Sunday Million: Pora Dumitru "pora adrian" Adrian adroitly earns win, $165K

The poker world's attention has been trained on Las Vegas over the last week, understandably so as the World Series of Poker Main Event today wound down to its next-to-last day of the summer. But while that tournament played down to its final three tables Sunday night, there was excitement online as well with another running of the Sunday Million on PokerStars.

This week's installment of the most popular weekly $215 buy-in tournament online saw a big 5,899-entry field take almost 13 hours to play down to a winner, with Pora Dumitru "pora adrian" Adrian of Romania ultimately earning the win and a $165,836.59 payday following a heads-up chop.


That big field meant a total prize pool of $1,179,800 (besting the $1 million guarantee), ultimately split by the top 855 finishers. It would take just over 10 hours for the field to be whittled down to just 18 players, at which point Luis Gustavo "gkamei09" Kamei was sitting in the leader's spot with more than 12.5 million.

After about an hour more they were down to nine. demonch1k (18th), mr finkle 1 (17th), and Nuazo (16th) were the next knockouts, earning $3,303.44 each. lille_sol2 (15th), el kudos (14th), and Fiktenasch (13th) next hit the rail, taking away $5,073.14 apiece. Then Muntjesvader (12th), rodckz (11th), and dx2celt (10th) were successively eliminated, with each of those players cashing for $6,842.84.

With Pora Dumitru "pora adrian" Adrian having surged ahead by building a stack over 14.6 million, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: Pora Dumitru "pora adrian" Adrian (Romania) -- 14,642,477
Seat 2: Luis Gustavo "gkamei09" Kamei (Brazil) -- 9,808,543
Seat 3: JGagMan (Canada) -- 5,361,979
Seat 4: callmuckty (Germany) -- 4,094,896
Seat 5: bluejohn (Finland) -- 1,768,138
Seat 6: Adam "ISmellToast" Crawford (Canada) -- 9,609,912
Seat 7: ahe753 (Norway) -- 925,784
Seat 8: mike_tay19 (Bulgaria) -- 7,822,757
Seat 9: malinga (Norway) -- 4,955,514 

Fifteen minutes after the final table began, all nine players were still alive. But three hands later the field had been cut to six.

First it was mike_tay19 raising 3x to 480,000 from early position, bluejohn calling from the small blind, and the flop coming A♥6♣4♥. bluejohn checked, mike_tay19 bet 632,000, bluejohn shoved all-in, and mike_tay19 called with the 3,115,635 left behind.

bluejohn showed 9♥8♥ for a flush draw while mike_tay19 had 4♦4♣ for a set of fours. The T♠ turn was fine for mike_tay19, but the 7♦ filled a backdoor straight for bluejohn, and mike_tay19 was done in ninth.

Two hands later, chip leader Pora Dumitru "pora adrian" Adrian min-raised to 320,000 from under the gun, ahe753 called from the small blind, malinga reraised all-in for 365,418 from the big blind, and both Adrian and ahe753 called the extra chips.

The flop came 3♣A♠Q♠, ahe753 checked, Adrian bet 177,777 into the side pot, and ahe753 called. The turn was the 8♦, and ahe753 checked again. Adrian bet 480,000, and ahe753 called with the 408,373. All three players' cards were then shown.

ahe753: A♣J♥ -- one pair, aces
malinga: Q♦3♠ -- two pair, queens and threes
pora adrian: A♥3♥ -- two pair, aces and threes

Adrian had the best two-pair hand, and after the 6♣ river had knocked out two players -- malinga in eighth and ahe753 in seventh.

Play continued and the blinds increased to 100,000/200,000, after which a hand arose that saw callmuckty open for 400,000 from UTG, then bluejohn shoved all-in for 4,820,672 from the next seat over. It folded back around to callmuckty who called and turned over A♠K♦ while bluejohn had T♦T♥.

The 4♥Q♦6♣ flop kept bluejohn's tens in front, but the turn brought the A♣ to swing the advantange to callmuckty. The river was the 5♥, and bluejohn was done in sixth.

Almost 15 minutes after that, the blinds were up to 125,000/250,000 when JGagMan opened with a big raise to 2 million from the small blind. callmuckty then reraised all-in from the big blind, and JGagMan went ahead and committed the 334,979 left behind.

JGagMan had K♣T♣ and two live cards versus callmuckty's 8♠8♥, and the Q♠6♥K♥ flop paired one of them, giving JGagMan a pair of kings and the lead in the hand. But the turn was the T♥ and the river the 5♥, completing a heart flush for callmuckty to end JGagMan's Sunday Million run in fifth.

They were nearing the end of the tournament's 12th hour when Adam "ISmellToast" Crawford limped in for 250,000 from the small blind, Pora Dumitru "pora adrian" Adrian raised to 815,000 from the big blind, Crawford reraised all-in for 4,604,507 total, and Adrian called right away.

Crawford had A♣J♥ but Adrian had woken up with A♦K♦, and after the 6♦K♣Q♠6♥4♦ runout Crawford was sent railward in fourth.

Three-handed play continued on for nearly 40 minutes, during which time callmuckty built a big lead with over 36.7 million, Pora Dumitru "pora adrian" Adrian was next with about 15.7 million, and Luis Gustavo "gkamei09" Kamei third with just over 6.5 million.

Then with the blinds up to 175,000/350,000, Kamei open-raised all-in from the button and got called by Adrian, with the latter showing 7♣7♥ to Kamei's A♠9♠. The flop came 6♠5♦Q♣, then the 9♣ turn card hit Kamei's hand to put him in front. But the river was the 8♣ to make a straight for Adrian, and Kamei was out in third.

One short hand followed, then the tournament was paused for a deal discussion with callmuckty leading with 36,952,086 to pora adrian's 22,037,914. Both swiftly agreed to the proposed "ICM"-based deal (same as "chip chop" heads-up), leaving $20,000 for which to play, and the tournament soon resumed.

After not quite 15 minutes Adrian had chipped up into the lead once again, with pora adrian up to almost 45 million and callmuckty down to just over 14 million. Then with the blinds 200,000/400,000, callmuckty raised to 800,000 from the button, Adrian made it 2.25 million to go, callmuckty shoved all-in with the 11,753,830 behind, and Adrian called to put his opponent at risk.

pora adrian: A♣T♥
callmuckty: K♥4♥

Adrain had the edge preflop, and five cards later -- 3♦6♦Q♦T♦6♣ -- Adrian still was best with tens and sixes to win the pot, the extra $20K, and the victory.

Congratulations to Pora Dumitru "pora adrian" Adrian for beating this week's big Sunday Million field to win more than $165K. Kudos also to callmuckty for making it to the heads-up deal and going on to claim a nice $152K-plus payday also.

7/17/16 Sunday Million ($215 No-Limit Hold'em) results
Entrants: 5,899
Prize pool: $1,179,800
Places paid: 855

1. Pora Dumitru "pora adrian" Adrian (Romania) $165,836.59*
2. callmuckty (Germany) $152,712.11*
3. Luis Gustavo "gkamei09" Kamei (Brazil) 
4. Adam "ISmellToast" Crawford (Canada) $66,245.77
5. JGagMan (Canada) $49,551.60
6. bluejohn (Finland) $37,753.60
7. ahe753 (Norway) $25,955.60
8. malinga (Norway) $14,747.50
9. mike_tay19 (Bulgaria) $9,202.44
*denotes two-way deal

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Martin Harris
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