Sunday Million: Koby295 takes a shot, banks $188k

Koby295 isn't a player who fires the Sunday Million with any sort of regularity. Low-stakes MTTs are usually the game for this weekend grinder. Today alone, he played more than two dozen satellites and MTTs with buy-ins ranging from $0.40 to $22. One was a $4.40+R turbo satty to the Million, where he captured one of the ten guaranteed seats. It was time for Koby295 to take his shot, and he wasn't throwing it away. Fast forward twelve hours and Koby295 was in a spot thousands chase every Sunday-- at the final table of the Sunday Million. Tonight, Koby295's scrappy play paid off and he captured his first major online title along with over $188k-- a sum that just might fund some more frequent sorties into high-stakes MTTs.

Now featuring a re-entry option, this week's Million topped out at 6,269 entries (4,930 unique players and 1,339 re-entries), creating a $1,253,800.00 prize pool. 900 places were paid with $190,706.22 set aside for first place.

When ten players remained, the blinds were 125,000/250,000. The action folded around to marcasa in the small blind, who open-shoved for 5.93 million. Short stack Vitorbrasil called, his A♣Q♥ leading marcasa's 6♠8♥. Disaster struck for Vitorbrasil, however, when the flop came down T♦8♣6♦, making marcasa top and bottom pair. Vitorbrasil failed to improve on the 7♣ turn and was drawing dead going to the river, which fell the T♥. Vitorbrasil ended his run in tenth place, sending the remaining nine to the final table.


Final table chip counts

Seat 1: kurt23x (13,134,667 in chips)
Seat 2: Akkerx (4,561,124 in chips)
Seat 3: SoCloseCall (2,016,066 in chips)
Seat 4: ktm2502t (9,868,250 in chips)
Seat 5: marcasa (8,574,586 in chips)
Seat 6: mariusghet12 (5,141,088 in chips)
Seat 7: Koby295 (12,900,090 in chips)
Seat 8: DogK8 (3,100,364 in chips)
Seat 9: 0Human0 (3,393,765 in chips)

SoCloseCall limped onto the final table with less than ten big blinds and was down to 851,000 when he picked up A♠J♠ and moved in from the button. Marcasa called with pocket sixes. Although SoCloseCall picked up a flush draw on the turn, he did not improve on the 9♦9♠8♣K♠9♣ board and exited in ninth place. 0Human0 was next to go, also at the hands of marcasa. 0Human0 open-shoved with pocket fives and marcasa reshoved with A♥Q♦, but picked up a queen on the flop to send 0Human0 to the rail in eighth place.

With the blinds up to 150,000/300,000, short stack ktm2502t got a boost when his pocket queens held up against kurt23x's pocket nines, good for a double-up to 8.9 million. Fellow shortie DogK8 found A♦K♥ and moved in for 3.86 million with Akkerx answering the call from the cutoff with T♥T♠. DogK8 grabbed the lead when he paired his king on the K♣Q♥5♠ flop and kept it when the 7♦ turned. However, Akkerx hit his two-outer on the river when the T♣ fell, ending DogK8's run in seventh place.

Third in chips to start the final table, marcasa fell on hard times after a dustup with ktm2502t. In a blind vs. blind battel, ktm2502t opened for 1.05 million from the small blind and marcasa defended. The flop came down A♥9♥4♦ and ktm2502t led out for 1,155,000. Marcasa called and they went to the turn, which fell the K♠. Ktm2502t made it 1.4 million to go, marcasa shoved for 5.66 million and ktm2502t called. Both players revealed two pair-- kings up for marcasa with K♥9♦ and aces up for ktm2502t with A♦4♥. The river was the Q♠ and ktm2502t took down the 16 million chip pot with aces and fours, leaving marcasa on only 12,000 in chips. Although marcasa tripled up on the next hand and worked his stack back up to 214,000, he busted out in sixth place a few hands later.

By the time the blinds went up to 300,000/600,000, onetime chip leader kurt23x was down to his last 3.5 million. With the action folded to him in the small blind, he moved all-in for 3.45 million with J♣T♦ and Akkerx called from the big blind with A♣2♥. Akkerx flopped a deuce and turned trip deuces, sending kurt23x home in fifth place. Then, on the next hand, ktm2502t and mariusghet12 got their chips in the middle preflop, ktm2502t's A♣5♠ up against K♣J♥. Mariusghet12 hit running hearts to make a flush on the 7♥5♦4♥K♥A♥ board, good for a double-up to 10 million.

A few hands later, the final four agreed to pause the action and discuss a potential deal. here's how they stacked up at the time:

Koby295 31,154,644
Akkerx 13,211,243
ktm2502t 9,907,887
mariusghet12 8,416,226

Everyone but Akkerx was willing to go with a chip count chop, but Akkerx naturally preferred the ICM numbers. Akkerx told his opponents he wanted at least $120,000 guaranteed. Koby295 shot down the request, but mariusghet12 agreed to take $2,000 out of his chip chop share and give it to Akkerx. When Koby295 said he wasn't willing to budge, Akkerx tried a different tactic... one aficionados of American reality television might refer to as "blowing up his spot."

Akkerx: man your avg byin is 2$

Chagrined, Koby295 immediately agreed to give up $2,000. Ktm2502t relinquished $1,000, and with his share nearing $117,600, Akkerx agreed to close the deal. With $20,000 and the title still on the table, action resumed.

Shortly after cards went back in the air, Koby295 opened for a min-raise to 1.2 million and Akkerx called from the small blind. The flop fell 8♣7♣4♠ and Akkerx led out for 1.8 million. Koby295 raised to 3.6 million and Akkerx called. The turn came the 5♦ and Akkerx slowed down and checked. Koby295 bet 3.6 million. Akkerx came back with an all-in raise for 14.5 million. Koby295 called and rolled over A♦6♦ for an eight-high straight. Akkerx was on a stone bluff with Q♣T♥ and he departed in fourth place, albeit with the second-largest share of the prize pool thanks to the deal.

When three-handed play commenced, Koby295 was the runaway chip leader with 49.5 million, ktm2502t held 8.47 million and mariusghet12 was the short stack with 4.72 million.

In short order, ktm2502t doubled through Koby295, his A♠K♣ holding up against A♣9♥. Now armed with 18 million, ktm2502t open-shoved from the small blind with J♥T♥ when Koby295 folded his button, but mariusghet12 called from the big blind with K♣7♥. Mariusghet12 hit a king on the flop and doubled to 8.66 million, leaving ktm2502t on 13.95 million. Ktm2502t held steady until the 350,000/700,000 level, when he picked up T♠T♦ and opened for 1.75 million. Mariusghet12 shoved for 11 million from the small blind and ktm2502t called, delighted to watch him roll over 6♣6♦. The flop fell Q♣J♣9♥, making ktm2502t an open-ended straight draw to go with his pair of tens, but delight turned to horror on the turn as the 6♥ landed, making mariusghet12 a set. The river was another dagger, the 6♠ to top off mariusghet12's hand with quad sixes, and ktm2502t was left with only 1.07 million in chips. Ktm2502t was eliminated in third place on the next hand when his 2♣7♠ fell to mariusghet12's K♠8♣.

Heads-up chip counts

Seat 6: mariusghet12 (24,526,000 in chips)
Seat 7: Koby295 (38,164,000 in chips)

Koby295 whittled mariusghet12 down to 13.9 million before the money went in on a K♥J♦T♠ flop. Koby295 turned over T♥7♥ for bottom pair while mariusghet12 flopped top pair with K♣Q♦. Mariusghet12 improved to kings and queens when the Q♠ turned and filled up with the K♠ on the river, doubling his stack to 27.7 million.

Then, on the next hand, Koby295 opened for 1.4 million on the button and mariusghet12 raised to 3.15 million. Koby295 called and they saw a Q♦9♦4♠ flop. Mariusghet12 bet 2,576,000, Koby295 moved all-in and mariusghet12 called.

Koby295 A♦6♦
mariusghet12 K♠K♦

Koby295 needed an ace or a diamond to snap off mariusghet12's king and had his wish granted when the 2♦ turned, making him the nut flush. The river was the Q♠ and Koby295, could at last lift his arms in celebration, his first major online title in hand.

Congratulations to Koby295 on joining the ranks of Sunday Million champions. He banked $188,928.82 for the win, while runner-up mariusghet12 earned $94,505.49.


PokerStars Sunday Million results for 6/19/2016
Players: 6,269 (4,930 players, 1,339 re-entires)
Prize pool: $1,253,800.00
Places paid: 900

1. Koby295 (Germany) $188,928.82*
2. mariusghet12 (Romania) $94,505.49*
3. ktm2502t (Israel) $100,000.00*
4. Akkerx (Hungary) $117,587.41*
5. kurt23x (Costa Rica) $52,659.60
6. marcasa (Netherlands) $40,121.60
7. DogK8 (Brazil) $27,583.60
8. 0Human0 (Romania) $15,045.60
9. SoCloseCall (Malta) $9,716.95

*= denotes a four-way deal

Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in Sunday Million