Why PokerStars moved the Sunday Million anniversary tournament

You might have seen the news in recent weeks. The $9 million Sunday Million 9th anniversary celebration was initially scheduled for March 8th before moving to March 15th. More than a few of you asked a very good question: Why?

After the event came out on the schedule, the players who recognize International Women's Day--and there are lots of them--spoke up. Of all the days to host a big poker tournament, March 8 is probably the worst for players with women in their lives.

As a matter of perspective, International Women's Day is a very big deal. It's been around for more than 100 years. It applies to mother, grandmothers, girlfriends, daughters--any woman who a person might consider part of their life. It's like combining Mother's Day with Valentines Day and then making it a national holiday. It's simply not a question of taking March 8 to play a poker tournament, no matter how big the prize pool is. It's just not done.


With that in mind, PokerStars decided to move the event to March 15. It's not a matter of excusing the initial scheduling. It was simply what had to be done.

Admittedly, this has caused conflicts elsewhere, and for that PokerStars apologizes and hopes everyone can take March 8 to celebrate the women they love and then join the world in playing the 9th anniversary Sunday Million on March 15.

PokerStars staff
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