Sunday Million: David 'dpeters17' Peters continues to run hot and banks $143K

Run good. Hot streaks. Heaters. The rush. There's not much scientific fact to back up those claims, but it doesn't take a scientist to know when you're in the middle of an obvious hot streak. The emotional boost from an epic heater is so powerful that it transforms an ordinary punter into a psychic samurai. Putting that sort of unbridled power in the hands of a world-class pro is the closest thing to becoming an actual superhero with powers of immortality.

Last weekend, David 'dpeters17' Peters finished in 16th place in the Sunday Million. This week, Peters unleashed another deep run. Not only did Peters make the final table, but he won the whole thing. It took an arduous heads-up battle against Jack Addict to seal the victory, but Peters finally marched into the winner's circle.

Sometimes while ensconced in those magical moments of invincibility, nothing can go wrong. When you get it all-in with the best of it, your big hands hold up. And when you get it all-in when you're way behind, you somehow miraculously come from behind to win. Run good is infectious. Even though there's no math or science behind it, there's a distinct psychological effect that the rush has on the exalted player. On the flip side, a demoralizing veil shrouds everyone else at the table after they have become collateral damage during said rush.


David Peters at the final table of the 2016 PCA High Roller event

2016 has been a weird and insufferable year for most of the world, but David 'dpeters17' Peters is still basking in the warmth of a batch of juicy run good. If it weren't for Fedor Holz's insanely-sick run, we'd probably be gushing about David Peters' torrid year. During the summer in Las Vegas, Peter shipped a bracelet at the WSOP. At the cusp of the calendar year, Peters finished in second place in a couple of international Super High Roller events including a runner-up finish to Fedor Holz in the Philippines. Just last year, Peters won a High Roller event at the EPT11 Malta for a $653K score. In his short yet remarkable career, Peters won $5 million in combined online winnings with over $3.5M on PokerStars. In the live realm, he's no slouch either with a staggering $12.4M in earnings. Yet this current magnificent run is not complete for Peters. You can add another $143K score to his astronomical totals after he took down the Sunday Million.

This week's edition of the Sunday Million ($215 NL) attracted 5,041 runners. The prize pool squeaked past the $1 million guarantee with $1,008,200 overall. The top 692 places got a cut of the prize pool with $143,505.41 initially set aside for the champion.

With 36 players remaining on the final four tables, dpeters17 surged to fifth overall in chips. With 24 players to go, dpeters17 seized the lead and hovered around 7M. With 16 to go, dpeters17 rocketed to over 13M or nearly 3x as many chips as KurrAns in second. At that point, a seat at the final table seemed more than reasonable for dpeters17.

With ten to go, action went hand-for-hand on the final table bubble. dpeters17 passed 14.2M and held twice as many chips as JackAddict in second with 7.1M. Malta's easylimp made a move with J♣T♥ but got ambushed by Omon_Ra_AA's A♥A♠. easylimp flopped an open-ended straight draw but whiffed on the turn and the river. Omon_ra_AA's pocket rockets held up and easylimp bubbled off the final table in tenth place.


Sunday Million - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: kbza08 (2,663,522)
Seat 2: brianjk (3,575,854)
Seat 3: Gordinho90 (3,728,891)
Seat 4: chwasciu (1,477,140)
Seat 5: SAFADA1 (5,925,494)
Seat 6: Jack Addict (7,455,539)
Seat 7: TheLiiin (3,298,763)
Seat 8: Omon_Ra_AA (8,000,482)
Seat 9: dpeters17 (14,284,315)

The final table commenced during Level 42 with blinds at 60K/120K and a 12K ante. David 'dpeters17' Peters led the way with 14.2M. Poland's chwasciu was the shorty with 1.4M.

Brazil's Gordinho90 final tabled the Sunday Million back in February, but he only finished in 8th place. David 'dpeters17' Peters finished in 16th place just last week in the Sunday Million. His biggest online score was a WCOOP 2nd Chance tournament in 2014, which he binked for $172K.

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CALL ME THE BREEZE: Omon_Ra_AA eliminated in 9th place

Five minutes into the final table, Jack Addict seized the lead in a cooler of a hand. Jack Addict opened to 255,555, Omon_Ra_AA raised to 754,665, Jack Addict shoved for 7,910,094, and Omon_Ra_AA called all-in for 6,899,262. Two big dogs brawling.

Omon_Ra_AA: K♦K♠
Jack Addict: A♠A♣

The board ran out A♦9♠4♠3♦T♥. Jack Addict flopped a set of Aces, which held on to win. Rough going for Omon_Ra_AA's pocket Kings. Russia's Omon_Ra_AA became the first player to exit at the final table. Ninth place paid out $8,441.25. Jack Addict was in the lead, but dpeters17 was right behind.

DON'T GO TO STRANGERS: brianjk eliminated in 8th place

After brianjk lost a 4.7M pot with Big Slick against kbza08's A♦A♥, the Canadian was down to around half a million. brianjk did not last much longer when one of the big stacks feasted on the wounded stack. dpeters17 opened to 345,600, brianjk bombed it all-in for 542,272 with T♠2♦ and dpeters17 called with Q♦3♦. Ah, it's the old not-so-PC "San Francisco Waitress vs. The Brunson" with Queen-trey against Tex Dolly's infamous ten-deuce. The board finished up K♠J♣8♦K♥7♦. Neither player improved, but dpeters17 won the pot with the Queen-kicker. For an eighth-place finish, brianjk took home $12,028.53.

With seven to go, dpeters17 chipped up to almost 15M, but still sat in second while Jack Addict led with 17M.

MAGNOLIA: Gordinho90 eliminated in 7th place

Seven-handed went fast because one of the two Brazilians made a (fatal) final stand against one of the monster stacks. dpeters17 opened to 432,000, Gordinho90 moved all-in for 4,182,491 and dpeters17 called. Tough break from the Brazilian. Gordinho90 trailed with 8♠8♦ against dpeters17's T♠T♣. The board ran out J♠5♦4♣J♦Q♠. Pocket tens held up for dpeters17. Brazil's Gordinho90 was dunzo in seventh place, which paid out $17,140.40.

With six remaining, dpeters17 regained the lead with 20.8M. chwasciu was the shorty with 1.1M.

CALL THE DOCTOR: SAFADA1 eliminated in 6th place

Six-handed didn't last very long either. SAFADA1 bombed it all-in for 3,533,494 with A♥K♠, but dpeters17 woke up with pocket Aces and insta-called with A♦A♠. The board finished up J♠7♥5♣4♦5♦ and Aces held up for dpeters17. Brazil's SAFADA1 went busto in sixth place, which paid out $24,424.65.

BRINGING IT BACK: TheLiiin eliminated in 5th place

TheLiiin opened to 625,000, Jack Addict bumped it up to 1M, TheLiiin called all-in for 74,363 with K♠5♥. Jack Addict trailed with 9♦8♦ but hit the flop. The board ran out Q♦J♦9♠6♣4♣. Jack Addict improved to a pair of nines, which held on to win the pot. TheLiiin whiffed on a gutshot draw and busted in fifth place, which paid out $34,804.47.

With four to go, chwasciu clung onto a short stack with 1.9M, followed by kbza08 (5.6M). The two big stacks were dpeters17 with 24M and Jack Addict with 19M.

CRAZY EYES: chwasciu eliminated in 4th place

chwasciu was short-stacked for the entire final table but somehow managed to survive long enough to finish in the Top 4. Big-stacked bully dpeters17 opened to 540,000, chwasciu moved all-in for 2,619,120 with A♥J♠ and dpeters17 called with T♣T♦. The board finished up 9♦8♣6♣2♦3♣ and dpeters17 pocket tens held up and won the race. Poland's chwasciu busted in fourth place, which paid out $49,595.47.

With three remaining, dpeters17 jumped up to nearly 32M, or twice as much as Jack Addict in second.

NOWHERE TO RUN: kbza08 eliminated in 3rd place

Five hands later we saw another rapid-fire liquidation. Short-stacked kbza08 bombed it all in for 3,841,164 with A♦9♦. kbza08 was looking good against dpeters17's K♥J♣. However, you kind of knew dpeters17 would get there somehow. The board ran out 8♣7♠6♣J♦4♥. dpeters17 turned a pair of Jacks to seize the lead. kbza08 flopped an open-ended straight draw but the river did not help kbza08. dpeters17 faded the straight and won the pot with a pair of Jacks. dpeters17 came from behind to win the hand and secure a spot in the final two. Argentina's kbza08 was picked off in third place, which paid out $70,671.99.

HEADS-UP: Jack Addict (Canada) vs. dpeters17 (Canada)
Seat 6: Jack Addict (14,652,149)
Seat 9: dpeters17 (35,757,851)

With two to go, only Jack Addict stood in David Peters' way of winning the Sunday Million. Conversely, if Jack Addict wanted to win the Sunday Million, the Canadian would have to come-from-behind to beat one of the hottest players on the planet.


Peters winning the High Roller at the EPT11 Malta


With two to go, action was paused to discuss a deal. dpeters17 led 35.6M to 14.7M. Any deal had to leave $20K on the table for the champion. The ICM numbers were floated... $116,828.70 to dpeters17 and $107,382.38 for Jack Addict. At that point, Addict queried about chip chop numbers yet those were also the same numbers. Jack Addict asked for $110K for second place, but it was quickly shot down. dpeters17 didn't like the numbers and asked for $120K. Addict was not interested and suggested they play out for the original payouts. Without a deal in place, action resumed.


Early into heads-up, Jack Addict won 13M pot uncontested on the river to surge to almost even. That hand sparked a mini-rush and Jack Addict opened up a slight lead. Alas, it was short-lived after dpeters17 retaliated and won a 9M pot of his own to regain the lead.

Jack Addict ran off 7 out of 10 hands to take a 2-1 lead. Addict got as high as 37M to 13.5M before dpeters17 launched a counter insurgency. Approximately a half hour into heads-up, Jack Addict attempted to deliver a knockout blow, but dpeters17 won a 20.5M pot to stave off elimination and regain the lead. Jack Addict flopped top pair with A♠T♠ and a nut flush draw against dpeters17's 8♦2♦ and bottom two pair. Jack Addict turned a straight draw too. Somehow dpeters17 faded the flush and straight and dodged a hail of bullets to win the hand with two pair.

Toward the end of Level 47, the lead swapped hands faster than a pickpocket working the tube. Any time one of them would start to pull away, the other would quickly win a pot to reduce the edge.

By the end of the next level, dpeters17 was on the ropes and trailing nearly 3-1 after losing a pot with A♣4♥ against A♦6♥. The unbreakable dpeters17 sparked a rally after winning a 14.4M pot by flopping a straight with J♣7♠. Flopping the joint got him back in contention and it was a brand new ball game... once again.

Blinds switched to 250K/500K and a 50K ante at the start of Level 49. The heads-up battle had reached a full hour, which was longer than it took the final nine to play down to the last two. During the first hour of heads up... a deal was shot down and the lead changed too many times to count. Jack Addict cornered short-stacked dpeters17 once again, yet could not deliver the coup de grace. At that point, the invincible dpeters17 rallied once again. In a snap, the count was dead even at 25M each.

Then it happened. dpeters17 switched gears and went from being the hunted to the hunter. Jack Addict's role was also reversed and went from the predator to the prey immediately after dpeters17 shipped consecutive pots. dpeters17 seized the lead and collected a 13.8M pot when pocket eights held up. He won the next hand worth 8M and surged to nearly 40M. Jack Addict failed to launch a successful counterattack. Five hands later in would be all over.

RIVER RUNS DEEP: Jack Addict eliminated in 2nd place; David 'dpeters17' Peters wins the Sunday Million!

Going into the final hand, dpeters17 held 39M to approximately 11.4M. Jack Addict opened to 2M and dpeters17 called. The flop was K♥J♦4♦ and dpeters17 check-called a 2.1M bet from Jack Addict. The turn was the Q♦ and fireworks ensued. dpeters17 checked, Jack Addict shoved for 7,238,524, and dpeters17 called.

dpeters17: J♣9♦
Jack Addict: K♣J♠

Jack Addict flopped top two against dpeters17's pair of Jacks and a gutshot draw. The turn gave dpeters17 more outs with a four-flush diamond draw. The T♥ spiked on the river, which filled in a straight for dpeters17. Jack Addict's two pair were run down on the river. Jack Addict failed to ward off elimination and busted in second place. For a runner-up performance, Jack Addict earned $100,705.67.

Congrats to David 'dpeters17' Peters. He won the Sunday Million and took home a first-place payday worth $143,505.41. It's been a banner year for Peters, and the big scores keep on coming.


10/23/16 Sunday Million ($215 No-Limit Hold'em) results
Entrants: 5,041
Prize pool: $1,008,200.00
Places paid: 692

1. David 'dpeters17' Peters (Canada) $143,505.41
2. Jack Addict (Canada) $100,705.67
3. kbza08 (Argentina) $70,671.99
4. chwasciu (Poland) $49,595.47
5. TheLiiin (Canada) $34,804.47
6. SAFADA1 (Brazil) $24,424.65
7. Gordinho90 (Brazil) $17,140.40
8. brianjk (Canada) $12,028.53
9. Omon_Ra_AA (Russia) $8,441.25

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Pauly McGuire is the author of "Lost Vegas" and a freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.

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