th) were the next players eliminated, each earning $3,228.96. allin465 (15th), Manuel "manuverd0n" Bardon (14th), and deCardfather (13th) then went out, cashing for $4,958.76 apiece.

flyas (12th) and Artem "veeea" Vezhenkov (11th) were knocked out soon thereafter, with Vezhenkov coming close to getting back to another Sunday Million final table just a few weeks after having won the same event in November for a $183,675 first prize.

16bobco then survived a preflop all-in with ace-king versus ifghassan's pocket jacks when a king came on the turn. Then on the next hand ifghassan picked up pocket aces to double up through jaggaRbomb's ace-four.

That knocked jaggaRbomb down to just a few big blinds, but a couple of pushes went uncalled, then jaggaRbomb doubled through ifghassan. The hand after that ifghassan was all in with pocket eights against markovitsus's ten-seven, and when the latter drew two pair ifghassan finished 10th, cashing for $6,688.56 as flyas and Vezhenkov had.

With that the final table was set, with Max "yipyiphupbup" Rotko still the pace-setter.


Seat 1: markovitsus (Estonia) -- 4,423,066
Seat 2: jaggaRbomb (Canada) -- 2,730,396
Seat 3: Norson "BrazilianEye" Saho (Brazil) -- 10,744,523
Seat 4: Max "yipyiphupbup" Rotko (Finland) -- 11,114,278
Seat 5: padawan911 (Chile) -- 7,500,074
Seat 6: 16bobco (Slovakia) -- 5,834,518
Seat 7: 77TheMayor77 (Brazil) -- 10,438,372
Seat 8: Daniel "DHUSTLER15" Aldridge (Philippines) -- 1,856,800
Seat 9: Douglas "Dowgh-Santos" Ferreira (Brazil) -- 3,017,973

On just the third hand of the final table, Douglas "Dowgh-Santos" Ferreira open-raised all in from the small blind and markovitsus called all in with the almost 1.4 million left after posting the 250,000 big blind.

Ferreira had A♦2♣ while markovitsus had A♣Q♣, and after the 3♣9♠8♥ flop and 5♥ turn markovitsus was still in front. But the 4♣ fell on fifth street to complete a wheel for Ferreira, and markovitsus was knocked out in ninth.

A short while later the blinds were 150K/300K when Daniel "DHUSTLER15" Aldridge open-raised from middle position all in for a little over 1.92 million. It folded to Norson "BrazilianEye" Saho in the small blind who three-bet all in for more than 7.41 million, and leader Max "yipyiphupbup" Rotko called the reraise.

BrazilianEye: A♦T♠
yipyiphupbup: Q♣Q♠

The community cards would come 4♥6♠5♥7♠T♣, making a straight for the all-in Aldridge while sending Norson "BrazilianEye" Saho railward in eighth.


Norson "BrazilianEye" Saho

About five minutes later it was 16bobco raising 3x to 900,000 from the hijack seat, getting one caller in jaggaRbomb from the big blind. The flop came 5♠T♠Q♣, 16bobco bet 1.5 million, jaggaRbomb reraised all in for just over 2.95 million, and 16bobco called.

jaggaRbomb showed A♠3♠ for a spade flush draw while 16bobco had A♥A♦. The turn was the J♣ and river the 5♣, and having failed to improve jaggaRbomb went out in seventh.

The blinds increased to 200K/400K, then it was Douglas "Dowgh-Santos" Ferreira shoving for 631,360 from the cutoff and getting callers from both Max "yipyiphupbup" Rotko (small blind) and 16bobco (big blind). The latter two checked both the 3♦2♦2♣ flop and 9♠ turn, then after the K♠ came on the river padawan911 fired a bet and 16bobco stepped aside.

padawan911 turned over Q♦2♥ for trip deuces, and that was better than Ferreira's A♥5♥ to end his Sunday Million run in sixth.


Douglas "Dowgh-Santos" Ferreira

The final five played on for a short while, then paused the tournament to discuss a possible deal with Max "yipyiphupbup" Rotko in front (24.52 million), followed by padawan911 (12.57 million), 77TheMayor77 (9.34 million), 16bobco (6.20 million), and Daniel "DHUSTLER15" Aldridge (5.03 million).

ICM-based figures leaving $20,000 for which to play were produced, and both 77TheMayor77 and padawan911 responded by asking for more than what they were being offered. However the others wanted to stick with the proposed numbers, and eventually all agreed to the initially suggested payouts.

Play resumed, and within a few minutes 16bobco min-raised to 1 million from the cutoff. Max "yipyiphupbup" Rotko called from the big blind, and after the 4♥2♠2♥ flop Rotko led for 1.25 million. 16bobco responded with an all-in shove for almost 7.1 million, and Rotko called the push.

16bobco showed Q♥J♥ for a flush draw while Rotko had fours and deuces with his J♣4♣. The turn was the 2♣ to make a full house for Rotko, and after the 3♣ river 16bobco had finished fifth.

Just two hands later Daniel "DHUSTLER15" Aldridge min-raised to 1 million from UTG, 77TheMayor77 called from the BB, and the flop came 8♦J♥8♠. 77TheMayor led by shoving all in for about 2.18 million, and Aldridge called, turning over K♦T♥ which was ahead of 77TheMayor77's 9♠7♠. The turn was the 5♣ and river the 3♣, and 77TheMayor77 was knocked out in fourth.

The final three played on for a while, then as they were nearing the 12-hour mark for the tournament Daniel "DHUSTLER15" Aldridge open-raised all in from the button for about 9.26 million (about 11.5 big blinds) and padawan911 called from the big blind. Aldridge had K♠J♦ and needed to improve versus padawan911's A♣K♥, but the 9♦6♠3♦Q♣Q♠ board brought no such help and they were down to two.

Max "yipyiphupbup" Rotko had the chip lead to start heads-up play with 34,823,196 (about 43.5 BBs) versus padawan911's 22,836,804 (about 28.5 BBs).

padawan911 managed to win a few pots to push up into the chip lead, then Rotko seized the advantage again after winning a preflop all-in with A♠Q♠ versus padawan911's K♣J♦. A short while later Rotko was back up around 36.5 million to padawan911's 21 million when the following hand took place.

With the blinds 400K/800K, padawan911 min-raised to 1.6 million from the button and Rotko called, then the flop came 7♠A♥2♥. Rotko checked, padawan911 bet 1.6 million, and Rotko called. The turn then brought the J♥, and this time Rotko led for 3.44 million. padawan911 responded with an all-in push for a little more than 17.8 million, and Rotko called in a flash.

yipyiphupbup: J♦2♣
padawan911: Q♥8♣

Rotko had turned two pair with jacks and deuces while padawan911 was looking for a heart to fill a saving flush. The river then brought the 9♦ and it was all over -- Rotko had won!

Congratulations to Max "yipyiphupbup" Rotko for topping a huge 5,766-player field to win this week's Sunday Million, and kudos as well to the others who made it to the five-way final table deal to ensure themselves handsome paydays as well.

12/13/15 Sunday Million ($215 No-Limit Hold'em) results
Entrants:  5,766
Prize pool: $1,153,200.00
Places paid: 855

1. Max "yipyiphupbup" Rotko (Finland) $149,234.98*
2. padawan911 (Chile) $107,541.31*
3. Daniel "DHUSTLER15" Aldridge (Philippines) $78,898.80*
4. 77TheMayor77 (Brazil) $97,565.49*
5. 16bobco (Slovakia) $84,722.08*
6. Douglas "Dowgh-Santos" Ferreira (Brazil) $36,902.40
7. jaggaRbomb (Canada) $25,370.40
8. Norson "BrazilianEye" Saho (Brazil) $14,415.00
9. markovitsus (Estonia) $8,994.96
* = denotes a five-way deal leaving $20,000 for the winner

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Martin Harris
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